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Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids (AAS) have many negative side-effects on the human body. Only some of the negative effects from steroid use are noticeable, most are silent and go undetected like a slow killer building up over time. N2Guard is the all-in-one steroid cycle support product specifically designed to block these silent killers and keep you healthy from within, no matter how heavy your steroid cycle might be.

N2Guard is loaded with over 40 different compounds, minerals, nutrients, vitamins and plant extracts. Every ingredient in the N2Guard formula is there in just the right amounts, so you are getting the effective dose you need. In fact, each of its ingredients is specifically aimed at blocking the negative effects steroids have on your bodies’ chemistry.

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What Steroid Side Effects does N2Guard prevent?

Most oral steroids like dianabol will damage your liver with every dose, and some injectables can become a heavy burden on your kidneys the way trenbolone does. Other anabolic steroids that seem more benign like anavar will wreak havoc on your cholesterol levels. The truth is that there aren’t any safe steroids and they all have some damaging impact on your body. Unless you take N2Guard during cycle to naturally block these side-effects, you may encounter immediate, as well as residual, health problems from your steroid use.

Here is a comprehensive list of the benefits of using N2Guard during your steroid cycle:

  • Protects liver from damage due to use of oral steroids.
  • Keeps water retention to a minimum.
  • Regulates blood pressure.
  • Balances cholesterol levels.
  • Cleanses the kidneys from toxins like steroid metabolites and high protein diet.
  • Clears out androgen receptors making your next cycle more effective.
  • Cleanses the blood from toxins and harmful metabolites.

Who uses N2Guard?

N2Guard was designed for the steroid user who really wants to live this lifestyle safely and responsibly into old age, for the guys whom are dedicated to their body. Whether you are building your body as the perfect work of art or a machine primed for competition, you need N2Guard to protect you against short and long term damage from being chemically enhanced.

Below is a list of the typical N2Guard users:

  • Steroid users who want to keep side-effects away during cycle
  • Steroid users who want to clean their body during Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)
  • Prohormone users that want to keep their liver safe from damage.
  • Steroid users who want to clean androgen receptors for upcoming cycles
  • Steroid users who want to reverse damage from a previous steroid cycle.
  • Any person who wants a products to support overall health and healthy organ functions.

Since it contains such a broad range of vitamins, minerals, phyto-extracts and other key compounds , some people take N2Guard with each meal for overall health and as a replacement to their multi-vitamin. N2Guards works so well for steroid users that you can just imagine how well it works on people that are natural and just want to take a product for health support. This includes women and older folks who take this product as support for overall health.

How should you use N2Guard?

Each bottle of N2Guard contains 210 capsules packed with over 40 very potent ingredients. The bottle says to take 7 capsules per day, and this is the proper dose to get everything you need out of the product. If you are taking oral steroids, then you want to take N2Guard with your meals and take the oral steroids or prohormones on their own in between meals on an empty a stomach. N2Guard is so powerful that if taken at the same time as your steroids, some of its ingredients can make the liver too efficient at destroying your oral steroids during first pass. It is recommended that the user allows for some time (about 1 hour) between taking N2Guard and steroids, so the orals won’t be destroyed too quickly and your cycle will yield much better results. Injectable steroids are not affected by N2Guard use, so nothing to worry about there.

For overall health and to regulate organ functions, most women and the elderly just take 1 to 2 capsules with each meal.

What are the ingredients in N2Guard?

N2Guard comes packed with over 40 different ingredients and each was specially selected for the amount of solid research proving their effectiveness. The list is very extensive and the dosage range of each compound in N2Guard is the right amount to deal with problems from your steroid use.

Below is a list of the ingredients that make up N2Guard.

Note: Not all are listed below, N2Guard contains a full complex of vitamins and minerals, so it can even take the place of your multi-vitamin. However, we only listed the really interesting ingredients that you want to read about in order to make this article shorter.



This ingredient in the N2Guard formula has the important function of keeping cholesterol in check, which is especially important to prevent long-term damage to the arteries when using higher doses of steroids. The effects of high cholesterol can go unnoticed while slowly shaving years off your lifespan, bad lipid profiles are the steroid user’s worse enemy.

Evening Primrose Oil:

This is another ingredient with tons of research backing its ability to improve cholesterol profiles. This powerful ingredient is mainly used for the reduction of LDL, the “bad” cholesterol in your blood system. Managing cholesterol during the steroid cycle is one of the most important ways of keeping the body healthy for years to come.

