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  1. Z

    New to Gear (help! and suggestions)

    Hey everyone! As a potential first time user, I stumbled upon this forum and would greatly appreciate your help and insight. To be honest I am completely lost when it comes to steroids and the many various forms they can come in. Wanting to start with gear, I currently struggle with finding a...
  2. aggirl

    So ready....his first cycle!

    Hello everybody, My husband is ready to take the plunge into his first aas cycle. He's ready... Real quick some stats 34yo 187lbs (probably 185 by the start of the cycle) 5'8 Cycle will be as follows: Week 1-6 anavar @ 50mgs ed (possibly 60mgs ed???) Week 1-12 test cyponate @ 500 mgs...
  3. C

    Beginner Short Cycle

    Hey everyone, Wanting to start my first cycle. Trying to bulk up for hockey season coming up in September. Wanting to start my cycle somewhere in late June early July and end mid august so get about 1.5 months in on the cycle. As a beginner i wanted to do the test E cycle. However I don't see...
  4. E


    hi I was looking around and I found D-Drol (Dimethandrostenol) as anyone knows this one? what kind of results will I have? side effects? ...
  5. J

    First Winstrol cycle advice needed for a steroid newbie

    Hey guys, I'm new to steroids so I appreciate any advice you can offer. Basically, I'm working in China as a model (work is bad here because the market atm seems to be the skinny, drugged-up look but that's another story) and I recently brought some Black Dragon Pharma winstrol pills from a...
  6. aggirl

    First cycle ever!

    Hey guys, my husband is interested in jumping into the anabolic world. Let me give a brief background. He's 34, 5'8 200 about 20 percent body fat. He has been training for most of his life. Took some growth hormone years ago before we met ....he liked it but was going thru some personal...
  7. undergroundPUMP

    topical vs. oral?

    heyyyyy, what do you say is better topical fat burners or oral fat burners? Im at 250lbs 24% bodyfat, already have my diet down.
  8. A

    Need yor help on oral dinabol cycle?

    I am from india steroid freely available here :cool: But i want a safe cycle of dianabol (of course i afraid of needles), with is all details and including pct (and also i wanna know if i have to use anti-estrogen for this cycle if yes then ..whilw running the cycle or after finishing cycle?) i...
  9. PUDS

    Winstrol: injectable sources

    I'm considering adding more winstrol but guys been telling me to inject it, as it's good for site growth. What brand would you guys recommend for injectable winstrol?
  10. darkfall669

    looking for good oral for strength

    I am doing a dbol oral only cycle but need a lil help with strength. Any ideas on anything to help. I want it to be an oral also. Thank you.
  11. darkfall669

    dbol cycle with epo strong?

    Hello i am doing a dbol only cycle. But i was wondering of i could throw in a bottle of epi strong i have? Just wondering if it could help any? Thank u very much.
  12. T

    Small orders on roidsource?

    Hey everyone, So stoked to have found a forum like this. Excited to learn from all of you guys. I'm going to be a first time user. I already used the search but I couldn't find what I was looking for. My question is about small orders on roidsource (or any reputable website). I'm planning on...
  13. naderdabit

    Help with winstrol oral

    Hey mates, I purchased liquid winstrol a few days back and was asked to take 1ml every day...have anyone of you used this kind of winstrol before. if so, please share usage directions, tips, and precautions with me. also, what is the best times to take it. this thing smells like alcohol to me ;)...
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