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  1. J

    Do you add scoops of supps to your tea/coffee?

    I was thinking about ways of increasing the amount of supplements I'm getting and putting in my tea and coffee different scoops of supplements would there be any harm and just adding it to my drink in the morning. keep in mind I like to have a hot drink to start off my day so I'm not sure if it...
  2. W

    Creatine with added things?

    I see a lot of supplement companies coming up with creatine products that contain other things as well my question is is it really what you want to get or do you just want something that has pure creatine and nothing else? I'm looking to do some dry bulking
  3. breeziey

    Cycle log-breezy-bulking 2023

    Quick intro about me 24, currently 100kg 6’0 tall, training 5 years, working with a iffb pro as my coach with the goal of becoming a pro. Isn’t my first cycle, goal is to smack on some size and compete early next year. Cycle 400 test/wk 300 npp/wk 25 anadrol before workout and 25 post...
  4. L

    Mixing creatine with coffee or water?

    I would like to make my creatine dosage the most effective possible if you have to choose between mixing it with coffee or mixing it with water which one would you pick and why? I'm currently mixing it with water and it doesn't really taste that good to me. I know if I get flavored creatine...
  5. D

    Creatine with coffee

    I wanted to mix in my creatine with my morning coffee what do you think about trying this strategy out vs. mixing it with water the reason is the creatine is a very Bland taste and I am the type of person who gets bored really easy so I'm worried that I'll use it for a couple weeks then just...
  6. T

    Coffee bean extract?

    what are going to be the benefits of supplementing with coffee bean extract I already drink coffee so if I was to supplement with it would there be any additional benefits or is it something that's overhyped for weight loss
  7. F

    Sleepy time tea?

    What do you think about this sleep time tea that I see being advertised everywhere? Does this stuff actually work or is it a gimmick? I always thought that tea and coffee would keep people awake. If not what other supplements can I try to fall asleep
  8. M

    N2guard + stims?

    would it be okay to take 7 caps of n2guard all in 1 sitting every morning with my morning coffee or should i take it on an empty stomach? I see conflicting stuff online as to the best way to take it where it will absorb.
  9. A

    Using pre workouts with coffee?

    I wanted to get a good idea of what kind of supplements you guys take in the mornings before you go to the gym. right now my schedule is like this. I have to be back home and take a quick shower and then go to work at 8:30 in the morning. and I like to work out for about an hour which...
  10. B

    Coffee alternative

    What are some coffee Alternatives that I can take that will still give me the buzz but not the brown teeth and the other problems that I'm getting with coffee in terms of not being able to sleep at night. I guess I'm looking for something that's not a stimulant but will give me energy
  11. Q

    supplements for sleep

    what kinds of supplements do you guy take for sleep better? I sleep OKAY right now. I probably go to to sleep around 11 and wake up at 6. alarm wakes me up but I need my coffee to get me going. I’m sure there are some supps out there that can help you sleep harder and better
  12. M

    Safest pre-workout

    Hello I started training fasted in the morning before I eat breakfast, all I'm taking is some coffee and some creatine with me to the gym and consuming it on the way. My workouts are early in the morning around 5:30. Would it make my workouts better if I added a pre-workout, which ones do you...
  13. beastmode707

    Morning energy -- coffee not helping :(

    To be honest, I didn't have this problem before, but recently I've had problems with getting up in the morning. I drink at least 5 cups of coffee in the morning, but still can't get my head on straight. I feel completely exhausted! Recently, I took some N2Burn (I got on sale lol:p:p) and it...
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