Hawthorn Extract:

Research shows this ingredient to be very beneficial to your heart tissue, which is under additional strain during intense training sessions and massive blood flow from steroid use. Hawthorne also protects against high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a prevalent problem when using steroids that cause water retention (example: dbol). This ingredient is important for keeping your circulatory system and heart safe from steroid use, so you can enjoy your physique into old age.


This is a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. Oxidation can slow down progress and inflammation increases catabolism, both problems will hurt your gains and keep you from getting the most out of your steroid cycle (huge waste of time and money). Turmeric can help stop both oxidation and catabolic inflammation. This ingredient is especially beneficial during the post-cycle therapy stage, when you are trying to solidify your muscle gains.


There is convincing research showing this compound helps regulate heart rhythm, a benefit for heart health. It also helps to reduce fat and by improving the process our organism uses to metabolize fat; in fact, taurine has been seen in many fat-burning supplements. In addition, Taurine can accelerate recovery after training, which is another reason why it is in the N2Guard formula which is meant for athletes.

Apple Pectin:

As we’ve said earlier, the mayor silent killer of steroid use is cardiovascular and heart damage. Apple Pectin has been shown in research to greatly improve elasticity of veins and arteries. It is also known to clear away the plaque that inhibits blood flow and can cause heart problems in later years. N2Guard’s other ingredients already take care of bad cholesterol and helps keep your heart healthy. Apple Pectin was added to the formula to improve elasticity of the arteries and really make for a complete circulatory health solution.


This is the active ingredient found in the almighty Garlic. N2Guard uses allicin in its formula since it helps maintains a healthy lipid count. Lipid values can take a real beating when a steroid user is taking anti-estrogen drugs to keep gynecomastia away. Allicin helps keep blood lipid counts at optimal levels, thus further contributing to a healthy circulatory system. N2Guard covers all of the bases of circulatory health since this is the worst long-term side effect from steroid use. Although you will not read about proper care for circulatory health on the online forums, the experts that designed N2Guard know all too well this is the most dangerous side-effect of all.

Red Yeast Rice:

This ingredient helps keep LDL and HDL cholesterol in the best possible ratio. It completes a very comprehensive approach to circulatory health in the N2Guard formula. This extract is very beneficial to bodybuilders taking high amounts of protein because it aids digestion, as a result, more nutrients are extracted from each meal. There is also convincing research that it can purify the blood from many undesirable toxins. All of these preventive effects built into N2Guard are of great benefit to the steroid user who wants to avoid long-term health problems from their use.


Water retention from steroid use causes high blood pressure, a real problem during a cycle. Bloating is a side-effect of most steroids which causes high blood pressure. N2Guard uses high quality Dandelion extract as a natural diuretic to help eliminate water retention. The dandelion extract in N2Guard keeps blood pressure under control. In addition, it helps flush the kidneys and liver free of toxins.

Uva Ursi:

Another great ingredient to help maintain healthy blood pressure through the prevention of water retention. Uva Ursi has a gentle diuretic action that stimulates release of excess water. Excess water (bloating) blurs muscle definition and causes blood pressure problems. This ingredient helps you on the inside (organ health), and it will improve the definition of your physique from the outside.


One problem many users report is flu-like symptoms during the steroid cycle, and many end up dropping their cycle because they get really sick from some bug. Astragalus is in N2Guard to help keep your immune system in top shape, this ingredient is so incredibly potent that it is actually prescribed to patients with HIV. In fact, it's been used for years in Chinese medicine to improve immunity against disease. This is a must-have for anybody who wants to avoid getting sick during their cycle.


Much of the research shows this ingredient helps prevent colds before they start and to lessen the severity of many illnesses if you happen to get one. Rhodiola also strengthens the nervous system and prevents fatigue, while increasing endurance for hard workouts. Disease prevention and improved muscle endurance are the main reason why this ingredient found its way into the N2Guard formula.


This product acts as an anti-catabolic preventing muscle breakdown, while at the same time improving how steroids stimulate your muscle cells. In addition, it is incredibly efficient at making your body metabolize fat and use it for fuel. This ingredient is in the N2Guard formula to help provide overall support by making your steroids more efficient at building mass, while at the same time burning fat. Phosphatidylcholine is extremely important during post-cycle therapy.

Parsley Leaf:

This ingredient is in N2Guard because it helps cleans the kidneys out from steroid toxins and metabolites. Parsley Leaf also works to protect you internal organs against oxidation, which is one of the main causes of long-term organ damage.

Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA):

Found in fish oil and in mother’s milk, this concentrated fatty acid is the foundation of all living cells. Its been shown to prevent muscle wasting, heal kidney damage, arthritis symptoms, and arterial sclerosis. In lab tests, DHA has even been shown to increase the lifespan of test animals. This compound plays an important part in the N2Guard formula to help you maintain overall health under heavy steroid use.

