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2014: Post week 11

nfl-logoSome trends are developing with some teams catching fire and others just trying to get through the week. Injuries are also starting to mount for certain teams, while others like the Cards and Pats shake off injuries and continue to win anyway.

1. 9-1 Arizona Cardinals It seems like when this team plays defense they have 13 guys on the field. The Lions weren't able to move the ball at all in this game. The super bowl will be in Arizona and the Cards want to be right at home for it.

2. 8-2 New England Patriots Jonas Gray went from practice squad to 200 yards and 4 TD's. Just proves how important scheme is. It was simple, the Pats lined up with 6 or 7 man fronts and ran trap and counter plays with a pulling lineman and the Colts were not able to stop it all night. Brady then used play action to set up Gronk over the middle. On the other side of the ball they rushed only 3 or 4 and double teamed TY. It was nothing fancy but they clobbered the Colts with a perfect game plan.

3. 7-3 GB Packers Another game and another rout. This team is one of the hottest in the NFL and they are hitting their stride. They already have 330 points and have scored 50+ points in two straight games. Their only weakness is their run defense, not a team you want to face right now overall.

4. 7-3 KC Chiefs The Chiefs are playing great football, their defense especially. They made 2 key 4th down stops in the 4th quarter and then halted a late drive attempt. They smacked the super bowl champs in the mouth with their running game as well.

5. 7-3 Denver Broncos Manning has played 10 of his last 12 quarters poorly. The news gets worse as 4 offensive starters were injured and their status is uncertain. The Oline is playing so bad that fans are calling for them to bring in Richie Icognito, problem is he is a poor pass blocker and their next 2 games are against the Dolphins and Chiefs, both teams have tough Dlines.

6. 7-3 Philadelphia Eagles Okay, my Sanchez letdown finally came to fruition a week late. But it wasn't just Sanchez, the Eagles special teams and defense was awful as well. Its only 1 loss against a team that is red hot so no reason to panic yet.

7. 7-3 Dallas Cowboys Bye week and a happy one with the Eagles losing

8. 7-3 Detroit Lions The Lions are pushing their luck playing close games and this time it backfired on them. They were not able to establish a running game at all and the Cards were able to overwhelm them in the passing game. The Lions will continue depending on their defense but at some point the O has to chip in more, Bell had another 85 yards in this game and looks like a tank so not sure why they do not run him atleast 20 times a game.

9. 6-4 Indy Colts They were unprepared in this game on both sides of the ball. When you play Bellichek you can expect schemes to expose your weaknesses. We saw in this game gashing over and over with the run game and also a lot of pressure on Luck, they failed to help out their tackles with run support. And also they have no running game to speak of.

10. 6-3-1 Cincinnati Bengals The Bengals played with swagger for the first time since their opening 3 games. Their defense made goal line stops, and their offense made big plays when needed. Winning at New Orleans is no easy feat, with the win they are back in business.

11. 7-4 Pittsburgh Steelers They got a way with one once again playing down to their competition. 11 point deficit wiped out late in the game and they escape with a 3 point win. They go into the bye with the last wild card. Huge win for them.

12. 6-4 Miami Dolphins Their defense dominated the Bills especially in the 2nd half. Being able to run well (5YPC) against a stout Bills D and with Miller having a bum shoulder was very impressive. Their strong AFC record primes them for a playoff spot and they have a somewhat favorable schedule the rest of the way compared to their AFC counter parts fighting for a wild card. Next game will be at Denver which will be the big CBS game of the weekend.

13. 6-4 Seattle Seahawks Their running game did well again and they had opportunities to win this game but the Chiefs defense stopped them on 3 late drives. Lynch did not go into the locker room during halftime and his situation is becoming a cancer for this team. As it stands now they would not qualify for the playoffs.

14. 6-4 Baltimore Ravens bye week

15. 6-4 SF 49ers Two huge wins in a row against NFC teams. Their defense came up huge and made a lot of big plays to keep the Giants from scoring. Their offense though has to pick things up. As it stands now they are not in the playoffs, they will likely need atleast 10 wins to get in so they must go 4-2 to finish the year. As many gifts as they got vs. the Giants the score should of been a rout and it wasn't.

16. 5-5 Houston Texans Season saving win, the record breeds of inconsisentcy and it starts with the health of Arian Foster who has been plagued by injuries. They are only a game out of 1st place in their division which is probably their best bet to get in the playoffs. JJ Watt is a beast, even though he had 2 roughing the punter penalties he made up for it in spades. Mallet looked just fine and gives them optimism.

17. 6-4 Cleveland Browns They seem to play down to their competition, the Texans at home is a game they have to win. They were unable to move the ball even though they had opportunities and their defense could not make crucial stops.

18. 6-4 San Diego Chargers I'm not impressed with their win vs. the Raiders. Rivers is not playing MVP football anymore and their team is looking mediocre.

19. 5-5 Buffalo Bills Great defense but their offense has let them down. Losing their top 2 RB's is an easy excuse but this team also lacks creativity on offense. Orton faced a tough defense but had a chance to hit Watkins deep but missed the throw. He was rattled bigtime in the 2nd half.

20. 4-6 St. Louis Rams They always play UP to their competition. First Seattle and now shocking Denver. What is most shocking though is they dominated the Broncos, Manning had no room to breathe and they knocked out a bunch of Broncos players with their physical play.

21. 4-6 Atlanta Falcons They are 1st place in their division and 4-0 in division play. Huge win vs. the Panthers.

22. 4-6 Chicago Bears The Bears still look bad but they faced a team that is very inconsistent and pulled out a win after being down early

23. 4-6 New Orleans Saints Tough loss vs. the 49ers and then this game they were never really in the game against the Bengals. One way to silence the Saints loud home crowd is to give them no reason to cheer. The big play was going for it on 4th down after failing to get in with your running game being non existant.

24. 4-6 Minnesota Vikings Losing to the Bears who are struggling mightily is embarassing. Bridgewater couldn't move the ball even though the Bears D has been getting thrashed lately.

25. 3-7-1 Carolina Panthers Even through all the nonsense this year all they had to do was win this game to be tied for 1st place in their division and they blew it. This team is void of talent.

26. 2-8 Tampa Bay Bucs Nothing cures your woes like facing a team that might be in worse shape than you. The Bucs are only 2 games out of 1st place in their division, thats how much a win can make a difference.

27. 3-7 NY Giants Five picks, sacks all over, stupid mistakes. This team is in disarray.

28. 3-7 Washington Skins Getting routed at home against a 1 win team is embarassing. Jay Gruden looks lost so far. This team is going backwards. They are 1-7 without McCoy as QB and you have RG3 and Gruden saying stupid things in front of the media.

29. 2-8 NY Jets Bye week

30. 2-7 Tennessee Titans They allowed over 200 yards rushing and blew an 11 point lead at home in primetime.

31. 1-9 Jacksonville Jaguars bye week

32. 0-10 Oakland Raiders Their offense is beyond atrocious, maybe Derek Carr isn't the answer after all? Their defense played good enough to win this game. Just lose baby!

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