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    Aromasin Supplier?

    Hey All, Looking for a good quality supplier for Aromasin. Can anyone recommend an approved supplier in Australia, thank you.
  2. J

    trusting geneza pharma

    geneza pharma is a very trustworthy source. I was able to grab some nice items from them First off I got testosterone and a nice thing about it is I don’t have to worry about it being underdosed, I can dose it 500 mg a week and I know my numbers will be in the 3000-4000’s 2nd and most important...
  3. T

    Normal to bloat up on trt?

    I had a question about getting bloated while on testosterone replacement therapy only on 120mgs a week which is less than 1/2CC and I’m pinning it all every sunday after football is over. My diet has been medium to low carbs and medium to high protein and I’m not eating that much maybe close to...
  4. C

    Gyno worries

    Morning team. Look I’ve fucked up I trained chest had a great work out then noticed the doms were hanging around longer than usual so started playing with my right nipple and a tiny amount of milk came out. And I found a pea sized lump behind my nipple. I’ve got Aromasin but I’ve forgotten to...
  5. H

    Best supplement for erection help

    I'm looking for the best supplement that is out there to help with my erections because I don't have very good sex drive anymore the problem started when I did a cycle and I used hcg, clomid and aromasin for pct It was around this time my issues started to happen it's been 2 months since and I...
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    How to add proviron to deca stack

    I was wondering how you recommended I stack in proviron with deca on my current steroid run? 35 years old 3rd cycle 5’9’’ 180 pounds I’m currently on 400mgs deca durabolin 500mgs sustanon 10mgs aromasin 3x per week How do i add proviron to this without getting issues? And would i be...
  7. T

    Excited on this cycle and a question

    I'm excited to try my next cycle I'm 40 years old 78 kg and 170 cm and 13% body fat goal is to increase strength and also bulk up a bit My cycle i put together is: 30mgs dbol 500mgs test 2x per week Deca 250mgs 2x per week And aromasin as my AI What would you recommend i run post...
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    First Cycle, First Post!

    First time posting, but I have been reading and learning so much on this forum! So many great guys, giving good advice. Going to run my first ever cycle sometime in the next couple months and want to make sure I am on the right path. Main goals are to lower bodyfat % and gain strength in...
  9. X

    Bloodwork on my currently cycle question

    Wanted to check in what you thought about my current bloods while on cycle I'm 28 years old 175 lb and 5'6 with 14% body fat I'm on this cycle and I'm getting decent results I'm averaging around 1 to 2 lb a week of growth the cycle is 250 mg a week of testosterone twice a week so 500 mg...
  10. I

    Short ester bulker i read

    I’m interested in running a short estered bulker i read online. Someone else got really good results on it I would like to go from 200 pounds to 225. I’m 28 years old and training 8 years This will be my 2nd cycle Its test prop 125mgs EOD and NPP 150mgs EOD 10 weeks Anadrol 5 weeks only...
  11. T

    Undersized but motivated

    I’m only 155 pounds and 5’9’’, 25 years old I know most of you will say stay away from steroids but my physique is better then my stats show. I've got a tight bone structure and I'm extremely lean probably less than six or seven percent body fat I've been training natural for the past 9 or 10...
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    600mgs test first cycle checklist

    I just want to make sure everything is on point for my first ever cycle I'm 29 years old I've been training for the past 12 years off and on currently in the gym and doing a 3 to 4 day split Diet is solid 5’8’’ 175 pounds Gonna do 600mgs of testosterone cypionate, keeping it simple How much AI...
  13. A

    Doing 1000mgs a week of straight testosterone

    I’m 24 years old 6’1’’ 210 pounds This is going to be my second cycle. my first cycle I did 500 mg of testosterone by itself Got pretty decent results but nothing too crazy this time I want to raise it up to 1000 mg a week. the first cycle I did run 10mgs of aromasin 3x per week My question is...
  14. J

    I think i screwed myself up with steroids

    So originally I was doing around 800 mg a week of testosterone enanthate and i was adding in dbol 20-45mgs a day 3x per week before my workouts as a pre workout I developed oily skin which I kind of liked and I had some minor acne which was okay I can manage. I also was running Aromasin during...
  15. Z

    First cycle plan

    If i do 500 mg a week testosterone cypionate and around 6mgs of aromasin 2x a week do you think I need something else with it? I'm looking for something that is a safer cycle. I'm 25 years old and I'm 6 ft 1 in and 172 lb. my goal is to put on size and look good even in a shirt so that...
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    Stopping cycle early okay?

    28 years old 5’10’’ 188 pounds 1st cycle So something came up in my life and i have to stop my cycle early after just 3 weeks I was taking testosterone only 1000mgs per week and aromasin. I have some questions for you 1. Do i still need pct? 2. Will i be okay? 3. Will i lose gains? 4. When...
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    Losing energy as cycle goes on

    I'm currently doing testosterone only at 800 mg a week Using a light AI, doing aromasin 10mgs EOD I've noticed that my energy levels have gotten worse as a cycle have gone on. I feel very lethargic My stats are 43 years old, 5’8’’ 203 and 15% body fat is there a way to get my energy higher?
  18. J

    12 week napsgear cycle

    I am doing napsgear testosterone Napsgear anavar And some aromasin too I am on 500mgs a week of the test and 40mgs a day of the var 5 weeks into cycle and results are excellent. When should i stop the var?
  19. L

    Primobolan sale got some

    I took advantage of the sponsor primo sale and got a bunch of it. I spent about 1K on it Enough for 2 solid cycles I wanted to see if i planned it right 500mgs a week primobolan 250mgs a week testosterone enanthate Aromasin 2x per week 5’10’’ 215 pounds and 16% body fat .. goal is to drop body fat.
  20. M

    Finishing out summer with a bang

    Check out my layout and see if you agree or not 8 week cycle: Trenbolone acetate 50mgs a day Testosterone propionate 50mgs a day Masteron propionate 100mgs a day PCT: Nolva, clomid, aromasin 6’ 88kg 14% body fat. 45 yrs
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