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  1. B

    TRT dosage close to what a doctor would recommend?

    I’ve got testosterone levels that are in the low 300s and I’m hoping you can give me some advice on what would be a good dose of testosterone to do self TRT. I’m 44 years old and I think it’s time for me to start doing it. Which testosterone do you recommend I use, which source do you recommend...
  2. wilko44

    Approved Log My fertility and Sperm Recovery TRT Log

    Back story of the log (original post) for records and to feed your curiosity. “I'm dealing with a serious problem, and I know some of you have unparalleled knowledge on these issues, so I thought I would come here for advice. I have used PEDs (AAS, peptides, and sarms) intermittently for...
  3. wilko44

    Infertility issues

    I'm dealing with a serious problem, and I know some of you have unparalleled knowledge on these issues, so I thought I would come here for advice. A little preface: I have used PEDs (AAS, peptides, and sarms) intermittently for about 4 years now. Being a former athlete mainly for the...
  4. R

    Dbol on trt

    I wanna run some dbol for some size and strength gains, I am on trt 125mg per week. For how long should I run the dbol to get some keepable gains? Will 30mg for 8 weeks be safe?
  5. H

    looking to use sarms as TRT

    I know that certain sarms have been experimented with for trt reasons I’m 28 years old and have normal to low testosterone levels rather then bite the bullet and go full fledged TRT, I would like to try sarms for a few months to see if I get any improvement to muscle and libido any advice on...
  6. O

    using napsgear for my TRT

    Has anyone ever tried using napsgear for their TRT? I decided to go self trt because the clinic I was using was charging too much money I must say that not only am I saving about 60 or 70 percent money but it’s also a much easier situation where I don’t have to worry about going to a clinic and...
  7. crow4eva

    Approved Log My TRT Diet Cycle Training Log

    Hi all. Planning my first cycle but need advice. Details and plans are as follows; Age: 42 Weight: 112kgs Height: 180cm History: Prescribed, I'm on TRT 250mg/1ml T.Enanthate every 10 days and have been for 3 years.....however I take 250mg/1ml T.Enanthate every 7 days. It's only 3 days...
  8. crow4eva

    Incorporating a cycle while on TRT

    Hi all. First post/thread or whatever that I've ever done on a forum......ever. Wouldn't have a clue what I'm doing really so sincerest apologies in advance if I've completely f***** it all up. Prescribed, I'm on TRT 250mg/1ml T.Enanthate every 10 days. However I take 250mg/1ml T.Enanthate every...
  9. Abolone

    Approved Log 29yo Steroid Blast And Cruise Journey Log

    hope your all doing well! I’m 29 years old at 97kgs ( 213.8484lbs for the american bros!! ) with around 20% body fat, give or take. Ive been running test e for the past 2 years havent came off cylce and dont plan to, ive been running 250mg< of test e with a few compounds thrown into the blend...
  10. Abolone

    Protocol advice 29 yo on TRT

    Hi all hope everyone is well, I need some advice on a full protocol. I'm 29 years old been on trt for the last 2 years 250mg< have thrown in deca at some stage for 20 weeks @ 300MG Also played around with some NPP.. nothing to major just minimal dosages and run for longer duration, strong diet...
  11. T

    Normal to bloat up on trt?

    I had a question about getting bloated while on testosterone replacement therapy only on 120mgs a week which is less than 1/2CC and I’m pinning it all every sunday after football is over. My diet has been medium to low carbs and medium to high protein and I’m not eating that much maybe close to...
  12. N

    caught my husband with my mom

    my husband’s behavior has gotten more and more weird ever since he got on TRT. I was against him doing it but he dragged me down to the clinic and the doctor there insisted it would be good for both of us if he did. Long story short he has been on TRT for the past 2 months and his behavior has...
  13. J

    sarms dosing with TRT

    I’m currently doing a trt dose through my doctor he has me on 175 milligrams a week would like to incorporate sarm with this the 3 I am interested in using: yk11 10mgs a day 12 weeks s23 15mgs a day 8 weeks GW 20mgs a day 16 weeks I’m currently 45 years old and I weigh approximately 228 pounds...
  14. T

    low dose s23 as good as TRT?

    Fifty years old and interested in getting on something going forward for TRT I was thinking about matching steroids strength using s23 heard it was the strongest sarm would 5 mg a day for 20 weeks be similar to running a testosterone replacement therapy dosage? Or should I stack some other sarm...
  15. G

    Ways to temporarily suppress, for a blood test?

    Hey fellas! So the short of it is: I very recently started taking my health seriously and lost about 35lbs since May (naturally - home training + a DIY VLC/LC diet). I went in for some blood tests last month. First time, I went in too late and apparently was too dehydrated, so they had me redo...
  16. Stone22356

    Approved Log Domestic-Supply Testosterone Cypionate 200mgs Oxandrolone 50mgs cycle Log

    First cycle 6’3” 228lbs 27years old Test Cyp 100mg 2x week/ Oxandrolone 25mg per day 6week cycle My diet will be as clean as possible, lack of work right now. Will be going to the gym 4 to 5hrs a week. Interested to see how it goes, please bare with me I am new to all of this.
  17. Zelockflows

    Approved Log My TRT Diet Training Log

    Hello Everyone! I have been lurking and doing research here for a couple of weeks now and have decided to stay and post a log. Canadian Age: 31 Gender: Male Height: 6ft Weight: 244 Background: I started working out in high school up until Oct 2015. That month I was in a car accident and...
  18. N

    What are my options with coming off TRT?

    Got convinced to run TRT at 30 years old now I am regretting it. I have been on for a year now and I'm doing 150 mg a week told my doctor I wanted to quit and he said that I wouldn't be able to. I'm going to go see another doctor because I think he just wants my money have any of you...
  19. N

    Older newb who is clueless

    46 years old and 5'11 and 185 lb body 14% I've been training for the past 25 years and I'm in great health I eat very clean and I make sure I always get my vegetables lifting around four times a week and very active on non lifting days. Want to stay active not going to go to trt Route...
  20. C

    Self trt advice

    Hey all, Been reading a few posta and wanted to create a thread to ask about doing self trt. Little background and medicals. Precovee liftee quite a bit. more so power lifting but 6 days a week. During covee everything shutdown hear so I ended up buying equipment but it took 6 months to come...
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