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  • it is in capsule form. the minimum was reduced so i am not sure why that is showing up like that.. maybe try clearing cookies?

    anyway if you want just 1 packet i can grab you a packet on my next order, i make a large bulk order once every couple months. it would be like 6-7 weeks if you can wait that long
    Hi there,
    This is Jasen from LMC. Do you need any of the following products for personal use or resell?
    1. AAS raws( test, deca, tren, dbol...)
    2. HGH ( blue tops, black tops, hygetropin, jintropin, kig...)
    3. semi-finished oils, cutting blend
    4. Peptides(Melanotan 2, EPO, cyc1295, IGF LR3-1...)
    5. Sarms raws (GW501516, MK-677, SR9009....)
    International and US/EU local shipping available. Please feel free to reply and get more details now

    Email: [email protected]
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