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  1. R

    testosterone good and bad experiences

    So I did my first cycle and I followed the 500 mg a week idea that I see recommended by so many people my first few injections I was nervous and I moved the needle a little too much I would get a lot of post injection pain so that would be one of the bad experiences I had roughly a week into...
  2. X

    napsgear hgh and testosterone!

    Napsgear has some great hgh and testosterone! Ordered both and have been using them first off libido is extremely high on this also I’m getting those anti-aging benefits of faster recovery and also improvements to my skin and my mood
  3. Ahuntah

    Approved Log My BULK cycle Log

    Hi guys, I was told to log my testosterone journey. Source: This log will include my 2023/2024 bulk into 2024 competition season. Show will be sometime in a July 2024 Current weight 88.9kg. Trying to touch 100+/-?? Currently on TRT at 250mg/wk Bulk: Values below are...
  4. F

    testosterone and masteron stacked?

    33years old and 5’9’’ So I’m a little bit confused a lot of people seem to like using both masteron and testosterone together but aren’t they the Polar Opposites and wouldn’t they kind of work against each other? One is more of a hardening agent and the other one is more of a size and strength...
  5. G

    dealing with side effects on cycle need help

    so I’m doing testosterone 500mgs a week also stacking dianabol 30mgs a day with it I’m dealing with a lot of side effects and I would like some assistance with this my main complaints are insomnia, lot of bloating especially in my face, and acne is there a way I can cure myself of these...
  6. C

    am I ready for my first cycle?

    So be honest with me I can take it but be prepared to debate me too. Lets have fun in this thread I’m 22 years old 6’1’’ and around 70kg I’ve been training my balls off for the past 3 months. Based on what my friends have said in my progress I think I’m ready for my first cycle I want to just...
  7. K

    pros and cons of steroid cycle

    I’ve been using steroids for the past five years. The first time I used them I went with testosterone 500 mg a week pretty I spread the injections out three times during the week. I added in Dianabol at 20 to 30 milligrams a day as a Kickstart some of the negative things that I realized is that...
  8. C

    Best steroid stack For boosting libido.

    I’m looking for a libido increase and also anti-aging I’m 45 years old and I am currently training around three times a week. Looking strongly at using HGH and testosterone. Thinking of doing sports trt and then stacking in around 3IU’s per day of the human growth hormone. My question is, do I...
  9. V

    Best puritysourcelabs cycle ive done yet

    I was able to get some testosterone and some Deca and run them together for a bulker overall my libido was extremely strong and also I was able to put on a lot of muscle mass and strength. in total I would say I put on between 20 and 22 lb in about 16 weeks I did 400 mg of the DECA and I did 500...
  10. Z

    Testosterone + sarms + peptides

    Greetings earthlings, i’m 33 years old. Training for almost 20 years, pounded my body into the dirt. I’m looking for a good healing stack My cycle will consist of these: Tb500 GHRP-6 (or should i do GHRP-2) Ostarine mk2866 Nutrobal mk677 anything else you'd recommend I add to this?
  11. I

    Starting cycle Test/EQ/NPP/Proviron

    Stats: 36yo 5’11” 211 lbs 13% BF This will be my 3rd cycle since getting back on gear, first was really just Test-C around 600mg/wk. Second cycle was Test-C 800mg/wk, Tren-A 300mg/wk, Masteron 500mg/wk. Looking to bulk up this winter and put some more weight on. I have been cruising at 400mg/wk...
  12. C

    wife wants me to come off steroids for good

    my wife and I are both in our late 50’s. We have been married about 15 years. We have 2 kids from our marriage and 2 more from previous marriages. We’ve had a lot of bumps and normal stuff, but overall we have been very happy. 10 years ago I started to use anabolic steroids, I wanted to be young...
  13. L

    How to use Testosterone undecanoate

    I’m looking to use test undecanoate Is this a wise choice if i am doing a 16 week cycle? And can i get away with using it once every week or two or do i need to inject it more frequent? Don’t see anyone else discussing this but seems to be too good to be true. I mean you don’t have to inject it...
  14. L

    Total testosterone levels are low

    My total testosterone levels are low. I would like to get them up higher and I'm looking to use a supplement to see if I can get them to where they need to be that way there are so many different testosterone boosters on the market I'm not quite sure which one to trust and to try out. can you...
  15. H

    Testosterone and deca cycle making me aggressive

    Hello all, i am Definitely getting more aggressive and stronger on this current cycle but I'm having difficulty managing my aggression outside of the gym as well Sex drive is way up. I snapped at one of my girlfriends the other day and she got scared of me. Also was playing a poker game and got...
  16. N

    My testosterone and Tren cycle

    I'm 5 weeks into a 10-week cycle of testosterone and tren cholesterol levels total are at 225 which is okay I suppose I did start off with frontloading 60mgs of tren EOD, before backing off to 40mgs I'm using Omega-3 supplements on a daily basis. and I'm doing 15 minutes of cardio on a...
  17. H

    Athlete cycle and drug testing.

    Hello everybody, I am an athlete who is not going to be tested until at least may/june. I'm going to run a cycle in the meantime to maximize my athletic performance. My plan is test P 100mg up until january then run a short nolva pct for like 4 weeks, ending early feb. I know test p is pretty...
  18. djmac4u

    Approved Log My First Test Cycle Log

    Good day, I would like to keep this as brief as possible. I have collected information from sticky threads and below is my understanding of what I must do for the first time. Please read and let me know what I must change and if I have missed any recent updates/improvements etc. I...
  19. S

    Test prop for first cycle !

    Hello guys im a natty bro planning to hop on my first cycle! I want to start 250mgs and titrate up , in the end I might add primo enanthate or anavar My question is using test prop first cycle a good idea ? The reason why test prop seem more appealing to me compared to test e is because of...
  20. N

    Battling my mind on steroids

    I have been on steroids for the past 6 months I’m using testosterone and trenbolone, it is a cruise where i am doing 300mgs of each So far so good When it comes to my physique. I wake up every morning and look in the mirror and I'm amazed at the progress that I am making. however my mind just...
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