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anavar (oxandrolone)

  1. M

    Best practices for a cycle ( newbie )

    Hey guys, I’m planning to dip my toes into the world of steroids. I’m choosing to try Anavar only first, just to see how I react to the compound. I have lurked on this forum and others and seen where this is has been recommend against and I understand why. However, this go round I’m not trying...
  2. T-bird

    Approved Log New Anavar Only Cycle Log

    7 week Anavar Only Cycle About Me: Age: 30 Height: 6'1 Weight: 182 lbs Build: Skinny/Ectomorph Picture Attached Goals: Alright, Here we go! The whole point of this cycle is to burn body fat and produce some lean body mass. (Im not expecting huge gains) I am extremely Estrogen prone therefore...
  3. Stone22356

    Domestic Supply Touch Down

    First time customer, easy payment process, great communication, and fast shipping from domestic supply.
  4. Stone22356

    Approved Log Domestic-Supply Testosterone Cypionate 200mgs Oxandrolone 50mgs cycle Log

    First cycle 6’3” 228lbs 27years old Test Cyp 100mg 2x week/ Oxandrolone 25mg per day 6week cycle My diet will be as clean as possible, lack of work right now. Will be going to the gym 4 to 5hrs a week. Interested to see how it goes, please bare with me I am new to all of this.
  5. B

    Anavar female first ever cycle - looking for female advice

    Well let me start by saying i am a out to hit the big 40! Wow ...always been a gym goer but never to pack on serious muscle of any kind. I now want to pack on some muscle like a fitness model not like a body builder. I am waiting on my Anavar from balkan! I will post all the details here. I am...
  6. C

    Anavar/High Blood Pressure

    Hey guys...... I'm running an anavar only cycle....... been taking 30mgs a day... everyday around 2-3pm i experience a crash...a slight headache and foggy vision plus i get a hard time concentrating with a little dizziness... I'm sure its high blood pressure...... is this norm or could it be...
  7. squeaky

    Into the tech world

    I'm female getting back into weight training. Been out of the game for 2 decades due to health issues. Took 8 doctors 10 years to diagnose me and two surgeries later (still need 1-2 more in the future) I am finally healthy enough to get back into shape. Great thing is my doctor suggested I get...
  8. Lman

    Cycle advice with 8 week Test/anavar/tbol

    Hey yall, I am a bit new to this site, but so far loving the info you can get here. I know there has already been numerous threads on var/test ,tbol/test cycles, or all three. However, some personal advice is always nice. Anways I have not dabbled with Test yet, but I plan on running test...
  9. A

    First cycle - Advice Needed

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to start my first cycle in the next 2 weeks. Heres what I had in mind (Please let me know what you think) 40mgs Anavar everyday While using N2 GUARD to protect my organs Then as a PCT Nolva & Clomid I'm around 15% body fat & I train 7 days a week. I'm really...
  10. A

    Is ************ legit to buy Anavar?

    Hi guys I want to buy 250 tabs of oxandrolone 10 (anavar), I did some search and found this website It seems quilt legit. Is any body bought some thing from them? I think is theirs too, cuz they have the same products and price and if you could tell me what brands of anavar...
  11. G

    34 y.o. Female looking for guidance with first time var use.

    Hi everyone. I am new to this forum. I've been reading and digging through lots of threads over the past week and I am impressed and somewhat intimidated by all the expert knowledge in this forum. I thought I had a little bit of an understanding on AAS but now I feel like I don't know shit. The...
  12. N

    48 years of life....Female wants to try Anavar among others

    Greetings pls help I need some real advice about the use of Anavar, Clem, Primbolan, & HGH. All have been recommended . I knew nothing of doseage or post cycles! I have only read of cycling off on this site! How much money am I looking at investing ... Where can I get the great stuff?? ( please...
  13. SimplyScarlet

    New Here - Introduction & Looking for Advice

    Hello All, Obviously, I'm new here and I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I have to say that I am more than a little intimidated to be on here with all of you. You have all taken things to the next level and I'm jello use. A little bit about me... I'm a 34 mother. I love my family...
  14. wolfpackalpha

    Anavar (Oxandrolone) - A Medical Review

    Anavar (Oxandrolone) – A Medical Review by Nelson Montana
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