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Power Rankings – Week 3

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Week 3 didn't feature as many great games as the first 2 weeks, but we still enjoyed watching the Broncos-Seahawks thriller, the Skins and Eagles go at it, and the Cowboys made an amazing comeback on the road. What did we learn this week? Running the football is still important. Of the top 8 rushing performances, 7 of those players were on the winning team this week, and it was running the football that marched the Seahawks down the field vs. the Broncos in overtime to finish them off.

  1. 3-0 Cincinnati Bengals:  This is clearly the best team in football. The Bengals were laughed at when they gave Andy Dalton a huge contract, but now they are showing their doubters wrong. They go into their bye undefeated and none of their games were even close, and Andy Dalton has played MVP football. The only concern is have they peaked too early?
  2. 3-0 Arizona Cardinals:  Last year this team went 10-6 and still missed the playoffs, they could have won 11 and missed too; that's how tough their division and conference is. Drew Stanton is playing amazing football and they are atop the NFC West. Next week they play a tough game at Denver.
  3. 3-0 Philadelphia Eagles:  Remember week 1 when they were losing to the Jags 17-0? That was the low point for this team, since then they have played amazing offense outscoring their opponents with big plays. Chip Kelly's system is for real, now they have to play a tough game at SF next week and have a chance to cripple the 49ers playoff hopes.
  4. 2-1 San Diego Chargers:  You can laugh at me all you want but Philip Rivers is my MVP so far this year. He has 6 TD's and 1 INT, most impressive was his performance in windy Buffalo; he put the ball where it was needed to be and was fast to release the ball which neutralized the Bills Dline. Their defense neutered Watkins and Spiller as well, oh and they beat the super bowl champs handily the week prior.
  5. 2-1 Atlanta Falcons:  When you demolish a team in the modern NFL 56-14 I don't care what anybody says but you deserve to be ranked high. Their one loss was against the Bengals who haven't lost a regular season game at home in 2 years and they went toe to toe against Drew Brees. They deserve to be ranked this high for now. They play 5 of their next 7 on the road so it will be a tough test for them.
  6. 2-1 Seattle Seahawks:  People will say they are ranked too low but my reasoning is SD manhandled them the week prior and they let the Broncos score a TD with 1 minute left and no timeouts at home, that is unacceptable. I've seen them play lights out football against GB for the 2nd half, but other than that they haven't been as good as they were last year so far, and GB hasn't been that impressive.
  7. 2-1 Denver Broncos:  That was an incredible comeback at Seattle and Peyton Manning is definitely another guy who is MVP material so far this year. Their next 5 games are all against tough opponents so it will be a nice test for them. As long as they have Manning, they will continue to be in every game.
  8. 2-1 Carolina Panthers:  Hard to dismiss the way they played the first 2 games of the season, but last game they stunk. Their running game is non-existent which is odd considering Cam Newton can run the ball himself and should inflate those numbers, but then again the team is likely trying to protect his ribs; so its likely they will pick their game up as the season goes along.
  9. 2-1 Baltimore Ravens:   Pitta and Rice are gone for the year, the sooner they can put that Rice saga behind them the better. This is no longer a running team anyway, its going to be up to Flacco to play lights out for them to stay in the top 10 in our rankings. They pulled off a big win against the Browns and they probably didn't deserve to win it, but good teams win games they shouldn't win.
  10. 2-1 Detroit Lions:  They were my NFC North pick and so far its obvious what a new coach is capable of. They are displaying their explosive offense well, but they need to prove they can win on the road if they are going to move up the rankings. Their schedule is favorable for them to take control of their division.
  11. 2-1 Buffalo Bills:  They had the perfect weather conditions to play ground and pound and blew a great opportunity to go 3-0 by deviating from their bread and butter. EJ Manuel was awful in the wind and the Chargers ended up physically outplaying the Bills, which is shocking. We will see if this is a blip or a trend as their next 3 games are against strong teams.
  12. 2-1 Chicago Bears:  Their most impressive win came vs. the 49ers when nobody thought they had a chance; Jay Cutler has 8TD's and only 2 INT's so far this year and has fallen in love with TE Bennett who looks like he is impossible to cover. Their only issue is their failure to run the ball which may come back to haunt them later in the season when they will need to run out the clock.
  13. 2-1 Pittsburgh Steelers:  Watch out for this team, their next 3 games are against weaker opponents and they are running the ball amazingly well. They should be 5-1 and move up the rankings in the next few weeks.
  14. 2-1 New England Patriots:  Revis and Brady look old. When you need a game saving INT in the red zone at home to beat the Raiders you know you have a problem, and that problem is their offense. They rank 27th in the NFL on total offense, that’s not going to win them many games this year. Gronk is not himself either, he looks slow and scared to take hits. Revis was picked on all day by Derek Carr, yes a rookie playing his 3rd game. Their next 3 games are against strong teams and they have a lot to prove.
