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How to get Big Shoulders and Chest with Euro Pharmacies?

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In this episode Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0 #14 - How to get Big Shoulders and Chest with Euro Pharmacies. Your podcast hosts Steve and Mobster go over some strategies you can use to grow the biggest arms of your life.


Why do they like Euro Pharmacies?

Euro Pharmacies is one of the most well-known brands in the world for anabolic steroids. They also have other types of things including ancillaries, post-cycle products, fat-loss products, and much more.   Their high-end injectable and oral anabolic steroids are where they are top-notch.

Ask anyone about their history with anabolic steroids and they will tell you that they have had a lot of problems over the years buying fake or underdosed products. When you use Euro Pharmacies, you can rest assured that you are buying what you think you are buying.  Wasting money on products that are not what they claim to be is unacceptable these days with all our options available to use.

Mobster chimes in and says right now on his desk, as he does the podcast, he has several of their products including EP Dianabol, EP Cialis, and Ep Adex.  Why does he trust EP? Because he knows what to expect from these anabolic steroids and he knows the difference between properly dosed gear vs. crappy gear.

the EP Euro Pharmacies brand is made by actual scientists and chemists who know what they are doing.

Why do people want big shoulders and chests?

Steve tells a quick story about how when he was an early teenager he would be made fun of by relatives for having a bird chest.  What he did to change that is he started weight training and using that for motivation. So he needs to keep a wide chest and bulging shoulders to boost his self-esteem and confidence.

Mobster says that if you go get a suit made 9 times out of 10 they will add padding to the shoulder. Why do they do this? Because they want to make your shoulders look broad and your chest appear bigger.  That is how you are expected to look to show off that male figure to give the person more respect.

Finally, Steve makes the point that it doesn't matter how poor your genetics are, the nice thing about training your shoulders and chest is you will still improve and get bigger, if you put in the time and run the right steroids.

Steroid options

Many great steroids are sold at Euro Pharmacies, but the guys focus on their favorites for this segment. Steve starts with Trenbolone which he calls "the nectar of the Gods" because it is capable of transforming anyone's physique no matter where they are in their fitness journey.  EP has several good Tren options, the 2 most popular being EP Tren Ace and EP Tren Enanthate. The difference between the two of those is the steroid esters attached, so Steve recommends if you are new to Tren use the shorter ester option. If you have more experience and want to inject less often then go with the longer E ester.  Tren can be used from 150/200mgs per week up to 400mgs a week or more.  The average dose though is around 250-300mgs per week. Of course tren is a steroid for sale in many places but best is EP.

Mobster talks about Winstrol and says he likes to run it at 50mgs a day. EP has some great Winstrol and he likes to run it up to 5-6 weeks or stack it with other steroids. He says it is underrated when it comes to strength benefits, but he also cautions that if you over-train on it then it can cause joint problems.

Steve then talks about Deca Durabolin, which is a long ester Nandrolone option.  EP not only has a great EP Deca but also has the shorter ester option GP NPP which has the phenylpropionate ester attached. Whichever one you choose this is a great steroid option for those who want to bulk up their shoulders and chest, to help build quality and keepable gains. He likes a dose of 300-500mgs a week stacked with EP Proviron at 25mgs a day.

The next one is Testosterone which EP has a lot of good ones.  EP Test Prop, EP Test Cyp, EP Test E and EP Sustanon are all great test options no matter what you are looking for. Testosterone ran at moderate dosage is great for strength and mass to help build up your upper body.  Most people will run around 500mgs per week with great results.

Another steroid that Mobster loves is Anavar. Although a lot of people think that Anavar is just for females or smaller guys, he disagrees and says that even a guy at his size can benefit from this steroid.  He runs it 50-60mgs per day for 8 weeks and he can grow big shoulders and chest on it.

Training tips

Mobster starts with tips for the shoulders. He starts by talking about lateral movements and says to keep those light, even 10-30 pounds is plenty, and don't go super high above the head, while also not letting it stop at the bottom (keep the tension).

Overhead presses are also excellent because they give the muscle an incredible workout, but keep a decent weight at an 8-12 rep range, and there is nothing wrong with 100-120 pounds to work your way up.

When it comes to chest routine, Steve says he started out doing simple hammer strength presses along with dumbbell and fly presses because he didn't have access to a flat bench press.  This helped him because a year later when he started lifting at a decent gym, he was already strong for his age, so this allowed him to quickly improve his bench press strength.

His strategy has not changed from there. He likes to warm up at a low weight on the flat bench press, then pyramid up, while building consistency at a lower weight.

When it comes to shoulders, he says to be careful with overtraining and take care of your spine health.  You don't have to pound your shoulders into the dirt to get them bigger.

Diet tips

Steve says his #1 diet tip is to stay out of your body's way by consuming a natural single ingredient whole food diet. Stay away from processed crap and fast food.  If you feed your body nutritious food then it will reward you by growing much more muscle.


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