Yerba Mate:

This is a natural herb that has been used for decades for its ability to increase focus and mental alertness. In the N2Guard formula, this ingredient will help prevent the feeling of lethargy that many users experience while on heavy androgen cycles.


Extensive and conclusive research has crowned this ingredient as the king of all anti-oxidants. It protects cells from toxin damage and helps in their repair. Also, Glutathione helps in the formation of collagen, which is going to have a remarkable effect on the appearance of your skin.

Milk Thistle:

A proven liver protectant used for decades to help improve liver health and functions. The use of Milk Thistle has become a standard practice for all bodybuilders during oral cycles. This ingredient is packed into N2Guard at such a powerful dose that special care should be taken to not take N2Guard at the same time as your oral steroids or your liver may become too efficient at getting rid of the oral steroids. N2Guard should be taken with food at least 1hr before or after having taken the orals, so that first pass is not impeded.

Indole 3 Carbinol:

Naturally occurring in cruciferous vegetables I3C helps to block estrogen from the aromatization of steroids, this ingredient will basically serve as a mild anti-estrogen during the steroid cycle. Controlling estrogen is important to help minimize risk of gynecomastia and other undesirable side-effects.

Calcium D-Glucarate:

This compound help to remove from your body the “bad” estrogen that tends to build up from the use of steroids. Estrogen build up causes some of the most unsightly side-effects like Gynecomastia (bitch-tits), red face and overall puffiness.

MACA (Lepidium meyenii):

This Peruvian plant extract is used across the world for its many benefits. It has been known to help with skin issues like acne, it also has a profound effect in improving mood and increasing energy. In addition, MACA has been used as an aid in digestion. This is one of the many ingredients in N2Guard that help digestion, and this is why so many users take their capsules of N2Guard with food. For the purposes of performance enhancement, Maca helps maintain a healthy hormonal output and many men also report a libido enhancing effect.

Acetyl L-Carnitine L Tartrate:

Acetyl L-Carnitine is a potent fat burner that does not cause any stimulating effect. In testing, it has shown to repair muscle receptor sites. Furthermore, it slows down suppression and allows fresh receptors to replicate. Since it makes your body more responsive to androgens, this ingredient is particularly important for those looking to make the most out of lower dosages of steroids.


This ingredient has shown to help repair receptor site shut down and works as an all-around internal cleanser. As a nice side effect, this compound prevents against bad body odor and bad breath. Bodily smell can become a problem when on a high protein diet and Chlorophyll helps to minimize body odors significantly.

Beta Glucan:

This is a very effective immune system booster, as it helps the body fight against disease, viruses and bacterial infection. Its been proven to cure many respiratory illnesses that can affect us during cold weather. There is also evidence that it can prevent cancer and other cellular diseases. This ingredient completes the immune system support matrix in N2Guard, so you can stay healthy during your cycle and you never have to miss a day in the gym.


A concentrated extract of black pepper that has the awesome effect of increasing the benefits of many medications, so all of the ingredients in N2Guard will work just that much better. Piperine makes many nutrients more absorbable, so you get a double benefit of increased effectiveness from the cycle and increased protection from the supplementation. This ingredient helps round out the formula by helping you absorb and use all of the other ingredients in N2Guard, thus making their dosage just that much more powerful.

Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Complex:

N2Guard contains a complete High-Potency multivitamin and mineral complex in every bottle! Everything you need is there. N2Guard comes packed with every nutrient essential to athletes who want to insure maximum nutritional support for health, strength and recovery.


Many steroid users tend to only worry about the way they look on the outside; as a result, they neglect their internal health, which is why many get sick and just stop training all together. Taking precautionary measures with N2Guard ensures that your cycle only provides benefits without any long-term side effects. Any serious performance enhanced athlete that is shopping on a budget would be wise to maybe take less steroids and add N2Guard instead of more juice. Adding N2Guard will make the steroids being taken a lot more effective, while guarding the body against side-effects. It is the smartest choice for anybody looking to live this lifestyle long-term and not just looking for a quick physique change that doesn’t last.

Taking N2Guard with every single cycle is the insurance policy your body needs to make sure you can make great gains today and keep growing healthy and strong as the years go by. For those that have already done damage from years of steroid use without proper support, N2Guard can provide a therapeutic treatment to reverse some of the worse side effects from previous steroid abuse. N2Guard is being used by hundreds of thousands of chemically enhanced athletes across the world and its popularity just keeps growing as more and more anecdotal evidence and word of mouth spreads about this products incredible effects.



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