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  1. T

    boosting testosterone naturally

    my testosterone levels are in the low 300s and I love to try and take something to boost my testosterone levels naturally. What is your opinion about using different supplements to help with this. Do you think that it’s worth it or do you think I should try something else?
  2. S

    how much masteron to use with test?

    44 years old. 208 pounds and 5 foot 11. I’m looking to balance the testosterone I’m using with some masteron. I’m doing 500mgs a week of masteron currently and it’s not doing enough to counteract the water retention I’m getting from 600mgs a week of test cyp. I’m not looking to compete but I...
  3. LebaneseGymAddict

    Where to get legit Anavar in Mexico (Merida)

    Friends and father figures! After years of shadow scrolling the forum and weeks of researching i decided to make an account and post because i just cant find legit Anavar here in Merida Mexico... im canadian living here for a few months , 24 years old, lifetime natty , 260lbs..., huge big guy...
  4. R

    best DHT to add to cycle?

    I want to use testosterone enanthate this time. I’m gonna go 500 milligrams a week and split the dosage up twice a week. So I’m gonna go 250 milligrams Monday and Thursday most likely. How would you recommend I add in a DHT to give me more vascularity and hardness on the cycle. My current stats...
  5. W

    geneza pharma testosterone is great

    just wanted to let you know that geneza pharma has high quality testosterone I’m doing 150mgs a week as a trt dose and it puts me around 1000ng/dl my doctor checked my bloodwork and said that if that is the numbers I am getting then I should keep using this gear because its as good as the stuff...
  6. E

    Metabolic pharma

    Has anyone tried this lab? Photo attached Primo, mast and primo.
  7. Y

    Masteron and testosterone mix

    looking to do a masteron and testosterone mix on my next cycle goals? To look better naked and in the mirror stats? 5 foot 10 178 pounds and 12% body fat need help with dosing of both these compounds and how long would you run them?
  8. T

    geneza pharma test is spot on!

    I’ve been doing geneza pharma testosterone cypionate for the past 10 weeks doing 200 milligrams a week. Blood work came in and I’m in the 4 figure range. Very solid numbers and proves that it’s good gear also my libido and strength is definitely higher and I’m finding it easier to put on muscle now
  9. H

    3 grams of test E a week for 20 weeks straight

    Hello everybody I’m planning on doing three grams of testosterone for about 20 weeks straight I’m looking to get a high muscle building effect I’m 50 years old and I’ve been weight training for the past 20 years but my gains have really stalled over the past few years definitely need help I’m...
  10. T

    dbol kickstart with masteron and testosterone

    wondering if anyone has tried doing dbol kickstart 25mgs a day for 4 weeks and using about 500mgs of masteron and 250mgs of test per week read this is a similar stack to what guys in the 70’s ran. That is the physique and I’m striving for my stats are similar to what Arnold’s were when he was...
  11. M

    some testosterone for big man?

    How much testosterone should I run if I am a bigger dude? My goal is purely strength I have a 38 inch waist and I am 245 pounds and six foot one currently benching 380 pounds and would like to push over 450 I’m 27 years old and this will be my first cycle a friend of mine is much smaller and he...
  12. B

    getting too excited on test only

    I’ve been getting a little too excited using testosterone doing 500 mg a week and two injections per week so I’m doing 250 milligrams per injection I’m a couple of weeks into it and I’m getting way too anxious and excited about things wouldn’t call it aggression but it’s something similar to...
  13. B

    winstrol and testosterone a waste of a stack?

    Someone told me it was dumb to stack both testosterone and winstrol together they said they were pretty much counterproductive together curious if you agree with that or not I would think they work well together since they’re the Opposites and isn’t that the point of stacking? Give me your opinion
  14. T

    how to use hcg during cycle

    currently on testosterone enanthate. 300Mgs a week gonna raise it up to 500mgs. Don’t want to get shut down too much would like to use hcg to prime my balls what dosage would you use it at and how do I mix it and all that ? I’m 23 years old and don’t want problems down the line
  15. R

    testosterone good and bad experiences

    So I did my first cycle and I followed the 500 mg a week idea that I see recommended by so many people my first few injections I was nervous and I moved the needle a little too much I would get a lot of post injection pain so that would be one of the bad experiences I had roughly a week into...
  16. X

    napsgear hgh and testosterone!

    Napsgear has some great hgh and testosterone! Ordered both and have been using them first off libido is extremely high on this also I’m getting those anti-aging benefits of faster recovery and also improvements to my skin and my mood
  17. Ahuntah

    Approved Log My BULK cycle Log

    Hi guys, I was told to log my testosterone journey. Source: This log will include my 2023/2024 bulk into 2024 competition season. Show will be sometime in a July 2024 Current weight 88.9kg. Trying to touch 100+/-?? Currently on TRT at 250mg/wk Bulk: Values below are...
  18. F

    testosterone and masteron stacked?

    33years old and 5’9’’ So I’m a little bit confused a lot of people seem to like using both masteron and testosterone together but aren’t they the Polar Opposites and wouldn’t they kind of work against each other? One is more of a hardening agent and the other one is more of a size and strength...
  19. G

    dealing with side effects on cycle need help

    so I’m doing testosterone 500mgs a week also stacking dianabol 30mgs a day with it I’m dealing with a lot of side effects and I would like some assistance with this my main complaints are insomnia, lot of bloating especially in my face, and acne is there a way I can cure myself of these...
  20. C

    am I ready for my first cycle?

    So be honest with me I can take it but be prepared to debate me too. Lets have fun in this thread I’m 22 years old 6’1’’ and around 70kg I’ve been training my balls off for the past 3 months. Based on what my friends have said in my progress I think I’m ready for my first cycle I want to just...
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