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    TRT: I seriously need advice

    Alright, I'm a 35 yr old,5'11", 260 lb, at around 23% BF. Here's my problem. I'm currently on TRT and it's not doing shit. (Fortesta 2% @ 6 pumps a day) I have gone from 330 to 260 in the last 6 months by hitting the gym and eating right, which isn't easy to stay motivated with a pathetically...
  2. Atrox

    Cherry busted

    Finally pinned my first self administered TRT dose of Test Cyp, 1/2ml. Will do second on Saturday morning. Said "fuckit" and decided to pin my left delt since my tattoo has a perfect target I've seen docs use. 25G 1" pin and it went in smooth as butter. Had a little trouble aspirating one...
  3. Atrox

    TRT dosing

    For those of you on TRT or well versed in the theory- Using Test Cyp @ 200mg/ml- What would you recommend to maintain a "normal" level without getting into too much of a low between injections; 100mg (1/2ml) every 4th day, or 200mg (1ml) each week? I've had some people recommend 200mg every 4...


    ROIDDERS SAYS: since my thread was hijacked wtf! i wants to discuz TRT I am saying a MAJORITY of testosterone replacement therapy prescription are literally fake, done after 1 blood test by money hungry doctors.
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