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2014: Post week 13


It's amazing how week to week things continue to change. The AFC is a mish mash of 7-5 teams and San Diego at 8-4 fighting for just 2 wild card spots. In the AFC North everyone is now separated by 1 1/2 games. In the NFC the Cowboys loss drops them out of the playoffs and the Falcons and Saints are fighting for the right to win the division and host a playoff game with a below .500 record. Incredible.

1. 9-3 GB Packers At home they are unbeatable. They dominated the Pats and Rodgers looks like he can do whatever he wants. Their Oline was most impressive, giving Rodgers all day to throw. They have flaws like all teams but I think they are the best team in football right now.

2. 9-3 New England Patriots The Pats have lost all 3 games on the road against tough opponents so its important they earn home field advantage in the playoffs. As long as Brady has a healthy Gronk to throw to he will be fine.

3. 9-3 Denver Broncos Now that the Broncos can run the ball they are doubly dangerous. Add to that a defense that can rush the passer. They have their eyes on the #1 seed now.

4. 9-3 Philadelphia Eagles Their defense might not be the best statistically but they get a lot of turnovers and make big plays which compliments a high scoring offense. The formula has them tops in their division.

5. 9-3 Arizona Cardinals At home they are clearly a different team. All 3 losses have been on the road, they are in danger now of losing their division lead. They really never got anything going at Atlanta.

6. 8-4 Seattle Seahawks The Seahawks are back running and playing great defense, they are chasing down the Cardinals.

7. 8-4 Detroit Lions Their defensive front is outstanding. The win now puts them back in the playoff chase for now.

8. 8-3-1 Cincinnati Bengals Marvin Lewis is a great head coach, he saved the game against the Bucs throwing a challenge flag illegally otherwise they would have lost. Everyone in their division lost so now they have a 1 1/2 game lead.

9. 8-4 Indy Colts They can clinch the division this weekend, their entire division is poor. Really unfair they play the Titans and Jags 4 times. They got to beat a quality team in the 1st round of the playoffs though.

10. 8-4 Dallas Cowboys The loss hurts and drops them out of the playoffs, they do get a rematch against the Eagles coming up. Their home record this year is puzzling.

11. 7-5 Miami Dolphins Their defense played a solid 2nd half after being gashed in the 1st half on the ground. Injuries have really hurt them as they have 3 corners out but luckily the Jets had no passing game to take advantage. They are now the 6th seed and face the Ravens in a must win game.

12. 7-5 KC Chiefs They were outmached vs. the Broncos. They go from having their eyes on the division to now hoping to just squeeze into the playoffs as a wildcard.

13. 8-4 San Diego Chargers They pulled off a shocker in Baltimore with the help of a questionable pass interference call. (I thought it would of been called on both players, not just on defense). They have the 5th seed but have a brutal schedule and have issues.

14. 7-5 Buffalo Bills This team gets very little respect but their defense is championship caliber. Their main issue is their poor AFC record which sets them up for a tough challenge to make the postseason. Even 10 wins might not be enough.

15. 7-5 Baltimore Ravens They blew a 10 point lead in the 4th quarter at home and have no one to blame but themselves. They are a good team, but they face a must win game against Miami on Sunday.

16. 7-5 Pittsburgh Steelers They like to play down to their competition. At home against a Saints team that is awful on the road they should of handled them easily, instead they were awful.

17. 7-5 Cleveland Browns They are in a mish mash in the AFC fighting for a wild card and division but now face a QB controversy. If they go to Manziel it could backfire, if they stay with Hoyer and finish 2-2 and miss the playoffs fans will wonder what if. No win situation unless whatever move is made works out. They need to finish 3-1.

18. 7-5 SF 49ers Their offense is non existant and they are in major danger of missing the postseason. Doesn't help that Harbaugh is probably on his way out.

19. 6-6 Houston Texans Fitzpatrick looked great but remember it was against the Titans. JJ Watt is worth every penny of that contract.

20. 5-7 St. Louis Rams Nice game tape for Rams fans. 52-0 shellacking over the lowly Raiders.

21. 5-7 Atlanta Falcons They've lost some close games this season but this was one they finally managed to hold. Their defense played great limiting Arizona and Matt Ryan was sharp.

22. 5-7 New Orleans Saints Three straight home losses then they go on the road against a team who people expected to light them up and their defense decides to show up. Brees had a career type game, upset of the weekend. Only bad news is the Falcons have the tiebreaker right now.

23. 5-7 Minnesota Vikings Special teams dominated, Bridgewater is making some nice throws, they have potential and can play spoiler for some teams.

24. 5-7 Chicago Bears When your leading rusher has 8 yards you know you have problems; of course they were playing a stout defense but still got to give Cutler some help. They can't run and they can't play defense, they stink.

25. 3-8-1 Carolina Panthers Cam Newton looks like he is very frustrated, if you had the talent he has around him you would be too. This team needs a GM who can bring in talent to help this guy out otherwise its a waste.

26. 3-9 Washington Skins McCoy atleast gives them a passing game but they still got routed regardless.

27. 3-9 NY Giants Another collapse, this time vs. the lowly Jags. How embarassing.

28. 2-10 Tampa Bay Bucs This team was undisciplined under Schiano and under Lovie Smith makes the same dumb mistakes. Playing with 12 men on the field and blowing the game then on 4th and 20 electing to throw for 10 yards instead of trying a hail mary or long field goal. Do they even want to win games?

29. 2-10 NY Jets They had the perfect game plan to pound Miami on the ground and keep the hands out of Geno's hands, however on the last drive they needed him to make a few throws and he couldn't. It's obvious Rex doesn't want Geno to start and was forced to make that change. If Vick plays this game the Jets probably win as they dominated Miami at the line of scrimmage.

30. 2-10 Jacksonville Jaguars Nice come back vs. the Giants, however Bortles still hasn't proved he is a franchise QB. For them to improve next year he must show something.

31. 2-10 Tennessee Titans I honestly do not see the talent on this team for them to be competitive any time soon. They made Fitzpatrick look like Aaron Rodgers.

32. 1-11 Oakland Raiders Classic Raiders. Big win followed up by a 52 point loss. Atleast they are back on pace for the #1 pick.

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