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Nitratine is a supplement that is derived from nitrate produced in the body. Naturally, it can be obtained from foods such as beetroot and spinach. Nitratine has many benefits to athletes and bodybuilders; in the short term, during their workouts, and, in the long-term, in the bedroom.


Fig 1. Nitratine

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How it works

Nitratine works via its metabolite 'Nitric Oxide', which is a potent regulator of blood flow and vasodilation. It works especially well at balancing areas of the body with poor oxygenation, as the conversion of nitrite to nitric oxide occurs by deoxgyenated blood.

Muscle pumps occur when blood and oxygen go into your muscles and expand them during your workouts. Some may argue 'the pump' is not important, but they are wrong. Anytime you can push more blood and more oxygen into a muscle, it will provide the muscle with more ammunition to grow.

Vasodilators open (dilate) blood vessels. They work on the muscles in the walls of your arteries, preventing the muscle from tightening, but also preventing the walls from narrowing. Hence, blood flows easier through your arteries, so your heart does not work as hard.

Use in bodybuilding

There are several ways you can utilize nitratine to your advantage, both as a bodybuilder and an athlete.

  • Provide more oxygen and blood flow throughout the body.
  • Boost the ability to reduce the oxygen cost of exercise, and prolonging failure during your sets. It is this ability to go 'past the pain' during a set, which will force muscle growth. This is why intensity and output means some athletes who pump iron succeed and others fail.
  • For those looking to get more vascular, nitratine is an excellent choice, since your veins will be popping out of your muscles.
  • Perfect to use before a photo shoot or competition, to really show off those muscles and veins. A great strategy for taking advantage of this vascularity is by taking nitratine beforehand then getting in a short, but intense, workout.

Side effects

Big pharma has put out plenty of bad press about nitratine because they would rather see you buy their harmful and expensive drugs. These drugs will do the same thing unnaturally, and with harmful side effects. The bottom line is nitratine will continue to be popular among the knowledgeable athletes because they know it is safe to use, and works incredibly well. When, used at a correct dosage, there are no side effects to worry about.

Other benefits and studies

Studies have shown that people who suffer from high blood pressure can benefit from nitratine. Also, it is preliminary, but researchers believe it protects the kidney's, and it has anti aging properties, due to its pseudovitamin-like effects.

Since it is such a great vasodilator, it will aid you in the bedroom by increasing blood flow into the penis; giving you better, and longer erections. This can pay off during post cycle therapy (PCT) when your body is trying to recover.


No need to exceed more than 150mg per day, or before a workout; in addition, like all supplements, it's a good idea to cycle on and off 2-3 months at a time.

Where to find it

It is important to buy nitratine as part of a supplemental stack, so you get good synergy, and can take advantage of all it has to offer. One such supplement stack is called Dspark. Dspark contains 130mg per serving of nitratine, which increases N.O.2 retention, muscle stretching pumps, and erections. This will help make your workouts, both in the gym and the bedroom, incredible.


Nitratine gives you the ability to nail that extra rep, increases blood flow to the penis, and increase muscle pumps and vascularity during your workouts. It's a great addition to your training stacks.

BUY DSpark @ N2BM


BUY DSpark @ N2BM


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