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Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is a tiny pumpkin-shaped fruit from Asia, which is also called Malabar tamarind. Currently, it's very difficult to find in American supermarkets because of its high price and extremely sour flesh. However, due to its weight loss and health benefits, the extract is made into supplement form and is readily available at some vitamin shops.

Garcinia Cambogia

How Garcinia Cambogia Works?

In short, garcinia cambogia takes hunger away and blocks fat accumulation. It has a profound effect on your body because of a very potent chemical contained in its plant rind called HCA (hydroxycitric acid). This chemical is found in small amounts in some tropical fruits and has fat-burning and appetite-suppressing effects. HCA blocks the citrate lyase enzyme, which is utilized by the body to create fat.

Garcinia cambogia suppresses hunger by raising the chemical serotonin in the brain, thus making you feel full faster.

One human study showed that Garcinia cambogia makes users lose an average of 2 pounds more vs. the placebo group.

Research, Health Benefits, and Medical Uses

Both human and rat studies have been performed on the appetite-suppressing potential of garcinia cambogia. These tests repeatedly show that Garcinia cambogia increases serotonin in the brain.

Serotonin is an appetite suppressant, and higher levels will cause a drop in hunger. This allows you to feel full with less food, so you can take in fewer calories.

Additional studies have shown its ability to lower levels of fat in the blood, which helps reduce oxidative stress. A group of obese people were given Garcinia cambogia every day for 2 months. Their results included lower bad cholesterol, higher good cholesterol, lower triglycerides and a 200% jump in fat metabolites urinated out. This is major evidence that garcinia cambogia does, in fact, inhibit citrate lyase, making it harder for your body to store fat.

Additional benefits found with Garcinia cambogia include:

  • Increased insulin sensitivity
  • More balanced blood sugar
  • Less inflammation
  • Lower insulin and leptin levels
  • Improvements to digestive system

Garcinia Cambogia fruit

Those who are athletes or normal joes alike will appreciate all these benefits.

Side Effects

Garcinia cambogia is safe to use in proper amounts, and few people overdose on it. Those who do overdose may experience overly high serotonin levels and have side effects such as rashes and/or headaches.


Garcinia cambogia should be used as part of a supplement stack for best results with fat loss. I highly recommend using N2burn from N2bm.com. It contains 125mg of Garcinia cambogia per serving, as well as 9 additional ingredients, which all work in synergy to give you maximum fat loss benefits.

n2 burn

How to Use It

Here’s the best way to use N2Burn to harness the fat-loss power of the Garcinia cambogia in it.

  • Take 1-2 capsules of N2Burn in the morning with 36oz of water.
  • In the afternoon, take 1-2 capsules of N2Burn with plenty of water and on an empty stomach.

The reason for the 1 or 2 capsule recommendation is because every user is different, and some guys can tolerate 2 capsules of N2Burn at once, while others can only handle 1 capsules per serving. Some guys might start off with only one capsule and graduate up to 2 capsules per serving after a couple of weeks. There are bros who will take 2 capsules in the morning and only 1 capsule in the afternoon.

N2Burn is one of those supplements that you have to experiment with and assess the initial tolerance. You may need to tweak things as your body gets used to the initial dosage.


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