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Post Week 5


Several things we learned from Week 5: home field advantage is huge, upsets were close to happening across the board but in the end the better team pulls through, and you better invest in a good FG kicker or you won't win games you should win. The 72 Dolphins get to celebrate early this year, no more undefeated teams! That shows how much parity is in the NFL and its a wonderful thing. There are only 3 or 4 teams that are awful, everyone else can beat everyone else any given Sunday.

1. 4-1 San Diego Chargers They are the best team in the NFL, chalk up another blowout win for them. Rivers continue to amaze, their only weakness is they don't run the ball. This will be an issue as they play stiffer competition as the season goes on but for now whatever they are doing is working.

2. 3-1 Denver Broncos I was very impressed at the way the ageless Manning played, the Cards have a very stout defense and he found their weaknesses. On the other side the Broncos defense and crowd shut Arizona down flat.

3. 3-1 Cincinnati Bengals They never show up for prime time games and this time they ran into a very mad Patriots team which spelled disaster. They turned it over too much and their defense played poorly, there were gaping holes everywhere. They will be a tough team to beat at home but are beatable on the road for sure, the crowd noise really hurt them bigtime as they always seemed to be snapping it with 1 second on the play clock. The bye week cooled them off

4. 4-1 Philadelphia Eagles Nice way to get back on the winning track vs. the pathetic Rams. This game was pretty much over before it began. Now they have a huge game coming up on national tv. The Rams did score 2 late TD's to make it close so they need to be careful not to make that a habit.

5. 3-1 Seattle Seahawks They made a lot of mistakes and had touchdowns wiped off the board but still made short work of the Skins on the road, that in itself was impressive. Being able to let Wilson do the read option is scary for defenses, Lynch is a beast. I wanted to see an impressive road win before I moved the Hawks up, this one was good but their competition wasn't enough to move them up to the top; and their mistakes won't work against most other teams.

6. 3-1 Arizona Cardinals They had a tough time dealing with the crowd noise and burned away all their timeouts early in the first half. Peyton Manning doesn't lose coming off of a bye week for a reason, he was able to find the weakness and expose the Cards. I love the Cards defense a lot, they have swagger, but this wasn't their day.

7. 4-1 Dallas Cowboys Blowing a lead to the Texans was bad but they were able to overcome it with an overtime win. Their next game is vs. the super bowl champs and will be a great one. Four straight wins now for the cowboys after every anaylst said they were finished after the first game. The reason is they aren't making Romo shoulder the load. Murray has to stop fumbling so much if he wants to be an elite RB.

8. 3-2 Indy Colts Now they can get some respect because they beat a decent team. The Colts are a very strong home team and they climbed out of 0-2 and now are starting to roll.

9. 3-2 GB Packers Easy game vs. the punchless Vikings. Aaron Rodgers has played lights out so far this year, if they can get the running game going they will be a strong offense. They play a tough game in hot and sticky Miami early in the day.

10. 3-2 Baltimore Ravens They couldn't get anything going on the road vs. the Colts. This is a team which plays much better at home.

11. 3-2 Detroit Lions I have 2 words for the Lions front office. John Potter. He is a free agent kicker. Their kicker who will be waived before this article is published I'm sure, had 3 misses in the game, including 2 shanks; one of which would have won the game. If not for horrible kicking the Lions might be 5-0 right now.

12. 3-2 SF 49ers Winning cures everything. They managed to eek out a win against a hot team and the Harbaugh rumors can be silented for a while. Now they have to play 4 of 5 on the road, the good news is the Cards lost.

13. 3-2 Carolina Panthers Winning cures everything once again. A week ago this team was finished, now suddenly they are 1st in their division. They dominated the 2nd half outscoring the Bears 17-3. Thats coaching and adjustments.

14. 3-2 New England Patriots They sent a message to the NFL that they aren't going to go quietly. There are now sources saying that Brady is unhappy with the personnel decisions, likely stemming from a lack of WR talent and trading away Mankins. However winning cures everything. The red flag from this game though is that there were only 2 catches by wideouts in this game, everything else was by slot WR's, RB's or TE's. Either Brady just doesn't have the arm to throw outside or deep anymore, or their WR's are beyond dreadful. I think its a bit of both. Why the Bengals didn't know this coming into the game I have no explanation for.

15. 3-2 Houston Texans They made a nice comeback on the road but fell a bit short. They host Indy in a huge NFC south game.. JJ Watt is a beast and as long as he is there expect a big play or two every game.