  15. 2-1 Houston Texans:  They started the year with a very weak schedule and eeked out a 2-1 start to the year. Losing Clowney was a bad break and Foster is battling a hamstring injury. Their next 3 games will be much tougher so they will have to play better than what they showed against the Giants to win.
  16. 2-1 Dallas Cowboys:  The reason they are 2-1 is because of that amazing running game. Murray is averaging 5.1 yards a carry. Romo is not himself so far this year, maybe its rust, but if he can play better this team has a chance to make the playoffs. Unfortunately their schedule is brutal including a game at Seattle which leaves no room for error.
  17. 1-2 SF 49ers:  Everybody is wondering what happened to this team who was a trendy super bowl pick. Its simple, this is the NFL and nobody is scared of anyone else. If the 49ers play poorly they will struggle to win games and their next 3 games will all be challenges.
  18. 1-2 Indy Colts:  A great way to get on track is to play the Jags, however they need to beat the better teams if they are going to make the playoffs as their schedule looks tough coming up.
  19. 1-2 KC Chiefs:  They have a lot of injuries but overcame them in Miami and almost overcame them at Denver. Their next 3 games are brutal. They play NE, at SF, and at SD. Ironically I wouldn't be shocked if they won atleast 2 of those if Alex Smith plays as good as he has the past 6 quarters.
  20. 1-2 Cleveland Browns:  If you are a Browns fan then you might be close to have a heart attack. All their games so far have been decided by 3 or less points. This is a gritty team that can score points with Hoyer as QB. When Gordon returns their offense will be even better.
  21. 1-2 New Orleans Saints:  They stink on the road, but they are strong at home. Until they figure out how to win road games they will not be able to keep up with Atlanta or Carolina in the division. Their next 2 of 3 are on the road and will not be easy games. At Dallas and at Detroit.
  22. 1-2 GB Packers:  Over-hyped at the start of the year and they could easily be 0-3 right now. Their offense looks out of sync, although they won the division last year people forget they only won 8 games, granted Rodgers was injured for much of it. They play 2 division games coming up and they have a chance to catch up but they must play better offense than they have shown so far.
  23. 1-2 NY Jets:  Geno Smith looked good against the Raiders but has looked mediocre otherwise. The Jets blew a lead vs. the Packers on the road then spotted the Bears 2 TD's. Teams will continue exploiting Smith and their CB unit all year.
  24. 1-2 Minnesota Vikings:  Their season had promise until the Peterson fiasco hit, since then their offense has been dreadful. Bridgewater now comes in to start a new Peterson-less era in Minnesota, he will have to play better than he did against the Saints or their season will go down the toilet quickly.
  25. 1-2 Washington Skins:  Losing RG3 may end up being a blessing because Kirk Cousins for whatever reason (probably the system and his health) is a way better QB. Problem is no matter how Cousins plays Snyder will demand RG3 gets his job back. Until they get an owner who sticks his nose out of the teams operations they will continue to have losing seasons.
  26. 1-2 Miami Dolphins:  This team has been smashed by injuries and suspensions. The good news is their bye week is coming up, more good news is they play Oakland which is a remedy for any team. After the bye they should get Moreno, Jones, Pouncey, and Misi back. Those are 4 starters, plus they get Dion Jordan back a couple weeks later from suspension. There are grumblings that Tannehill will be benched for Matt Moore, if he struggles against Oakland expect a change.
  27. 1-2 NY Giants:  Its amazing how a win can change image, this team was considered dead a week ago, now they have life. Problem is their problems aren't going away, they still have major offensive issues they have to address. Eli Manning isn't comfortable at all.
  28. 1-2 St. Louis Rams:  Injuries are hurting this team, but its no excuse for putting in very little effort this season in any of their games. You can't give up a 21 point lead at home and mantain any confidence at all. They are starting to call for Fisher's head, and I don't disagree with them.
  29. 1-2 Tennessee Titans:  This team just isn't very good. They were hyped up after their first game, but their problem is they just can't score any points. Jake Locker QB rating is 70 which won't cut it in the NFL.
  30. 0-3 Oakland Raiders:  Nobody thought they would have a chance to tie the game at New England. Derek Carr has a good arm, but his surrounding cast is awful. There are rumors that head coach Allen will get canned if they lose to Miami, but is it his fault they have no talent? Their running game is non existent. The good news is they have a home game Sunday, the bad news is that 'home game' is in London which is 8 time zones east of Oakland. When you are the Raiders that’s how the league screws you I guess. They will be away from home for 2 weeks since they played at NE and will fly directly to London from there, that will be brutal.
  31. 0-3 Jacksonville Jags:  This is the worst team in football but they at least have heart, I think. Good for them at least for letting Bortles play, they went 3 and out with him in there and the crowd actually gave him a standing ovation. Thats how low the expectations are in Jacksonville.
  32. 0-3 Tampa Bay Bucs:  When you lose 56-14 to a division rival you deserve to be dead last at least for a week. How many times have we seen a backup QB play great in relief, then get a starting opportunity and stink? McCown stinks.

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