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HRT/TRT series – Part 1

HRT and TRT stand for Hormone/Testosterone replacement therapy.  Obviously, most of the HRT is catered to males, and we all know that as we age our body's ability to produce hormones will decrease.  As a result, when this happens our libido, ability to keep strength and muscle, and our overall vitality can suffer.  Luckily, these undesired effects can be offset with HRT, so more and more males are choosing to go on HRT in order to feel young again.  In this series of articles I will cover everything from A to Z regarding HRT/TRT.


Table of Contents

Testosterone levels in males

Usually males have peak testosterone levels in their early to mid 20's, but this can vary because some individuals peak a few years earlier, or later.  As a matter of fact, many teenagers mistakenly think that they are supposed to have sky high testosterone levels, which is flat out false.  In reality, during your teenage years as a male your hormone levels will rapidly change, and your testosterone levels will rise, causing such side effects as acne and extremely high libido.

tesosterone chemicalstructure

If we convert the measurements into ng/dl, the average testosterone level of a healthy 25 year old would average 700 - the peak of our lifetime.  However, when you are 35 years old it averages 500, at 50 years old 375, and then your testosterone level will fall by your 60's to only 200.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that testosterone levels will fluctuate from hour to hour on a daily basis.  For instance, after a well rested night, eating healthy the prior day, and not over working yourself physically or mentally, you should have peak testosterone levels that next morning.

Testosterone levels in females

Although testosterone is mostly associated with males, it is also found in females, and they need to have proper levels of testosterone to function properly.  With females, testosterone levels will peak in their early 20's, averaging around 75ng/dl.  From there on, as they age their testosterone levels will also drop.  Consequently, at 30 years old it drops to around 60, then at 40 years to 30, and by the age of 50 it's all the way down to just 20.  When this happens, females may encounter issues with energy levels or their libido, even though both can be affected by many other factors as well.

HRT in females

In spite of the fact that the biggest percentage of HRT is prescribed to men, in recent years more and more doctors started giving females, diagnosed with low testosterone, tiny amounts of this hormone in order to get them back to normal.  Interestingly, women with low testosterone suffer from similar problems as men do, although biologically they work in a different way of course.  For instance, females produce their testosterone via their ovaries, while men produce theirs via testicles or leydig cells.  However, female HRT is very risky when done incorrectly, as they can end up with major virilization problems if the dose is too high, so special precautions must be taken when females are administered with testosterone.

Getting blood work

If you want to find out what your testosterone levels are, and you live in the United States, then you can purchase paperwork online and take it yourself to the lab without going through a doctor.  You can study the blood work subject in more detail by following the related links on our forums at  evolutionary.org.  Another way is to just go to your doctor and ask for your blood to be tested.  Once your blood work is scheduled, try to get a good nights rest, and test before 8am in the morning, as this will give you the highest reading of the day.

What causes testosterone issues?

Nobody wants to have to pin hormones for the rest of their lives, especially when our bodies produce testosterone on its own free of charge and with no hassle.  It would be like having a money tree in your backyard - you want to keep that tree healthy for as long as possible to take the most advantage.

Unfortunately, these days men tend to have lower testosterone levels compared to prior generations, and this isn't a coincidence or fluke because there are objective reasons for this.  In fact, more and more young people are going on HRT/TRT before they are even 30 or 40 years old.  Yes it is true, as we age our testosterone levels drop, but why is it that young men in their 20's or 30's are getting blood work and finding out they have testosterone levels of men in their 60's?  The following might be the reasons:

1. Steroid abuse:  When you use anabolic steroids, they will cause your HPTA to become suppressed, and your pituitary glands go dormant until the steroid esters clear out of your system totally.  Furthermore, if you use steroids before the age when you actually peak your testosterone levels, it will most likely have a negative stall on your testosterone levels for the rest of your life. That age is going to be around 25 years old, give or take.

This happens because your body is in the process of changing and ramping up, from the time you enter puberty, to the time you make it to your hormone peak.  Any interruption to your pituitary glands during this important time causes a gap, and the longer you are on steroids during this phase, the quicker your testosterone levels will drop as you age.

2. The foods you eat:  Nobody likes to be told how to eat, even children hate that!  However, there are ample studies showing that people with poor diets have lower testosterone levels than their age peers.

A: Such sugary foods as processed carbs cause insulin spikes, which disrupt central hormone pathways.  Hence, you need to reduce cereal, breads, fries, and pasta.

B. Hormones in animal products are used frequently to keep costs low by large companies, so they can produce more meat in less time.  Moreover, there are companies that even fund university research to keep the public ignorant, claiming their products are no different than natural food.  For example, you will notice that your buddies who eat a lot of processed meat and dairy products have guts, and it is almost a guarantee they are also producing very little testosterone, which is robbing them of their manhood.

All in all, it is a brutal cycle of poor diet, poor health, and poor lifestyle.  Thus, if you are a meat and dairy eater, then get: grassfed milk, get grassfed beef,  pasture raised eggs and chickens, and avoid any sort of processed meat like hot dogs, cold cuts, or sausage.  Try and eat organic as much as possible, and choose wild fish over farm raised fish.

3. Environmental exposures such as man made pesticides, BPA, and phthalates not only will cause other health issues, since they have been shown in studies to reduce testosterone levels.  Again, as stated above, eat organic and read labels.  Avoid any sort of chemicals that expose you to these xenoestrogens.

4. What we are drinking can drop our testosterone levels too.  We all know that alcohol is a killer when it comes to testosterone, but also sugary drinks will cause insulin spikes as well. Unfortunately our drinking water is full of estrogen, which has been proven with testing. Therefore, make sure you are using an ionizer at home, or buying quality water because many bottled waters are just tap water.  Take for example Dasani and Aquafina that are owned by Pepsi and CocaCola.  You can test your bottled water with PH strips to see if it is tap water; if it shows up acidic, then you know it contains chemicals you don't want in your body.

5.  Stress is a big factor.  Unfortunately men in the western world are obsessed with their careers and being successful, which is causing them to work too much and too hard.  Additionally, having a family can be extremely stressful.  In fact, it has been shown in studies that after a baby is born, the father's hormones will crater.  There is no doubt that this has natural reasons behind it, but a big one is the stress of the first year of a newborn.

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