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Chapter 2



Table of Contents

Steroids Timeline

As mentioned in chapter 1, performance-enhancing substances (concoctions may be a better term) have been in use since antiquity. Early individuals with predilection towards scientific endeavors have recognized the biological effects of steroids, particularly testosterone, even before the invention of tools that could precisely identify these hormones. Since antiquity primitive peoples have consumed the testes of their hunt, as a symbolic and possibly biologic way of absorbing the animal's strength, prowess and libido.

No single individual could claim that he is the first one to discover testosterone or the concept of steroids and sex hormones. The developments in this science have come through the disjointed efforts of many enterprising (and curious) individuals or groups and, as with many other scientific discoveries, you could not exactly tell who first shouted “Eureka!”. The following paragraphs show how time ticked for (and how people's imagination got tickled by) testosterone and synthetic steroids.

For the purpose of this book, we start with the first significant breakthrough of modern science and stop just short of Arnold and pop culture...