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2014: Post Week 12


The AFC North is almost a 4 way tie with everyone within a ½ game of each other while the NFC South everyone keeps losing and its possible a 5 or 6 win team will be in the playoffs.

1. 9-2 New England Patriots Anyone who started Jonas Gray has got to be upset, he was late to a meeting so Bellichek decided to bench him for Blount who had fresh legs and ran all over the Lions. They are red hot right now and it looks like the AFC has to go through Gillette if they want to make the super bowl.

2. 9-2 Arizona Cardinals Hard to feel bad losing to Seattle on the road. Their 2 losses this year were at DEN and at SEA who were super bowl teams last year and are almost impossible to beat in their home stadiums.

3. 8-3 GB Packers The Packers are not as good on the road and the Vikings played them very tough. With the Lions loss they now move into sole possession of 1st place.

4. 8-3 Denver Broncos Peyton Manning is unbeatable at home, when the Dolphins defense started losing guys to injury he was able to take advantage and score 3 TD's in the 4th quarter to come from behind and win.

5. 8-3 Philadelphia Eagles Nice cure after a blowout to get the Titans at home. They keep their lead in the NFC East with the Cowboys hot on their tail.

6. 8-3 Dallas Cowboys They survived a scare vs. the pesky Giants using their big 3 on offense to move the ball, its going to be a back and forth fight to win the division.

7. 7-3-1 Cincinnati Bengals The Bengals are playing much better again and have a half game lead in the crazy AFC North which everyone hot on their tails.

8. 7-4 KC Chiefs The loss to the Raiders will come back to haunt the Chiefs especially if they do not make the playoffs. Up next is a huge game vs. the Broncos.

9. 7-4 Indy Colts How nice to play the Jags twice a year and get 2 easy wins, plus the rest of their division is poor. With the Mallet injury they will cruise to a division title.

10. 7-4 Seattle Seahawks Their defense totally shut down the Cardinals offense at home. It wasn't even competitive. They are now a wild card team.

11. 7-4 Detroit Lions They were totally overmatched against the red hot Patriots. They had chances on offense but recievers dropped too many balls. The vaulted Lions defense was dominated. They also now are outside the playoffs. From 3rd seed to 7th seed in 1 week.

12. 7-4 Pittsburgh Steelers bye week.

13. 6-5 Miami Dolphins They led the Broncos the whole game until the 4th quarter where their defense could not stop Manning and allowed 22 points. The Dolphins keep losing close games they should win. Their schedule is VERY favorable the rest of the way and they should be in the playoffs with 10 wins. They play the Jets twice, Vikings and Ravens at home, and the Pats on the road. They should be favored in all those games except the Pats game.

14. 7-4 Baltimore Ravens Their running game pounded the Saints defense which is crucial on the road. They are now in a mish mash in the AFC North separated by 1/2 game.

15. 7-4 SF 49ers Three straight wins but they still find themselves in 8th in the NFC, a big problem is someone in the NFC South is going to go to the playoffs leaving 1 good team out.

16. 7-4 San Diego Chargers Another game I was not impressed with, at home vs. the Rams you should dominate. Their schedule is very difficult rest of the way and they will need to win 10 games most likely to get in.

17. 7-4 Cleveland Browns They won a huge game vs. the Falcons and now are in the hunt in the AFC.

18. 6-5 Buffalo Bills Maybe it was a blessing having the snow storm move their game to Detroit on MNF because they dominated the lowly Jets in a sack fest. Their conference record is poor so they may have to win out to make the playoffs.

19. 5-6 Houston Texans Worse than the loss was losing Mallet who was playing great for the season. That will set his growth back. Its back to Fitzpatrick and they must likely win out to make the playoffs.

20. 4-7 St. Louis Rams Tough game flying west to face the Chargers and they were up in the 1st half but couldn't keep the lead.

21. 5-6 Chicago Bears They got shut out at home vs. the lowly Bucs in the 1st half and the offense could not do anything, very ugly win.

22. 4-7 Atlanta Falcons Heartbreaking loss similar to the one in London. The Saints lost as well so they stay tied in their division for the lead.

23. 4-7 New Orleans Saints Three straight home losses, all they had to do was win 1 and they would be division leaders. Lucky for them the Falcons lost too.

24. 4-7 Minnesota Vikings They played the Packers tough at home and held Rodgers to only 200 yards passing, but even with a late TD they fell a FG short.

25. 3-7-1 Carolina Panthers With everyone else losing in the NFC South they are just a half game out of 1st place.

26. 3-8 NY Giants Heartbreaking loss after being up 21-10 at halftime.. Beckham looks like he is going to be an all pro WR very soon which gives their offense hope.

27. 3-8 Washington Skins Griffin looked dreadful again in a game they kept close.

28. 2-9 Tennessee Titans They were overmatched from the start against the Eagles but atleast Mettenberger is getting a lot of reps and looks like he has potential.

29. 2-9 Tampa Bay Bucs Nobody wants it in the NFC South, the Bucs dominated the Bears statistically and held Cutler to season low yards but blew it in the 2nd half.

30. 2-9 NY Jets They have been dreadful this year on the road, Vick is back on the bench, but with the Dolphins defense coming to town next game it won't get any easier.

31. 1-10 Oakland Raiders A big win for their home fans vs. the Chiefs but they might have played their way out of the 1st pick with the win.

32. 1-10 Jacksonville Jaguars Its going to be a lot of growing pains for Bortles and its likely he will have a new coaching staff next year to start over again with.

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