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Jerry Ward Steroids

Jerry Ward is a bodybuilder and well known social media fitness guru.  In the mid 90's, Ward got into personal training and a few years later started doing fitness modeling.  His popularity started to take off around 2010, when he used social media outlets such as Youtube to talk about controversial fitness stuff, including steroid use and others in the fitness industry.   He is listed at 5'9", and his weight has fluctuated between sub 200 and 225 pounds, for the most part.  He recently announced he would be cutting down under 200 pounds.

Ward has talked about his substance abuse problems frequently on his channel, as well as his lifelong struggles with it.   He also has talked about his love for dogs, and featured several videos about his dog that he had to put down, including a 'last day tribute video'.  He currently has a dog named Brady after the football player.

Jerry Ward steroids



Ward started competing at 17 years old and said he was extremely nervous.  Now in his early 40's he has competed in many well-known shows over his career.  His best finish was 2nd place at the NPC Lehigh Valley Bodybuilding and Figure Championships, and 3rd at the Capitol Grand Prix in 2015.

Fitness Beliefs


Some of Ward's fitness recommendations have been controversial over the years.  He has said he no longer does compound movements, and sticks to higher rep isolation lifts due to injuries and also because he has already 'put in the time'.   He also does not believe in pyramiding down or what are called 'drop sets' where you reduce the weight down to do more reps.

Ward is an advocate of HIIT cardio, which is high-intensity interval training.   He also likes to switch to low-intensity cardio if he is at a lower body fat already.    In terms of nutrition, he mostly preaches eating clean foods such as chicken, rice, and vegetables.

Social media


Ward has a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/jerry.ward.923

A very large youtube following with 150K+ fans https://www.youtube.com/user/bios3training/videos , a website bios3training.com where he offers personal training, books, and shirts.  And an Instagram page with 70K followers https://www.instagram.com/jerrywardii/?hl=en .

Rep work


Jerry Ward was a 5% athlete with Rich Piana, even making a video endorsing the 5% milk jug.  He received a lot of criticism for the video as people felt he was telling people to waste money on a milk jug with a symbol on it.

In 2015, he announced he was leaving 5% nutrition after spending an hour on the phone with Rich Piana on good terms because he wanted to 'have success on my own'.  He then started pushing a company called Primeval Labs which at the time sold pro hormones, and now sells other legal supplements, which he has said he is able to help product design.

rich piana Jerry Ward



Ward has made some friends and enemies in his time on the internet.  He had sort of a skirmish with Marc Lobliner, but now they seem to be friends since they both posted funny videos on each other.

Ward had a back and forth with Vegan Gains who gained popularity for attacking others in the fitness community.  Ward was not happy with the way Vegan Gains was trying to build a reputation and made a defensive video.    Vegan Gains wanted Ward to become a vegan and posted why here.  Ward came back calling him Vegan Stains and said he was 'beating him at his own game' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTTnNkLABBU .

Harsh controversies


Bostin Loyd fired shots at Ward because he said his physique was average.

bostin loyd vs jerry ward

Bostin Loyd vs Jerry Ward

He also said he would start calling out delusional shit and he doesn't care if he makes enemies.   Loyd posted comparison pictures on his instagram page making fun of Ward's ego.  Oddly enough Ward has yet to respond to this, choosing to ignore picking a fight with Loyd.

Ward's biggest enemy in the fitness world is fake mercenary troll, Jason Blaha.  Blaha picks on Ward calling him 'Junkie Ward' while Ward calls Blaha 'blahino' and calls him a nobody who has never accomplished anything.  Blaha has repeatedly said that Ward's supplements were garbage and did nothing.   Ward frequently responds with videos saying Blaha doesn't know how to train and looks average such as this video.

This video featured Blaha attacking Ward for 'false info' about his personal life.   Their feud is extremely personal and does not appear to be ending anytime soon.

Other controversies


Some have said that Ward's personal training are just cookie cutter programs that he gives to everyone, and a complete waste of money.  One particular review was harsh on Ward because the client said that Ward completely ignored his needs such as when he could workout and what he could eat.

Cycle layout


Jerry Ward has freely admitted to using steroids in his videos, including a lot of testosterone and HGH.  There is also claims from other youtubers that they have copies of the cycles he tells them he has run.  We can speculate that a typical bulking cycle for Jerry Ward during the offseason would look like this:

Jerry Ward body

Jerry Ward Steroid Cycle

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