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  1. H

    Puritysourcelabs oral options?

    I'm interested in trying some psl oral options just want to make sure that they are high quality when it comes to their orals. I've already ran their injectables so I know those are good to go and that's not what I'm asking I specifically would like to know about their orals including anavar...
  2. Q

    Best single oral cycle

    I'm 40 years old and I do CrossFit and I do weight training. I also do some yoga as well take some classes here and there would like to get bigger and stronger. I'm 6'1 and I weigh around 193 pounds with some pudge around my waist My friend hooked me up with winny, but not sure that would be...
  3. G

    vitamin B oral or injection

    I wanted to get my vitamins increase in my body and I was wondering what would be better to get vitamin B in oral form or an injectable form and can you recommend a place that I can buy them
  4. D

    Best ways to bulk with test

    What are the best ways to bulk with straight testosterone and nothing else? Please don’t suggest an oral or i will leave and don’t suggest another steroid. I’m looking at the testosterone options right now. My dosage options are 100-1000mgs a week I’m 5’8’’ 160 pounds and 12% body fat. I have...
  5. Z

    AST and ALT strained?

    My numbers for AST and ALT are in the high 80’s I am coming off a long cycle where I did several different oral steroids too I realize my mistake and won't do it again but my question is how do I get this number down with supplementation right now or should I go to the doctor and take some drugs
  6. K

    geneza pharma oral stack

    I’m doing an oral stack from geneza pharma and wanted to chime in on what the results looked like I am doing 20mgs of dianabol and 20mgs anavar together getting nice pumps and hardness on cycle. I love arm day lol
  7. D

    EQ and an oral =success

    Next run equipoise for sure. 800mgs dose Want to run an oral with it. Think i will get some good gainz on it Which oral would you recommend. I want size 165 pounds, 6’1’’ 27 years old
  8. G

    Best thing to use with test Cyp

    I'm using testosterone cypionate and I'm looking for the best thing to stack with it this will be my second cycle ever A friend suggested using an oral I'm 28 years old, 6 ft 4 in in 210 lb. Goal is more mass and strength
  9. T

    Help me pick test

    First cycle 29 years old 5’7’’ 168 pounds Gonna do test only with an AI I might add an oral not sure yet Which testosterone would work best for me? I want the cycle to be 12 weeks, nothing more
  10. E

    Former college wrestler

    I’m 26 years old and I am a former College wrestler currently 185 lb and 12% body fat I was thinking of using primobolan or equipoise. Which one would you guys recommend if my goals are looking good and getting more energy for the gym Someone also suggested I should add in an oral to this...
  11. JimAbs43 Underground episode 3 - Oral steroids from Geneza Pharma Dragon Phar Underground episode 3 - Oral steroids from Geneza Pharma Dragon Pharma Alpha Pharma
  12. Revenge

    oral steroid homebrew

    Hello to everyone. Can I prepare products like anadrol, anavar, aromasin with peg-300?
  13. 8

    Dimension labs

    Hi I have used tbol from dimension labs before with great results. My source can't get any at the moment, I have used a reccomend lab for tbol, a new ugl, but it's weak sauce. So I only trust in dimension labs, where can I source it from? Thanks
  14. M

    Oral Only Cycle

    8 Week Oral Only Cycle. Weeks 1-8: 300mg Testosterone Undecanoate E/D 500mcg Methyltrienolone E/D 20mg Fluoxymesterone ( Halotestin ) E/D 1mg Cabergoline E/W 25mg exemestane ( Aromasin ) E/W 300mg UDCA E/D PCT: Week 8: 100mg Clomid / 20mg Nolva ED Week 9: 50mg Clomid / 20mg Nolva ED Week...
  15. K

    4 weeks anavar/clen cycle

    I am 19 yr old guy ps( i know i am too young , i know test should be the base of any cycle but i want to go really mild) ,i am low on self esteem , depressed but still lifting everyday , i was 105kgs (230lbs) at one point of time , i am 78 kg rn (172lbs), i want to cut down a bit and get a bit...
  16. D

    Critique my cycle before I start - Epistane/PCT

    Hello, Recently new member, found a few decent sources through here, just want to check the outline of my cycle before going ahead with you experienced users. 5ft 8" 150lbs Training for approx 2 years 26 years old Ok so now those brief stats are out of the way, lets get straight into it.. Ill...
  17. aggirl

    Next cycle- female

    Hi guys...I wanted to post up my next cycle. SOME of these compounds are new to me. My goal with this cycle is to increase mass. Oral Primobolan @ 25mgs ed LGD @ 10mgs ed MK-677 @ 12.5mgs ed GW-501516 @20mgs ed N2slin Mini PCT HcGenerate ES MK-677 will continue thru PCT I follow a strict...
  18. F

    need PCT DOSES

    hi anyone can help me to do a correct pct with doses and how many weeks.. for 6 weeks or primo oral thanks.. 23 years, 1.81cm, 185-87 pounds, 12-15 bff
  19. F

    Primobolan / Proviron ORAL cycle experience?

    hii everyone.. can anybody have try primobolan and proviron only cycle? as they work? and what pct used? thanks wait yours answer!!
  20. Z

    New to Gear (help! and suggestions)

    Hey everyone! As a potential first time user, I stumbled upon this forum and would greatly appreciate your help and insight. To be honest I am completely lost when it comes to steroids and the many various forms they can come in. Wanting to start with gear, I currently struggle with finding a...
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