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Berd Pharmaceutical Deca Durabolin


I would like to tell everyone here about my cycles of Deca Durabolin from Berd Pharmaceuticals and why I like so much this particular company. Before anything, I want to let you know that I am a pretty experienced steroid users, and I consider myself to be quite a knowledgeable guy in these matters.

Before going over to Berd Pharmaceutical I have tried a lot of brands, and even liked some of them. However, no company out there is as reliable and has such high quality products as Berd, which is why I have already stopped even considering other suppliers. Over the years I have tried many stacks, and the one that seems to work the best for me, is Testosterone Enanthate – Deca Durabolin – Tbol. And luckily, I can get all of these AAS from Berd Pharmaceutical, because I always run my stacks with gear from the same supplier, so I can be sure about the quality of the products and avoid the headache of wondering, which AAS was the bad one in the stack, and which was the bad one.

Deca durabolin berd pharmaceutical

Berd Pharmaceutical is the third producer whose products I am using for my favorite stack, which I mentioned above. For disclosure reasons I will not name the brands I used before, because I don't want to get into any trouble with anybody out there. All in all, I have used the first brand for two cycles. I did not like it all that much, and after trying the second brand and Berd Pharmaceutical, I realised that I hated the first brand. In spite of following all of the prescriptions and precautions (proper ancillaries and PCT), I got a lot of secondary effects, and the dreaded deca-dick. It took me quite a while to recover, and the second cycle proved to me that this brand was not worth it, which got me a step closer to Berd. I did get decent results though, and it kept me motivated to try this stack once again, but this time with the gear from a different brand.

This is how I started using the second brand. It was much, much better than the first one, but not even close to Berd. This time around I did not experience the deca-dick, even though I was using the same ancillaries (it is pretty hard to get these where I live, so I did not really have a choice of ancillaries and Ais). This made me think that the deca dick was due to the quality of the previous product. Overall, I almost had no side effects, which made me very happy, and I was able to use deca without worrying too much. Unfortunately, this company was pretty expensive (at least more expensive than the first brand and Berd Pharmaceutical), which pushed me to search for an alternative supplier. This is when some friends of mine in the gym have recommended me to try out the gear from Berd Pharmaceutical, and I started the search. In the beginning it seemed to me a bit more expensive than my second brand, and I told my friends about this. However, they explained to me that he quality of Berd's AAS is much higher, and I can be well off with lower dosages, and this is how I could save a good buck.

I doubted a little bit about it, but said to myself – no pain, no game! If previously I planned my cycles at 750 mgs test e / 600 mgs deca / 60 mgs tbol, with Berd Pharmaceutical my friends told me to go with 500 mgs test e / 400 mgs deca / 60 mgs tbol. Also, I have decreased the dosage of aromasin, so that instead of 12.5 mgs every day, I planned to take it every other day.

I can hardly explain with plain words just how surprised I was when I experienced the real quality delivered by Berd! On none of my previous cycles did I feel such an incredible increase in strength, and the quality of the musculature was amazing, with no signs of bloating whatsoever. What's more, I did not have any side effects at all, and that considering the decreased dosage of AI. I just could not believe that changing the supplier could make such a huge difference, and at a certain point of time, I even started thinking that these were different products. But my friends told me, that it is just the fact that Berd Pharmaceutical delivers real products, which are the closest thing you can get to pharma grade, or even better. All in all, I got better results with lower dosages, and have had considerably less side effects with less ancillaries – this blew my mind, and while I was bridging with my SARMs triple stack, I ordered another batch from Berd Pharmaceutical.

Since then, I came to the conclusion that choosing the right producer is very important, because it can not only improve your performance, but it can also avoid you many problems with the health. Therefore, now I only buy my gear from Berd Pharmaceutical, because in the many years I have been using juice, I have never come across such quality.

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