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    Appetite up and down

    I am doing a current steroid cycle in which my appetite has been going up and down? is this going to be something that's normal or should I be concerned? One week its good and one week bad. I’m trying to bulk up then cut later in the cycle I am doing trenbolone 250mgs a week with testosterone...
  2. N

    Using deca with testosterone

    what is the ideal way to use Deca durabolin with testosterone? also which testosterone do you recommend I use with it and for how long? I’m trying to get stronger and bulk up a bit I’m 180 pounds and 6’2’’ and 32 years old
  3. L

    Syn Pharma very pleased

    I'm very pleased with my order i did with syn pharma First time dealing with them Got 5 vials in the mail of testosterone enanthate I'm using about 400 mg a week a my goal is to drop some fat and gain muscle in the process. So far I'm down 12 lb and total and I look like more muscular in the...
  4. R

    my true review

    2nd time using ironborn Last time used their testosterone cypionate This time i’m using their test E and deca with it Doing 400mgs of each Injections are smooth as butter they also are very quick to respond and have excellent customer service. Check these guys out and you won't be disappointed
  5. D

    Zinc and iron

    I was wondering what you thought about supplementing zinc and iron in my diet I heard that these minerals are good for testosterone levels but I wasn't sure if using them on their own was a good idea or if you should just focus on getting them from food
  6. F

    Steroids for harder workouts

    my main goal is to use steroids to get harder workouts I’m 57 years old. 5’5’’ 170 pounds and 12% body fat I train 6x per week and haven’t missed a workout in months I’m looking to use equipoise 500mgs a week Primobolan 500mgs a week And testosterone 1000mgs a week My question is what...
  7. S

    domestic supply testosterone dosed

    I’ve had bad luck with sources I am doing self TRT so my testosterone needs to be on point it cannot be over dosed and it obviously cannot be underdosed either how is domestic supply testosterone? Is it dosed correctly? I cannot have problems
  8. D

    What does over 1000mgs of test feel like?

    curious how many of you have ran testosterone over 1,000 mg a week and how did it feel to do that? I'm thinking about doing it and maybe trying to do 1500 or 2,000 mg a week of testosterone enanthate how much of an anti estrogen will I need? I’m 25 year old, 6’1’’ and 155 pounds
  9. O

    First time with eq

    This is my first time with Equipoise and I want to make sure that I do it right I bought four vials all of it. And I have plenty of testosterone. It was left over from previous cycle what would you do for a bulking stack? I’m 5’9’’ and 182 pounds 14% body fat. 33 years old Goal is to gain...
  10. G

    First cycle want it to be good

    I'm twenty-seven years old and this is going to be my first time using anabolic steroids and I'm excited to do them 5’10’’ and 214 pounds, 15% body fat I’m gonna do 500mgs a week testosterone enanthate 100mgs a day anavar/oxandrolone 1mg 2x per week arimidex
  11. J

    Got myself in trouble

    I think I am in trouble with gynecomastia I'm getting a lot of nipple irritation and swelling I'm doing 700 mg a week of testosterone cypionate I'm also running 50 mg a day of anadrol I’m 25 years old and 5’6’’ 143 pounds, body fat is 8% Not using any anti estrogen. What do i do? I’m on week...
  12. B

    want to have fun this cycle

    I’m looking to have some fun on this cycle and test my body out what do you think about trying testosterone at 1500mgs a week then increasing the dosage up to 2500mgs just to see how I feel? I’m 27 years old, 5’10’’ and 180 pounds. My main complaint is low libido for my age
  13. C

    AAS for swimming performance, natty first cycle

    I'm 19, 6'0", 170 completely lean, D2 swimmer, meaning I've done most everything I naturally could to get near elite level in the sport. Need to really drop a lot of progress this season, been natural my whole life, don't have to worry about being tested till 2024. I've been on a relative...
  14. S

    napsgear great sales

    I was able to take advantage of the weekend sales they put up I got 50% off trenbolone then I got 30% off their testosterone. That is all I needed. From there I am up 12 pounds in 5 weeks. I am getting super strong too. And it cost me a fraction of what I would have paid anywhere else.
  15. J

    Geneza is simple and reliable

    Geneza is quick, simple and honest to deal with I can't complain about anything they have been on point from the start to finish I got their masteron propionate and I'm using it with some testosterone. I'm hardening up and my appetite has gone down where it's easy for me to take long breaks...
  16. P

    Strength steroid stack

    Check out my strength steroids back and let me know what you think I'm 44 years old. And my strength stats are as follows: Bench: 220lbs Squats: 240lbs Deadlift; 320lbs I'm looking to increase across the board maybe 20 to 40 lb besides testosterone which steroid would be the best for...
  17. R

    Peptides worth it?

    I'm working with a personal trainer at this time. He was helping me get into shape. he has helped me a lot over the past year He has me on 500 mg of testosterone and wants me to use deca durabolin with it the thing that's weird though is that he wants me using peptides. He wants me to try...
  18. J

    Possible symptom?

    Might be a stupid question im not sure, On my first cycle. Test E 250 about 400-500mg a week. Noticed since i started Test that i get bad Pins and needles at night when i lay down. I may need to just see a chiropratcor. Has anyone else got this on Test ? Or am i trippin.. cheers
  19. E

    This cycle is gonna be sick

    Hello all, i’m 6’ tall and 173 pounds with 12% body fat and 33 years old Check out my cycle and give your thoughts 500mgs a week trenbolone hex 500mgs a week testosterone enanthate 12 weeks 50mgs a day anadrol 10mgs a day halotestin 5 weeks both Blast then cruise on 250mgs a week TRT
  20. P

    Learning about estrogen and steroids

    I've run two different cycles and never needed an anti estrogen My coach doesn't believe in them. Instead he says just to remove your gyno gland if you want to compete I’m 6’1’’ and 210 pounds, body fat is 15%. 26 years old would it be possible to run 1000mgs of testosterone a week and not...
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