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Post Week 4

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Week 4 games were mostly lopsided but that didn't mean it wasn't fun to watch.  I personally love to watch games where the defense and special teams makes big plays.  What did we learn this week?  QB play in the NFL is as important as ever, as we saw QB's benched and cost their teams; also having a strong running game can definately help an offense operate more smooth. A great running game propelled the cowboys and a poor running game in the clutch cost the Eagles and Steelers their games.  Also, turnovers are crucial, you won't win when you are turning it over.

1.  3-0  Cincinnati Bengals  --  Their bye came very early, they have a huge game on prime time vs. the Pats.
2.  3-0 Arizona Cardinals --  Their bye came early as well, lets see if they can go to Denver and win to prove everyone wrong.
3.  3-1 San Diego Chargers -- The Chargers are the best team in the AFC West, not the Broncos.  They keep on winning and making it look easy.  Rivers is playing like a MVP so far, I really like this team right now, but its the wrong part of the year to be peaking.
4.  3-1  Philadelphia Eagles --  Okay so the lost a tough game at SF against a desperate team playing for their lives, its no time to panic.  My only concern is why did they abandon the running game?   And if the reason is the 49ers were daring them to throw how come they couldn't exploit that?  Even so they still could of won the game at the end and blew it.
5. 2-1  Seattle Seahawks --  They move up a spot during their bye because of Atlanta dropping.  They are the super bowl champs but they haven't played their best football yet.  They play 3 out of the next 4 on the road.
6.  2-1 Denver Broncos  -- Very early bye week and their upcoming schedule is rough.  They don't look as good this year as they did last year and they find themselves a half game behind the Chargers.. Its been 2 years since they haven't been division leaders.
7.  3-1 Detroit Lions -- I like the Lions a lot this year so far.  Stafford is playing great and even without Johnson they still did plenty to beat the Jets on the road.  They play the Bills next at home so it will be interesting to see how they do vs. a physical team.
8.  3-1 Baltimore Ravens -- Was there any doubt Steve Smith would have a monster game against his former team that cut him?  They are playing like they did when they made a super bowl run 2 years ago and the key has been Flacco feeling comfortable again.
9.  3-1 Houston Texans -- Many will say they don't deserve to be in the top 10 but at 3-1 and coming off a strong game against the Bills its hard to not put them up here.  This team has weaknesses but in this league everyone does, Fitzpatrick has to up his game if they are going make a playoff run.
10.  3-1 Dallas Cowboys -- As I said last week their running game is amazing.  As long as they run the ball like that they can prevent Romo from making late mistakes, and prevent exposing a mediocre defense.  They play the Texans next which means one of those teams will be 4-1 and an early surprise.
11.  2-2 Indy Colts -- They rebounded from a 0-2 hole thanks to playing 2 of the worst teams in the NFL.  Good for them but their next 6 games are against teams that are all 2-2 or better so far.  If they can win 4 of those games that puts them at 6-4 going into the stretch run.   Andrew Luck is amazing, but I'm not convinced this team is as good as everyone is saying.
12.  2-2 KC Chiefs  -- Whipping up on the Pats on MNF convinced a lot of people that their week 1 rout was a fluke.  They have played great since even with all their injuries.  They not only whipped up on the Pats but they shut them out in the 1st half, and they gave them their biggest beatdown in years and forced them to bench Brady.
13.  2-2 GB Packers  -- They jumped 9 spots in our rankings because of that thumping they gave the Bears.  Two things happened in that game.  1. Aaron Rodgers played lights out and 2. Cutler reverted to the Cuter we all know.
14.  2-2 Atlanta Falcons -- They dropped 9 spots this week.  How many times have we seen a team whip up on another team then come back flat the next week?  A lot in this league.  The Falcons are a dome team which doesn't play well on the road outside.  I think that trend will continue all year for them.
15.  2-2 SF 49ers -- They spotted the Eagles points early on a dumb special teams play, when you are pinned back in your end zone you must get the ball out fast even if it means a short punt and not allowing your gunners to get down there.  Their defense was stout and they made a huge stop late in the game to preserve the win.  This team has hope but there are grumblings that the 49ers players have had it with Harbaugh which could derail their year. Winning fixes everything though.
16. 2-2 Buffalo Bills --  EJ Manuel has played poorly all year and they've been able to disguise it with their running game and their short passing game.  It finally cost them against the Texans as he may have single handidly lost them that game with boneheaded plays.  Orton who they invested big money on will take over, problem is he isn't that good of a QB.   But he doesn't have to be good, he just has to let their D and running game win the games without mistakes.
