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Lou Ferrigno Steroid cycle

Lou Ferrigno is the monster we know that competed against Arnold Schwarzenegger and was a big star in Pumping Iron. Lou is Italian, his family was from Italy, but he was born in New York. His father was in the police force and Lou always admired him for being strong. Unfortunately, after he was born Mr. Ferrigno suffered serious ear problems, including some infections, which caused him to lose over 70-80% of his hearing. He was essentially deaf but no one knew about it. Later in his life, he would call his hearing problems something that he learned to live with, and that he never considered himself disabled. It was his hearing problem that built his character.

Lou Ferrigno steroids

Lou Ferrigno Posing

It's obvious to all of us why Lou Ferrigno didn't consider himself at any disadvantage (see picture above), even though he was almost deaf. The man was a monster, he walked around 6 foot 5 inches, roughly 285-290lbs. If you think he was big at 290lbs, think again. In 1992, when he briefly returned to bodybuilding, he stepped on stage at 315-320lbs. He looked great in the 70s and he looked great in the 90s, the man was a legend in his time.

There is one thing to note, during Lou's time, there were a lot of great bodybuilders, so his career highlights mainly include his Mr. Universe wins in 1973 and 1974. In fact, his battle with Arnold Schwarzenegger during the 1974 Mr. Olympia (he took 2nd place) lead to the 1975 Mr. Olympia show down between Ferrigno and Arnold. It was this battle of giants in the sport that lead to the creation of Pumping Iron, the most iconic bodybuilding movie ever made. Unfortunately, he ended up placing 3rd in the 1975 Olympia, far lower than he had hoped.

lou ferrigno vs arnold schwarzenegger

Lou Ferrigno vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger @ 1975 Mr. Olympia

As with all legends, we always wonder what kind of steroids they used. Lou Ferrigno had such big size, everyone always wondered if he added HGH to his steroid cycle. Well, guys during the 70s HGH wasn't as big of an issue as it is today. While it's likely he used different kinds of anabolic steroids, it's unlikely he had any realistic quantity of HGH to use. Therefore, we'll do up the Lou Ferrigno steroid cycle and add a modern twist to it. After all, if you want to be like Mr. Ferrigno in the 21st Century, it takes some modern compounds that he had no access to 40 years ago.

Lou Ferrigno Steroid Cycle *






Why were these particular drugs used for the bodybuilding cycle?

  • Dbol – in the 70s this was a staple oral steroid used with Nandrolone to help increase muscle bulk while keeping strength.
  • Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) – this steroid is usually taken with dianabol to help with bulking cycles. It's effective at giving fast and steady mass, along with incredible size gains.
  • Cardarine (GW-501516) – if the cycle was today, cardarine (GW) would be a must on any bulking cycle. It keeps cardio, stamina levels up and keeps you lean while you bulk. It's a perfect cycle aid.
  • Primobolan – used in the 70s as a cutting base, it was also incorporated into bulking cycles as a mild anti-estrogen. Primo is much better for cutting cycles of course, but that's lost in time to oldschool bodybuilders.
  • Aromasin – if the cycle was today, a powerful aromatase inhibitor like aromasin would be used to help combat estrogenic side effects.
  • N2Guard – in today's world, you have to protect your liver and kidneys. In the old days, guys abused steroids and didn't take cycle aids. However, this has changed. These days using a liver, kidney and organ guard matrix like N2Guard is a must on any steroid cycle.
lou ferrigno training

Lou Ferrigno Training

*Disclaimer: The cycle above is our opinion on what Lou Ferrigno could have used during a cycle, there is no proof Lou Ferrigno used steroids or any other illegal drugs. This article is for information and entertainment purposes only.

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