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test e

  1. Hazardsz

    Approved Log My Testosterone Enanthate and Deca Durabolin cycle Log

    Age: 27 Weight: 72kgs BF: unknown Ok, so I’m starting this log today, I’ve followed the advice of experienced people to start logging my diet as right now I’m not really eating healthy but have had a problem with enima and anorexia in my teen years which ultimately stunted my ability to eat in...
  2. Abolone

    Approved Log 29yo Steroid Blast And Cruise Journey Log

    hope your all doing well! I’m 29 years old at 97kgs ( 213.8484lbs for the american bros!! ) with around 20% body fat, give or take. Ive been running test e for the past 2 years havent came off cylce and dont plan to, ive been running 250mg< of test e with a few compounds thrown into the blend...
  3. Noctis141

    Legacy lab review, Test E.

    New member here, but yeah I recently was dabbling with some legacy labs test e, hitting a 500mg per week. I don't know if its a Canadian domestic only lab, but I did get it from a site advertising Canadian Domestic product, so I'm just gonna assume. Still on an on going cycle, I got like one...
  4. B

    Small floating bits in test e vial

    Hello, Has anyone experienced their test Vials having any small floating black dots in them? Vial has been previously used, is this part of the plastic cap? Would the vial still be safe to use? Also how long can a vial be opened for till it isn’t good anymore. Cheers
  5. C

    Should I drop dosage

    I’m taking 12.5mg of Aromasin eod 30mg of tbol everyday and 450mg of test e a week. I’m eating 3000-3500 calories a day depending on how I feel sleeping 6-8 hours and training 5 days a week but I’ve been stressed out a lot in the past week with some family issues that my siblings expect me to...
  6. C

    Gyno symptoms

    I’m two weeks into my first cycle of test e Thinking of going upto 400mg per week for the next 10weeks, but I’m worried about gyno. I’ve got Nolvadex and clomid ready in case I get any symptoms from what I’ve read I believe 10mg of Nolvadex eod is okay to take while on cycle if u get symptoms...
  7. C

    Muscle soreness from injecting test e

    I’ve injected my right and left thighs with .6ml of test e this week 3 days apart and the pain the next day makes it hard to walk. Am I doing something wrong?
  8. C


    Does anyone know the difference between UGLOZ two different Test e products he has? Also I’m leaning towards using his products for my first cycle would anyone recommend anyone different? I’m based in Sydney Australia My first injectable cycle that I’m planning Testosterone Enanthate Week 1-3...
  9. C

    First Test e Cycle

    looking for some experienced advice Done one anavar cycle 8 months ago Looking to do first anavar and test e cycle Age: 26 Weight: 92kg Height: 180cm Been training for 10 years now but finding it harder to recover and gain lean mass. Was wondering how much test e and anavar I would need to...
  10. C

    My elbow is cracking help!

    I was doing a workout yesterday on my arms and I noticed that my elbows were cracking. this has not happened to me before. I am now 46 years old and I've increased my volume. I am worried that I have some sort of joint issues coming on. which supplements do I need to start taking to help with...
  11. J

    Fat people supplements?

    What is going to be the best supplements to use if you are an overweight person I'm currently pretty fat I weigh in about 278 lb and I am 5'9. not sure on the body fat but I'm sure it's at least 30% or more I'm willing to change a lot of things in my life but I also need a supplement to help...
  12. G

    Between cycle supplements to hold gains

    What are gonna be the best supplements i can take between cycles to hold gains? I’m currently 5’10’’ 180 pounds and 12% body fat Worked very hard to get leaner. So i would like something i can take to help stay lean year round I also do cardio a lot. So nothing that messes with that
  13. N

    Are liver support products mandatory on cycle?

    I'm currently doing a 12-week steroid cycle using two orals and two injectables I was wondering if it was mandatory to run liver support products while on a cycle like this or if it was more of a optional thing. reason is that I'm not a big supplement person and don't really believe in using them
  14. W

    Creatine with added things?

    I see a lot of supplement companies coming up with creatine products that contain other things as well my question is is it really what you want to get or do you just want something that has pure creatine and nothing else? I'm looking to do some dry bulking
  15. C

    Vitamin help

    I tend to suffer from headaches post intense cardio or intense training especially when it's really hot and I'm sweating a lot I was wondering if there was any type of vitamin deficiency I could be having that is affecting my ability to recover properly from those types of intense workouts...
  16. V

    Which vitamins work best here?

    I'm looking to get on some vitamins that can help with various issues I'm having the lower part of my legs bother me sometimes when I am sleeping and they cramp up Another issue that i notice is I have a hard time hydrating after I mow the lawn or after I train in the heat is there...
  17. H

    Combining meditation with supplements

    What are the best supplements that I can combine with meditation to help me get calmer and make me less stressed out? I've tried a couple of products from the drugstore that are supposed to help with it and they haven't done a thing for me I think they're a little quality. surely you guys know...
  18. V

    Finishing up cycle, which supps?

    I already have a post cycle therapy ready and I'm curious what supplements I should use to help me conserve my hard fought gains? Currently on week 12 of my 12 week cycle, last injection will be tomorrow. Then my pct will start in 2 weeks. Any supplements to take before pct in those 2 weeks...
  19. N

    Stomach cramps after weight gainers

    I am taking a weight gainer that I am mixing up with peanut butter, milk, and protein powder the weight gainer comes in a powdered form and I put usually Two Scoops and I'm blend it together and then drink it after I do that it's giving me a lot of stomach cramps do you have any suggestions...
  20. V

    Liver pain side of stomach

    I've started to get some liver issues on the side of my stomach so I'm not sure what is going on I am on milk thistle and it's not doing enough for me I'm very concerned that it could be something else going on but I did take oral steroids and then not take enough liver support i feel maybe...
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