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....the worst side effect of steroid use is Hair Loss!!!....IFBB Pro

Over the years, many bros who use steroids have fallen victim to hair loss, itchy scalp, and generally unhealthy hair. Age is a factor for most when it comes to hair-related problems. But it doesn't help that many of us use anabolic steroids and lead very active, aggressive, and stressful lifestyles. The Bottom line is that we, brothers of the iron, aren't couch potatoes; instead, we work hard and play harder.

At least, this is what statistics show about those of us who are active steroid users. We tend to be the overachievers, the leaders of our group. Heavy and bold is the head that wears the crown.


N2Shampoo bottle

Why do Steroids Cause Hair Loss?

Strong androgens like Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and other steroids attach to receptors on some of the 20 cell types that make up your hair follicle. Once attached to the androgen receptors on these cells, steroids will block the supply of vitamins, proteins, and minerals that are needed for keeping your hair growth cycle going. Taking steroids, even small doses of testosterone, will cause a hormonal blockade of the vital nutrients that would otherwise enter the hair follicle and feed the cells in it. This is how DHT and other steroids knock your hair right out of your head.

Since anabolic steroid use causes hair loss, it can be easily mitigated if you just use the right compounds on your scalp to protect your hair follicles from strong androgens. But as you already know, 100% of shampoos at your drug store or salon were designed by people with zero clue about our lifestyles.

This is a shame, because by adding just a few key ingredients to a shampoo formula, a shampoo can easily protect your scalp from the ravages of strong androgenic steroids, which burn out the hair follicles they come in contact with. But none of the shampoo formulas you find over the counter will ever have these key ingredients, because nobody is really thinking about steroid users and their hairline.

Luckily for us brothers, a bodybuilder who suffered the ravages of Trenbolone on his hairline decided he had enough of wasting his money on the crappy, cookie-cutter shampoos he was using, with no results. He came up with N2shampoo.

This shampoo formula was designed specifically for guys who are taking steroids, to act as daily protection for their hairline, and to keep anabolic steroids from knocking out their hair, by simply blocking the hormones from stimulating androgen receptors in your hair follicles. The ingredients in N2Shampoo will permeate through the skin on the scalp, and reach the sensitive hair follicles, where it will block androgens from activating receptor sites on the cells that make up your hair follicle.

Why N2shampoo Over Others?

Chicks dig hair. We can argue this concept all day and night, but a full head of hair makes us look way younger and more professional, than our bald counterparts. The enemy when it comes to keeping our hair is the fact that our DHT levels (dihydrotestosterone) will build year after year. This is why many guys lose hair as they age.

But this hair loss speeds up drastically when we use anabolic steroids, because some steroids like Trenbolone are even stronger than DHT itself. Even bros taking small amounts of Testosterone will have problems, as the Test will metabolize or turn into DHT in our bodies. DHT is our sex hormone as men, but it also will fry our head of hair.

Many bros looking to keep their hairline from vanishing make the mistake of using DHT inhibitors drugs like Finasteride, thanks to recommendations by some uneducated steroid user at the gym. But these are the same drugs used by transsexuals to give them a more-feminine look! While these drugs work well to lower overall DHT levels and protect your prostate from becoming inflamed, these drugs also can have permanent consequences like noodle dick and a huge drop in libido.

Killing your DHT is NOT the solution to preventing hair loss. You don’t need to lose your manhood by reducing overall DHT levels, you just need to block the DHT from hitting your hair follicles.

N2shampoo does not alter your overall hormone levels, strength, or libido. Instead, it contains ingredients that block DHT and other androgens, which normally attach to the cells that make up the hair follicles and make them go dormant. It doesn’t just block DHT, but also naturally moisturizes and protects your hair, making it look good and shiny, while at the same time protecting you from shedding from your anabolic steroid use.

This Stuff Sounds Badass, What is in it?

N2shampoo has ingredients that you won't find in cookie-cutter shampoos. Here are only a few of them, and note that the list is much, much longer.

  • Caffeine: A team of German scientists found that Caffeine can block DHT at the hair follicle and actually stimulate growth. But you can’t get these effects by drinking coffee. What most people don’t realize is that caffeine is actually much healthier when you take it topically. It will actually help stimulate dead hair follicles and counteract the negative effects of DHT on your hair. N2 Shampoo contains a heavy dosage of caffeine that will permeate through your scalp and reach the hair follicles, where it will protect the cell from exposure to androgens.


  • Emu Oil: This ingredient helps the caffeine make it through the skin on your scalp and into the hair follicle itself, while at the same time nourishing the skin. Emu Oil not only helps the active ingredients permeate the skin on your head, but it helps to nourish the skin here in many ways.

emu oil

  • Vitamin B5: A blood flow increaser to the scalp. Studies show Vitamin B5 blocks your immune system from attacking head hair follicles.


  • Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice: A great moisturizer which gets deep into your scalp and detoxes. It also protects your scalp from sun damage.

organic aloe

  • Emblica Officinalis Fruit extract: This is a common ingredient in conditioners because it is a great antioxidant and really helps the scalp.

embalica officinalis

There are many others…

How often should I Use N2shampoo?

Use N2 Shampoo daily, both times you shower.

Wet the hair, shake the bottle, and then apply about a dime-sized amount to the hair. Make sure you work it into your hair and scalp thoroughly into a lather, then leave it in there for 2 minutes. Keep away from your eyes. Then rinse it out and repeat. Do this every time you shower. Each bottle should last between 30 to 90 days, depending upon how often you shower and how much N2Shampoo you use each time.

n2shampoo ingredients

N2Shampoo ingredients


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Trevor Kouritzin is a Canadian Natural Professional Bodybuilder and International Model. Mr. Kouritzin is also a Chemical Engineer and currently is a Human Nutrition MSc Candidate, he will be working on his PhD this coming year. Currently, he is conducting research on dietary supplements at prestigious universities throughout North America.

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