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  1. N

    What are my options with coming off TRT?

    Got convinced to run TRT at 30 years old now I am regretting it. I have been on for a year now and I'm doing 150 mg a week told my doctor I wanted to quit and he said that I wouldn't be able to. I'm going to go see another doctor because I think he just wants my money have any of you...
  2. N

    Older newb who is clueless

    46 years old and 5'11 and 185 lb body 14% I've been training for the past 25 years and I'm in great health I eat very clean and I make sure I always get my vegetables lifting around four times a week and very active on non lifting days. Want to stay active not going to go to trt Route...
  3. C

    Self trt advice

    Hey all, Been reading a few posta and wanted to create a thread to ask about doing self trt. Little background and medicals. Precovee liftee quite a bit. more so power lifting but 6 days a week. During covee everything shutdown hear so I ended up buying equipment but it took 6 months to come...
  4. P

    Adding masteron to trt?

    I'm currently running 200 mg a week of testosterone replacement therapy. this is causing a rise in my estrogen and causing a lot of water weight I decided to use masteron cause i read how good it was for combating estrogen and boosting energy this stack together is really working out for me...
  5. B

    Adding an oral to my cycle

    So a bit about me I get my testosterone from a testosterone replacement clinic. my doctor is pretty lenient and he hooked me up with around 300 mg a week of testosterone and I'm only 27 years old lol anyway I would like to use an oral steroid with it. I've always had my eye on anavar because I...
  6. Q

    Which testosterone with domestic supply?

    I’m looking to do self trt. I’m tired of paying $500 a month for my anti aging clinic What is the best testosterone from domestic supply? They have several options to choose from I was using enanthate from my clinic, but would like to try something else to see what changes i would have. Maybe...
  7. Tebrex

    Sustanon 450mg EW, first cycle

    Hello everyone. I'm male, 42 yo, 175cm height, toned down from 96kg to 80kg without special diiet, eating little meqls 2 to 3 times a day. The proces of weaning off 16kg took around 6 months for me. BF is 22% I am currently on second week with Sustanon 450mg EW, so once a week as this is my...
  8. W

    Self trt with napsgear

    I got tired of overpaying for my doctor visits so i decided to go the self TRT route I'm able to save a lot of money just by my testosterone from Napsgear I still go to my doctor for blood work and he says that everything is spot on I'm doing 120 mg a week of the test. so this stuff is as...
  9. S

    Test levels are at 200?

    I’m in my mid 50’s and my test levels are in the 200’s That is really low Not interested in trt, but would like to try supplements to boost my numbers. Any tips?
  10. T

    Testosterone cyp solo

    I want to run test cyp solo this time This is my 3rd cycle I’m 5’8’’ 173 pounds and 12% body fat 44 years old I’m on TRT and we do 125mgs a week. Should i up it to 250 for a solo cycle or should i go to 500?
  11. A

    Need some TRT and HGH from napsgear

    I'm looking to do things on my own. I just got home from my appointment from the anti-aging clinic and they want to charge me a small fortune for human growth hormone and testosterone I want to do it on my own. Do you think it's possible to just buy it myself and do it on my own and save money...
  12. W

    ABL Pharma TRT male enhancement

    Came across the supplement called ABL pharma trt male enhancement it's a proprietary blend of several different supplements all in 1. comes out to 1500 mg total you're supposed to take two capsules once a day they claim to boost testosterone levels naturally what do you think about the product
  13. L

    juicing at 45

    I haven’t ran any sauce in like 10 years but have been on TRT want to hop back on I’m currently 5’6’’ and around 168. body fat is low teens I was thinking of keeping my test at TRT level and adding in something else. Maybe an oral or injectable. Any ideas?
  14. H

    On TRT, don’t care about recovery

    what would happen here if i just stayed on year round. I’m already on trt so what do i care about recovery or anything like that I want to stay on year round 500mgs a week testosterone And then sprinkling in some orals and other injectables here and there. I want to keep my gains. I’m up to...
  15. V

    Blasting with test + ?

    I'm on testosterone replacement therapy from my anti-aging Clinic they have me on Sports TRT 300 mg a week and I feel fantastic now I want to blast I’m 28 years old, 6’2’’ and 165 pounds I'm going to increase my testosterone to 800 mg a week. And i might go higher depending on how i feel...
  16. G

    Syn Pharma 2 orders in 2 months

    I didn't want to make 1 big order so i decided to do 2 in 2 months Great idea just to test the waters I got their test cyp cause i am a trt person. Their gear is smooth as milk, cannot tell it isn’t directly from the pharmacy also their customer service was excellent and they deliver the...
  17. S

    domestic supply testosterone dosed

    I’ve had bad luck with sources I am doing self TRT so my testosterone needs to be on point it cannot be over dosed and it obviously cannot be underdosed either how is domestic supply testosterone? Is it dosed correctly? I cannot have problems
  18. L

    What can I add to TRT?

    I'm 50 years old and I have been on trt for the past couple years. 6 ft tall 220 lbs my question is what would you add to my current trt level if you wanted to lose a little belly fat. I've got stubborn belly fat around my belly and I want to get rid of it. I was thinking of doing 50 mg a day...
  19. E

    Very smooth geneza products

    One thing I will say about geneza pharma products is that their oils are smooth as butter which is used for someone who suffers from post injection pain on a regular basis. I also feel great on this brand of testosterone. I'm thinking of going ahead and doing self trt with their products...
  20. T

    Storing test cyp for long periods

    I wouldn't call myself a "prepper" but I do like be prepared in case anything happens to the supply chain and I can't get my medication for a few weeks/months/years. Anyways, what is the best way to store testosterone for long periods of time to limit degradation? I am on trt with test cyp...
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