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    Very smooth geneza products

    One thing I will say about geneza pharma products is that their oils are smooth as butter which is used for someone who suffers from post injection pain on a regular basis. I also feel great on this brand of testosterone. I'm thinking of going ahead and doing self trt with their products...
  2. T

    Storing test cyp for long periods

    I wouldn't call myself a "prepper" but I do like be prepared in case anything happens to the supply chain and I can't get my medication for a few weeks/months/years. Anyways, what is the best way to store testosterone for long periods of time to limit degradation? I am on trt with test cyp...
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    Domestic supply is honest

    I have to give domestic supply a lot of credit They are an honest source I used their testosterone and was doing 150mg a week. That is my own self TRT I ran bloods after 5 weeks to see where I would be at. My blood work came in over 900. That means that their gear is definitely legit and honest
  4. C

    Not getting kicked off TRT

    what are some tips that you can give me so I don't get kicked off of my testosterone replacement therapy trt I have an appointment coming up in 3 weeks and I'm worried that they'll know that I've been using anabolic steroids and then cycling them. If they find out will they kick me off and...
  5. H

    For those on TRT question……….

    For those of you who have decided to go the TRT route I am curious if you guys were on any type of anti estrogen I have been on it since my early twenties because I use steroids at a young age which was dumb I have used a couple different clinics and they've seemed to have different opinions on...
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    Bulk or cut options

    I am currently 5 foot 6 in and I weigh around 175 lb my body fat is around 18 or 20% I am already on to TRT and am doing 200mg a week my goal is to get leaner but also keep the muscle I have on my frame I am strong for my weight but I can get stronger for sure what are the best steroids that you...
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    Adding orals to TRT dose

    What do you think about using oral anabolic steroids and trt together. Would that work or do I need to use an injectable with an injectable only? I have been doing my trt for the past year and I feel so much better. I'm on 160 mg a week of testosterone cypionate from my doctor how much oils can...
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    Adding steroids to my trt

    I'm 55 years old and I have been on trt for the past five years and it has been wonderful my full stats are 6ft 2in and 210 lb I have been waiting training off and on for 30 years and I love it my question is what kind of steroids can I add to my trt without getting kicked off and without my...
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    Do they let you do TRT in jail?

    I’m headed to jail likely once my trial is over. It is for another DUI, it was my 4th and I was driving suspended oops. My lawyer said I’m likely to get some jail time this time. The problem is I am on TRT so if they put me in for a few months would I be able to take the script and test with...
  10. T

    Are sarms suppressive or not

    so this is a weird question but I'm actually looking to take something that isn't a steroid that WILL suppress me! with my research I found that sarms could be my answer my motive is that I'm trying to get my test levels low enough so I can get on prescribed TRT since my insurance will cover...
  11. JimAbs43 Radio Episode #420 Taking steroids or TRT and not working out? Radio Episode #420 Taking steroids or TRT and not working out?
  12. U

    Doing trt with napsgear products

    I just started my trt program and they have me doing injections every 3 weeks, it is ridiculous. I'm thinking of firing them and just doing it on my own and going with napsgear products. what would you recommend I buy from them as the best testosterone brand they sell
  13. T

    Doing trenbolone low dose

    I'm looking to hop on a Trenbolone cycle of 200 mg a week low dosage I'm also doing a TRT program the issue is I ran blood work and my numbers are out of range My BUN is 28, my ALT and AST are also high. And my hemoglobin is high too do you think it's safe to start trenbolone with these...
  14. JimAbs43 Radio Episode #419 Too young for steroids, TRT and birth control. Radio Episode #419 Too young for steroids, TRT and birth control.
  15. 0

    55+ sarms use

    I am over 55 years old now approaching 60. a lot of the guys in my community are on TRT and that sort of thing. I don’t want to mess with injections yet and I am not on medicare yet so wouldn’t be covered. My question is, is sarms a good option for me? I spend a lot of time playing tennis and...
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    Is TRT and AI’s necessary together?

    My doctor at the anti aging clinic put me on TRT Cuz he recommended it and also put me on an aromatase inhibitor as well. I am to take ¼ mg once a week with my test dosage of 250mg a week. I asked them why I needed the Arimidex and he said it was to help me prevent shutdown. What do you think...
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    TRT dose geneza pharma

    Has anyone Try doing their own self testosterone replacement therapy using their own blood work and not having to go through a doctor. I was looking at geneza brand GP and their prices would save me a lot vs. getting a script. Would I be able to just order testosterone from them for the year...
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    Getting my wife pregnant on trt

    I have been on trt for a year and in the process became engaged and my fiance said that she wants children and refuses to budge on that. She knows about my trt I am only 33 years old. But I wasn't thinking about it until now. It has put a tremendous strain on our relationship to the point where...
  19. C

    Male testosterone boosters

    what do you guys think about males using testosterone boosters to boost their test levels. Is this something that you guys recommend I try. My test levels are kind of low but they're not low enough to qualify for trt. Do you think I should try using a test booster and see if I can get my levels...
  20. B

    Using geneza pharma for TRT

    I just came from my doctor and we sat down and discussed trt options for me. It turns out it would cost $80 out of pocket to get blood work done and then I would have to pay $120 for an appointment to see him every three to six months going forward. It seems like it's easier and cheaper just...
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