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2014: Post Week 7

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Shakeups are coming in this weeks power rankings as we are starting to see some trends developing with teams and consistencies starting to develop. This was a great weekend of football with a lot of great games and great performances.

1. 5-1 Denver Broncos Magical night in Denver as Manning breaks the all time TD record, he ended up with 4 total as they easily disposed of the 49ers. They not only are winning but they are making it look easy.

2. 5-1 Philadelphia Eagles Bye week ruined by the Cowboys winning.

3. 6-1 Dallas Cowboys The difference is they get the ball late in the game with a lead and Romo doesn't have to put the team on his shoulders. He has Bryant to throw to in tight coverage, and he has a great Oline and RB and they can ice the game.

4. 5-2 Indy Colts Five straight wins now and none more impressive then disposing of the Bengals. Andrew Luck is turning into a superstar now in his 3rd year, he can do it all.

5. 5-2 GB Packers I will say it, Rodgers is the best QB in the NFC right now. He is playing MVP football so far this year. His health and/or the Lions who know how to stop him, are the only things that could stop the Packers from a deep playoff run at this point.

6. 5-2 Baltimore Ravens Atlanta stood no chance from the start. The Ravens dominated on both sides of the ball. Flacco played efficient and their defense had 5 sacks including a safety. This is a solid team especially at home.

7. 5-1 Arizona Cardinals Another win vs. a lousy opponent, Palmer was efficient which is all he needs to be. With both Seattle and SF losing the Cards are 1 1/2 games up in the NFC West.

8. 5-2 San Diego Chargers I asked last week if they peaked too soon and after limping to a win vs. the Raiders and then losing to the Chiefs at home it appears they have. If there is a defense that can make a great QB look average its KC, they have tough edge rushers. Rivers only had 205 yards and 17 completions..

9. 5-2 Detroit Lions Okay so they lost a game they should have won vs. the Bills but now they win a game they should have lost against the Saints. Brees never makes boneheaded plays and he did here gifting the Lions the ball in scoring position to take the lead. The Lions boast the #1 defense in the NFL in yards allowed.

10. 5-2 New England Patriots Second major scare at home this year. First against Oakland and now against the Jets. Good teams win those games though. It took a late INT and now it took a blocked FG. They aren't as good as years past but they are still going to be tough to beat at home.

11. 3-2-1 Cincinnati Bengals They were 3-0 going into an unnecessary bye week very early in the year which cooled them off.. Since then they are 0-2-1 and were disposed of in a rout in Indy. Dalton only had 126 yards. Down they go in the rankings.

12. 4-3 SF 49ers It's never easy and going into Denver on a historic night made it impossible for any team. The issue here is that their defense isn't making big plays anymore, and their running game isn't opening up holes. Frank Gore averaged just 2 yards a carry, he has no where to run.

13. 3-3 KC Chiefs When Alex Smith plays efficient football they win, its very simple. Their defense is very disruptive, they won't win their tough division most likely, but have a chance to vie for a wild card spot with 10 games left.

14. 3-3 Seattle Seahawks A controversial call is upsetting Seahawks fans but it was the right call, no 100% visual evidence Sherman came up with the football from replay's. What they should be worried about is how their defense and special teams is playing. The Rams were a 1 win team and they lost a game they were heavily favored to win.

15. 3-3-1 Carolina Panthers They ran into a white hot Rodgers and stood no chance. I think they will gladly take their record at this point after a brutal schedule. They are still first in their very weak division.

16. 4-3 Buffalo Bills Orton doesn't give you much as a QB, but he is very calm and collected. Play of the game on the last drive was 4th and 20 and picking up the first down, and then another clutch throw to Hogan to setup the winning TD pass. The Bills continue to win games they don't deserve to win.

17. 3-3 Miami Dolphins Tannehill has improved gradually every year in the NFL and the last 3 games he has played very well, the key has been opening up the playbook and allowing him to use his legs. The Dolphins defense forced 3 late turnovers to seal the victory, they are #4 in the NFL in yards allowed.

18. 4-3 Pittsburgh Steelers Another Jekyll and Hyde team similar to the Bears and Giants, looked like garbage very early, then out of nowhere opened up their bag of trick or treats to stun the Texans.

19. 3-3 Cleveland Browns You kept hearing trap game all week which is silly considering these are the Browns. We knew the Jags were due for a win and they played loose all game while the Browns played scared. A chance to kick a FG and be down 6-3 was turned down to go for it and they didn't make it, set the tone for the game.

20. 3-4 Chicago Bears The bad news is they are now 0-3 at home and fans boo'd and players are at each others throats.. the good news is next week they play on the road where they are 3-1. They were dominated from the start by the Dolphins.

21. 3-4 NY Giants They showed glimpses of what they were capable of but with the injury to Cruz and now losing their 2nd division games in as many weeks they might be looking at some changes this offseason.

22. 3-4 Houston Texans Up 13-0 and then what in the world happened? Welcome to the NFL where it takes a couple miscues to doom you. The stampede started by allowing a short pass to turn into a big play on 3rd and long. Fundamentals are stubborn things.

23. 2-4 St. Louis Rams Just when you think Fisher is done this type of thing happens. They will play spoiler to more teams this year.

24. 2-4 New Orleans Saints Brees made a major mistake late in the game which is not like him. Oddly enough they are still right behind Carolina in the division so 9 wins could do it. The season isn't over yet.

25. 2-5 Minnesota Vikings Not icing the game and being too conservative, and then allowing a 4th and 20 is puzzling. They only have themselves to blame.

26. 2-5 Washington Skins Kirk Cousins trade value is offically a 6 pack of beer now. McCoy is now their QB until RG3 comes back.

27. 2-4 Tennessee Titans Losing to the Skins is embarassing, losing to a 3rd string QB is pathetic.

28. 2-5 Atlanta Falcons Things are starting to get ugly for the Falcons. It isn't easy to win in Baltimore but they look lifeless at this point. I expect to see changes this offseason.

29. 1-6 NY Jets Bad teams lose games they should win. Allowing a TD on 3rd and goal from the 20 and then not executing a FG. We did learn moving Geno Smith around is a good thing. Percy Harvin is in the house.

30. 1-5 Tampa Bay Bucs They want to trade Jackson during their bye week.

31. 1-6 Jacksonville Jaguars Bortles is a turnover machine but they were able to run the ball well and played great defense to rout the Browns. Now with the monkey off their back they can play more loose.

32. 0-6 Oakland Raiders Another close game but they now are the lone winless team. Looking at their schedule it's very possible they don't win a game this year. Best thing for them is to clean house and use their pick to trade down and rebuild. They have a decent QB with Carr and maybe superstart LB with Mack, they just need everything else now. Just lose baby!

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