17.  2-2 Chicago Bears -- They don't know how to beat Green Bay for some reason.  Cutler wasn't in sync with his WR's, and their defense was leaving open WR's all over the place.  This is truly an up and down team and gives their fans heartburn.
18.  2-2 Miami Dolphins -- Tannehill should get called out every week because he responded.  This team had 20 players on their injury report + 2 players suspended, they now go on a much needed bye week where they can rest everyone.  They will return atleast 5 starters after the bye and Dion Jordan returns 2 weeks later.  Getting healthy will boost their team.  Perfect timing for their bye and they are tied for the division lead.
19.    1-2 Cleveland Browns -- Coming off a bye week.   If you are a Browns fan then you might be close to have a heart attack.  All their games so far have been decided by 3 or less points.  This is a gritty team that can score points with Hoyer as QB.  When Gordon returns their offense will be even better.
20.  2-2 Pittsburgh Steelers -- Last week I said watch out for this team because their schedule was weak.  And what do they do?  They lose at home to a team that just lost 56-14 the week before.  Doh!  Unfortunately in this league there are no easy games.   Their great running game wasn't good enough to run out the clock late, all they needed was 1 first down and the Bucs stopped them, and even more scary is their defense let the Bucs go 45 yards in under a minute with no timeouts and failed to double the obvious target in the endzone.  Everyone knew the Bucs would throw to Jackson and they couldn't stop it anyway.
21.  2-2 NY Giants -- Remember how Eli Manning wasn't comfortable?  Well now he is.   They might be ranked too low right now.  Their defense dominated the Skins last week and they did whatever they wanted on offense.
22.  2-2 Carolina Panthers -- Remind me again why they let Steve Smith go?   They have no offensive weapons and didn't bother to go out and get more.   You need personalities and veteran leadership on your team and the Panthers have neither.
23.  2-2 New England Patriots --  As I have been saying Revis and Brady look old, and after that game against the Chiefs they look lost.  Does anyone on the Pats offense scare you?  Gronk looks hobbled, their Oline is awful.  They benched their LT.  Brady looks bored and frustrated.  They can't stop the run and they can't rush the passer.
24.  2-2 Minnesota Vikings -- Terry Bridgewater era has begun and he can play however I expect a lot of ups and downs here.  That was a great win against the Falcons but now they have to play DET and GB which will be a challenge.  Bridgewater was held out of practice on Monday, he sprained his ankle Sunday... that may limit him.
25.  1-3 New Orleans Saints -- As I said last week, they stink on the road.  They were down 31-3 at Dallas then made it look closer towards the end.   The main issue with the Saints is that they really don't have much talent as people think, why did they let Sproles leave?  He was their spark.  Their defense is bad, although they were hyped going into the season.  Jarius Byrd has been a bust.
26.  1-3 NY Jets -- As I said last week.  Geno Smith stinks and so does their secondary, how they left those 2 positions exposed going into this year I have no idea.  Once again they lose a game because of that.  I love the Jets zone blitzing defense but you need to players to execute it.
27.  1-2 St. Louis Rams -- The Rams had a much needed bye week as they have been getting crushed by injuries.  Their next 8 games are at PHI, SF, SEA, at KC, at SF, at ARI, DEN, at SD.  They could easily be 1-10 after that, but I have a feeling they will be playing spoiler in a couple of those games.
28.  1-3 Tampa Bay Bucs -- After getting routed the Bucs went out and shocked the Steelers in Pittsburgh.  Mike Glennon is a much better QB than McCown and needs to start the rest of the way.  They are only 1 game back in a very weak division.
29.  1-3 Tennessee Titans -- Who do the Titans have that scares you?   They have no talent, I have no clue if Ken Whisenhut is a moron or not, but you can't make chicken salad out of chicken sh%*.
30.  1-3 Washington Skins -- Getting routed at home on a short week, against a division rival who themselves isn't very good, is embarassing.  Okay so Kirk Cousins threw 4 INT's, that probably won't happen often, but their defense also was pathetic.  Its suspicious when you hire head coach Jay Gruden, whose former team the Bengals offense he ran, and actually is playing better without him.
31.  0-4 Oakland Raiders -- Okay there were atleast two instances where they played zone coverage and didn't even have anyone covering the Dolphins WR's.  Here is a thought, if you play a zone vs. 4 WR's and blitz you may want to change up your defense before the snap if there are only 1 or 2 guys in the secondary. It was 3 on 1 or 3 on 2 on bunch formations.  This boils down to coaching and lack of leadership.   To make matters worse Carr looks like he hurt himself enough to miss some games, which will put them further behind.  This team is bad.   Dennis Allen was fired.  If I'm a Raiders fan I find something else to do on Sunday's.
32.  0-4 Jacksonville Jaguars -- They are fighting the Raiders for the right to pick first in next years draft.  The good news for the Jags is Bortles has flashed something the past game and a half, the problem is that they have zero talent around him.   Until they fix that they will not win very much.

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