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Monica Brant

Who is Monica Brant?
Monica Brant is considered by many to be the very best of all female fitness models.  For instance, Jim Rosenthal, senior editor for the Weider publications, called her “The most important figure in the history of the female fitness movement.”  She dominated the field with a combination of perfect proportions, overall muscularity and razor shape definition.  What's interesting is that unlike many female athletes she managed to maintain her femininity, and quite a bit of it!

monica brant sexy

Monica Brant

Monica Brant's competitive career
She perfected her presentation with a flawless posing routine, which showcased outstanding athletic ability.  Add to all of that a beautiful face and a sexy persona, and you will understand why Monica managed to place in the top 5 in over two dozen major competitions throughout the 1990’s.  She topped it off with a first place win at the 1998 Fitness Olympia.

Moreover, Monica's appealing look landed her on fitness magazine covers 45 times.  However, the physical demand of gymnastic ability in the fitness competitions became too much to endure after a while, and she retired from competition in 1998.  Nonetheless, in September 2010 Monica returned to compete in Figure once again, getting on stage in the WBFF World Pro Championship in Toronto.  There, at age 44, she took first place and was featured on the cover of Oxygen Magazine in January 2011.

Diet methods used
Monica is a believer of hard training with intense cardio done early in the morning.  She believes in eating throughout the day in tiny portions, along with supplementation.  This way the body is always flooded with nutrients, while avoiding excess calories.

monica brant competition

Monica Brant Steroids

Steroids used
There was speculations that Monica Brant used low doses of steroids.  She likely used low dose anavar with some clenbuterol back in the day.  She added winstrol and light primobolan, but never more than that.  She kept her cycles very conservative, that's why she stayed looking feminine.

What is Monica Brant doing today?
Today, Monica remains active with her private business - FEM Camp.  It is a fitness training facility where she brings together various personalities in the fitness and bodybuilding field to help coach clients.  They participate in a three day program that includes training sessions, nutritional seminars, and personal guidance for its clients.  Furthermore, intensive instruction is given to each participant in an effort to help them improve their strength, stamina and muscularity, while gaining a better understanding of a more rewarding approach to life long conditioning.  She also does phone consultations, but only for women. (Sorry, guys).

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nelson montana
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Nelson Montana is a classical bodybuilder and an industry expert. He was one of the first in the 1990s to write about bodybuilding. He's written for large magazines, like T-Nation and has been on multiple editorial boards. Nelson is a certified personal trainer, he has over 40 years of experience, and he's a senior bodybuilding champion, natural! He's over 60 and he looks amazing.

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