16. 2-3 KC Chiefs Tough game having to go to SF to play a desperate team and now they have to play another tough road game at SD. Andy Reid apologized again this time for not giving Charles enough touches.

17. 3-2 NY Giants It didn't look good when they were down by 10 vs. the Falcons but Eli showed why he is so dangerous and he is starting to click in this offense. It wasn't anything flashy, and the Giants didn't do anything spectacular but they still managed 30 points.

18. 3-2 Buffalo Bills The Bills might be destined this year. It took an opponents kicker missing 3 FG's and their own kicker Carpenter nailing a 50+ FG with room to spare to win this game after being down 14-0. When you win games fluky, its a trend. Orton didn't do anything particularly special, he did throw a pick 6.. but he managed to make some key throws when they needed them including getting them in FG position and a deep pass to set up a TD. Another thing to mention is this defense is very difficult to play against because they can send 4 guys and drop 7 and still pressure the QB, they only allowed 1 TD.

19. 3-2 Pittsburgh Steelers Red flags are going off bigtime in Pittsburgh after they squeaked by the Jags. They only led by 1 late in this game and almost blew it. Good thing the Jags have no weapons on offense or the steelers would have lost this game.

20. 2-2 Miami Dolphins They have atleast 5 starters returning from suspension or injuries coming off the bye. A great game vs. the Packers at home coming up. Knowshon Moreno practiced on Monday with a brace, if they get him back their already potent running game will be impossible to stop.

21. 2-2 Cleveland Browns Again all their games have been decided by 3 points of less.. This one by 1 point. The biggest comeback on the road in nfl history but most everyone missed it because it was the Titans/Browns. Ben Tate has a career game rushing for 123 yards and Hoyer had some big time throws.

22. 2-3 Chicago Bears Bears fans have to be banging their heads against the wall.. Things looked good until they got shut down in the 2nd half only scoring a FG. With all that talent on offense and the way the Panthers are playing on defense the past 2 games how do you not score more than that?

23. 2-3 Atlanta Falcons After a blowout win vs. the Bucs they dropped 2 straight and are coming back down to earth. They now will host the Bears in a must win for both teams. I had them at 5 two weeks ago and people said that was too high and now they are at 23 which the same people will say is too low.. Thats the NFL for you!

24. 2-3 New Orleans Saints Red flags have to go off considering they were down 11 in the 4th quarter at home vs. a 1-4 team. They aren't as dominant at home this year and aren't good on the road. The good news is they are only a game back in the division but its obvious they aren't as good as last year, and the crowd was booing multiple times.

25. 2-3 Minnesota Vikings Yet another blowout for this team. Third string QB and missing your MVP running back will make it hard to win games. Bridgewater has an ankle sprain so even if he returns he will have to deal with that for many weeks nagging him.

26. 1-4 Tampa Bay Bucs They had the game won up 11 in the 4th quarter but the crowd noise forced a safety and the Saints got back in the game. This is a crushing loss.

27. 1-4 NY Jets Okay we know Geno Smith stinks, but we found out so does Mike Vick, so hopefully the fans will shut up about wanting Vick to play as if that will change a team with no talent. Now Rex Ryan says Smith will start again next game so the entire ship is going to get sunk it appears. Rex Ryan's hot seat is turning white hot.

28. 1-3 St. Louis Rams Austin Davis threw for a lot of yards but it was when the game was out of hand, but that is a good sign. Is he the long term answer at QB? That is a tough question but I think they should let him play the rest of the year to find out. They have a lot of problems all around and Fisher has some answering to do. Can't blame it all on injuries

29. 1-4 Washington Skins Their only win came vs. the Jags so we know they are above the Jags but below pretty much everyone else. They won't be competitive in games unless their defense plays better. They avoided another home rout thanks to the Hawks shooting themselves in the foot.

30. 1-4 Tennessee Titans They managed to put themselves in the record books for blowing the biggest lead at home in NFL history. And they did it vs. the Browns offense of all things.

31. 0-5 Jacksonville Jaguars If not for a late pick-6 by Bortles the Jags might have got the upset win. Their offense just doesn't have any firepower which is going to make it hard to put together game winning drives.

32. 0-4 Oakland Raiders Tony Sparano takes over and the team will play hard for him. They will win a couple games this year and play spoiler for someone. They need the #1 pick to parlay into more picks, they have too many holes. Just lose baby!

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