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2014: Post-Week 10


NFL is starting to get desperate now....The logjam in the AFC is starting to tighten up even more and teams are separating themselves by winning. A big issue emerging is injuries, we saw 2 major knee injuries with guys going down for the year. All pro LT Albert for Miami and Carson Palmer in Arizona. Both injuries may have major implications on the rest of the season.

1. 8-1 Arizona Cardinals The best team in football lost their starting QB for the season with a blown out knee. It is Palmer's 2nd season ending injury in his career and it comes days after he signed a 50M extension with 20M guaranteed. Just proves how unfair sports can be. Now the Cards must rely on Stanton the rest of the season.

2. 7-2 New England Patriots The Pats cheered on their bye week losses by division rivals Bills and Dolphins.

3. 7-2 Denver Broncos Peyton Manning was on the sidelines studying formations while the Raiders were taking a 10-6 lead, he then ripped off 5 straight TD drives and was done after the 3rd quarter. How unfair it is to be opposing teams against him.

4. 7-2 Philadelphia Eagles I was wrong that Sanchez would have a let down atleast initially. The Chip Kelly system obviously makes average QB's look great, same with WR's. The only bad thing that can be said is the running game was non existant. But when your defense forces turnovers it makes it easy.

5. 7-2 Detroit Lions As expected they won a hard fought defensive game, the Lions proved their defense is very formidable by dominating the Dolphins at the line of scrimmage and pushing them around. However it still took a late TD drive to win the game, however a win is a win and the Lions like to keep their games competitive. With a win vs. the Packers in hand they are in good position to take their division with a strong finish to the season.

6. 6-3 GB Packers Rodgers sure looked healthy to me. He had a monster 1st half and the Packers built a 42-0 lead against a wounded Bears team. He finished with 6 TD's in the 1st half alone, yep he is healthy.

7. 6-3 Indy Colts bye week.

8. 6-3 KC Chiefs This was another defensive low scoring game, with the Chiefs not able to move the ball much vs. a stingy Bills defense. The Turning point was a key forced fumble on a punt which gave the Chiefs the ball in Bills territory which fueled a 2 TD 4th quarter and won the game. Although Alex Smith couldn't get much going, getting sacked 6 times, he still played efficient enough to let Charles and their defense win.. Thats been their winning formula all year

9. 7-3 Dallas Cowboys The panic button was pushed early in their game in London to the Jags but they quickly overwhelmed their opponent and won the game easily.

10. 6-3 Seattle Seahawks Down early at home the Seahawks rolled in the 4th quarter to overwhelm the Giants with their running game in a rainy Seattle. With the injury to Palmer they have hope to catch Arizona.

11. 6-3 Cleveland Browns The Browns were not impressive in their previous games vs. weaker opponents, however at Cincy on a short week they dominated the Bengals with their stingy defense and gained respect finally. They are quietly in 1st place in the AFC North.

12. 6-4 Pittsburgh Steelers The Jets smacked the Steelers in the mouth forcing turnovers in the first quarter to build a nice lead and the Steelers weren't able to come back against a porous secondary. Did the Jets show how to slow them down? Big Ben still threw for over 300 yards but the Jets did show that yards don't equal points. After this and the clunker against the Bucs you wonder if this team plays down to their competition.

13. 6-4 Baltimore Ravens The Titans were just what the doctor ordered. With Pitt and Cincy losing they are right back in the division race.

14. 5-4 SF 49ers This win saved their season, with both Arizona and Seattle winning they keep pace. Credit their running game and also their pass rush with holding off the Saints on the road.

15. 5-3-1 Cincinnati Bengals Any Dalton was playing lights out the first 3 games of the season and now has hit rock bottom, he was horrible in this game. 10 of 33 for just 86 yards and the bengals got smacked in the mouth by their instate rivals.

16. 5-4 Miami Dolphins The Dolphins may have lost Albert for the season, and also Finnegan for a few games.. Injuries have not been kind to the Phins this season. As for the game, the offense couldn't pick up a first down to kill the clock and the defense played great in this game but in the end could not stop Stafford from making the game winning pass. On a short week they don't have an option to worry about injuries.

17. 5-4 Buffalo Bills Tough loss to the Chiefs and now they have a short week going to Miami in a must win game in a crowded AFC.

18. 5-4 San Diego Chargers Much needed bye week.

19. 4-5 New Orleans Saints After winning on the road finally they then put themselves in a hole vs. the 9ers and have to come back. Then in overtime Brees gets swamped and fumbles setting up the go ahead FG.

20. 4-5 Houston Texans bye week.

21. 4-5 Minnesota Vikings bye week

22. 3-6-1 Carolina Panthers When your best pass catcher is Greg Olsen you know that you let your franchise QB down. If I was Cam Newton I would not be too pleased with the offseason moves and/or lack of moves to get me more weapons. They cannot expect him to carry the team on his back. Also the hyped up defense allowed Jordan Matthews to have a career game.

23. 3-6 St. Louis Rams The Rams were leading 14-10 and then they allowed a long TD by Stanton and then a INT and fumble return for TD's in a 4th quarter meltdown.

24. 3-6 NY Giants They played the Seahawks hard but eventually got worn down and run over. Changes are coming to this team in the offseason.

25. 3-6 Washington Skins bye week.

26. 3-6 Atlanta Falcons They beat the Bucs in a battle of dissapointing teams.

27. 3-6 Chicago Bears An analyst said Trestman should not be fired last week, I say they have been getting routed every week. Their defense plays vanilla and their offense has to play catch up all the time which makes Cutler a sitting duck.

28. 2-8 NY Jets Unless you were a Jets fan you didn't see this upset coming. A very nice first quarter and 17-0 lead was held the rest of the game. The Jets are capable of playing spoiler and will be dangerous the rest of the season if Vick stays healthy.

29. 2-6 Tennessee Titans Is Mettenberger the future at QB? He played a modest game vs. the Ravens and couldn't get anything going. The Titans need a lot more talent if they are going to be competitive.

30. 1-9 Jacksonville Jaguars This team just needs to figure out how to win games. They have a pretty good Dline, RB, and Bortles has the size to be a NFL QB.

31. 1-8 Tampa Bay Bucs Losing at home to a struggling Falcons team is embarassing enough. They switched back to McCown and results are the same. Its not just the QB, its the whole team that stinks.

32. 0-9 Oakland Raiders Their fans probably thought they would pull off the upset up 10-6 and with the ball driving, Carr throws a bad pass and then the Broncos score 5 TD's in a row on each possession. Just lose baby!

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