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2014: Week 14


Evo pickers were an amazing 11-5 last week and for the season are an outstanding 86-40-1. This will be a crazy week and I expect a lot of surprising games so fasten your seat belts.

Dallas at Chicago Thursday

This game will be overhyped because of the large fan bases of both teams but in reality neither team will probably be in playing in the postseason. The Cowboys play better on the road and the Bears worst at home so we can throw away home field advantage in this one. Also these Thursday night games the road team has outperformed anyway and I wouldn't be shocked if the same thing happened here. The Bears are a mess regardless. DAL 27-13

St. Louis at Washington

The Rams play like a super bowl team one week and a dud the next so hard to figure out what happens here but I like the Skins with McCoy to put up some points, but they are the Skins and will find a way to lose somehow. STL 31-30

Houston at Jacksonville

HOU 24-17

NY Giants at Tennessee

Yuck who cares? NYG 20-17

Tampa Bay at Detroit

Detroits defense will have a field day here. DET 24-16

Carolina at New Orleans

The Saints will find a way to keep this one closer than it should be but they can smell the division lead with their rival Falcons playing Green Bay. Carolina is too much of a mess to put up much of a fight. NO 33-20

Indianapolis at Cleveland

We do not know who is playing in this one for the Brownies, will it be the Manziel show? If so this game gets transformed into the game of the day because of the hype. I still like the Colts here either way as the Browns will find a way to jinx themselves. IND 23-20

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati

The Steelers play up or down to their competition and the Bengals really are mediocre and their record does now show that because they find ways to win games. So I expect the Steelers to put in a mediocre showing. I get the feeling the Bengals at home will play good enough to win, Dalton just has to cut down on his INT's. CIN 30-26

NY Jets at Minnesota

I really wish this game was primetime so I could watch the Jets high school offense run the ball the whole game. That might actually work here as the Vikes run D is 24th in the NFL. The Jets aren't as bad as their record shows, and their defense plays excellent considering how bad their O is. If they run the same game plan as they did against MIA they will win this game. I'm crazy but I like the Jets to win 20-17 UPSET of the week.

Baltimore at Miami

The Ravens haven't played well on the road this season (except for a rout against the Bucs) and the Dolphins last 2 home games were routs of stout Bills and SD teams. Their defense has played tremendous in both those games so the Ravens must neutralize them by getting an early lead and running the ball otherwise they stand no chance. On the other side of the ball the Ravens can stop the run but their pass D is atrocious allowing 400 yards on average their last 2 games so I expect Tannehill to have a big day if he can get pass protection. MIA 30-20

Kansas City at Arizona

Both teams are reeling right now losing 2 straight games. Arizona at home is undefeated this year and the key has been their outstanding defense which has been lights out all year never allowing more than 20 points. So we can assume the struggling Chiefs offense will be held to under 20 points. On the other side of the ball the Chiefs pass rush will pose some issues but it won't be enough to overcome some Alex Smith mistakes. ARI 20-14

Buffalo at Denver

The Bills have a great pass rush and front 4 but the way Manning gets the ball out fast it won't matter here and he will be able to move the ball no matter what at home. On the other side of the ball the Bills need CJ Spiller back to get some explosiveness and the Broncos defense is excellent at taking away the running game. I don't see the Bills offense being able to keep up and it would be crazy to pick against the Broncos at home. I like the Broncos 27-17

San Francisco at Oakland

If the 49ers can't score in this one then they really have issues. SF 20-10

Seattle at Philadelphia

Big game which could determine home field as both teams are playing well. The X factor though is can Sanchez outduel that surging Seattle D? And on the other side of the ball can Seattle run the ball and not commit turnovers which the Eagles feast on? The Eagles D might not be great on paper but they make a lot of big plays. This is a tough game to pick but I will go with the home team with reservations. PHI 27-24

New England at San Diego SNF

All these great night games are making it hard for me to get in enough sleep lately. This one will be great to watch. The Pats have to fly west 3 time zones to play a late game which means it will be like playing in the early morning, however Bellichek was smart and flew his team out early to practice out west to get used to it so that intangible is eliminated. The other intangible is that the Chargers can't run the ball a lick which means Bellichek will play a lot of 7 man zone eliminating passing options, plus the big one is Belly/Brady don't lose 2 straight games. So I like the Pats 33-27

Atlanta at Green Bay MNF

Not much to write here. Green Bay is at home and Rodgers is playing incredible at home. The Falcons only prayer would be to find a pass rush to stop them. No chance in prime time. GB 35-20 LOCK of the week.

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