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Ginger Root Extract

Ginger comes from the Zingiber officinale plant and has been used for hundreds of years as a spice, food, and medicine. In the past decade, gym rats and bodybuilders have added Ginger to their smoothies and have taken it in supplement form. Why? Well, it helps tap into fat-burning stores and has weight-loss properties. Bodybuilders and their large doses stand out among the many people who are experiencing the strong effects of adding Ginger to their diets.

The extract version of Ginger root is quite potent compared to just eating the root itself, which is extremely bitter and strong. Due to the taste of the actual root, bodybuilders use the extract, which has become a popular bodybuilding supplement, and its beneficial effects can be felt from the first days of use.

ginger-spice extract

How It Works

Ginger root extract is a natural vasodilator, so it will increase the arteries diameter and improve blood circulation. This will cause a healthy boost in metabolism, which has a thermogenic effect that leads to more calories burned with less effort.


Ginger increases bile production and gastric juices, this means better digestion of your food and supplements. In addition, you will have less inflammation for a slimmer stomach and less bloating.

Metabolism Boost

Animal studies show a boost of up to 20% in metabolism in external tissues. The metabolism-boosting effect is not as pronounced internally, but it has been shown to be around 3-6%, which is as strong as more-powerful stimulants like ephedrine. This means a normal workout while on Ginger Root Extract will burn far more calories, making it easier to be in a caloric deficit at the end of the day. Furthermore, the thermogenic benefit will come without being overstimulated and having your sleep ruined or crashing post workout.

The results, showing enhanced thermogenesis and reduced feelings of hunger with ginger consumption, suggest a potential role of ginger in weight management.....SOURCE

Ginger Suppresses Appetite

Appetite suppression is another effect reported by those supplementing with Ginger. As you begin to eat, you’ll feel satiated quicker (full) and are thus likely to consume less calories. Appetite suppression is the most-important effect a fat burner can have for a dieter because most people don’t have a problem with burning calories – our bodies in motion do this just fine. However, hunger is the worst thing for a dieter.

ginger root

Most people are overweight because they consume too many calories and don’t burn them off. But supplementing with Ginger Root Extract daily can help you shift this balance by making you crave less and feel fuller faster. In turn, you’ll have a much easier time maintaining a caloric deficit.

Other Medical Uses

If you have been seasick on a boat, you may have noticed someone offer you Ginger. This natural remedy is well known by boat captains to help with nausea and upset stomach. As someone who suffers from severe seasickness, I can say Ginger has been my lifesaver when boating.

For those who struggle with regular bowel movements, Ginger also helps with constipation.

Side Effects

You should not have side effects from Ginger root extract unless abused.


Dosage for Burning Fat with Ginger Root Extract...

Ginger root extract should be run at around 50mg a day with additional fat-burning ingredients for maximum synergy. N2Burn by N2BM Nutrition contains ginger root extract and 9 additional ingredients, which work together to help you burn fat.

n2burn bottle

How to Use and Where to Buy

Here is the best way to take full advantage of Ginger root extract. Take 1-2 capsules of N2burn in the morning with water (36oz), then use another capsule in the early afternoon the same way on an empty stomach. Your tolerance will dictate the dosages, so be flexible with dosage. You can purchase N2burn from n2bm.com.


Many guys who visit Evolutionary.org are steroid users and take some pretty extreme cutting drugs in their cycles. N2Burn stacks quite well with most anabolic steroids like Winstrol and Anavar, because N2Burn will not affect your liver it can be taken with oral steroids. If you are taking more than 50mg of oral steroid per day, then you should be using N2Guard as well to help you guard your liver. N2Guard can be used together with N2burn without a problem.


N2Guard Bottle


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