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HRT/TRT series – Part 2

Boosting testosterone without TRT
Before someone decides to take the leap off the cliff, and give up on their own body's ability to produce testosterone, he should try to fix the issue and exhaust all measures - after all, going on TRT is a huge decision.  Unfortunately, today more and more young people are potentially making a mistake by being too quick to choose that direction.  One of the reasons for such decisions is the fact that there are some ways to attempt to fix your low testosterone that your doctor will not suggest.

Let's face it - doctors are not trainers or dietitians, and they are taught in medical school to prescribe medication for health issues.  Since modern pharmaceutical companies are making a fortune with TRT meds (mainly anabolic steroids and HGH), doctors are happy to push patients in that direction.  Therefore, you should never skip the above mentioned stage, and try your best to increase your testosterone levels, even if you are frustrated.

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Here are some simple steps that really work, so you should take them on your own before biting the bullet and getting that script.

1.  Lose that belly.  Too many people think that low testosterone caused their weight gain, but this is incorrect in almost every situation.  As a matter of fact, in actuality it is the opposite, and this excess fat is causing low testosterone.  So basically you put yourself into this mess with poor lifestyle choices, and now you have to reverse it.  Hence, get your body fat under 17% because a healthy body fat for a young male is somewhere between 8 and 15%.  However, there should be a balance in your body - you don't want to be too low on your fat, but you definitely don't want to be too high either.

2. Losing that belly means you will have to start eating better and doing more cardio.  Reduce sugars, dairy and too much meat.  Increase your fruits, veggies, and lean meats like fish and turkey.  Furthermore, drink water instead of soda and sugary drinks like gatorade or sweet tea.

3. Too low of a body fat.  Yes, this will also cause low testosterone.  These situations usually take place when some younger men fail to eat enough, don't lift weights to build mass, or do too much cardio.  Believe it or not, but low body mass can lead to lower testosterone, so you should add some weight to your frame through proper diet and weight training.

4. Get off that couch.  Guys that are active, and spend less time by the computer or TV, are more likely to have higher testosterone levels.  You may have to get rid of your TV, video games, and maybe even your computer.  For instance, it has been shown that men who go to jail/prison have a boost in T levels due to their lack of access to electronics and the environment they are put in, which forces their bodies to produce more testosterone.  Additionally, a gym is a great place to be around other people with high T levels, which will signal your body that it also needs to do boost testosterone production.  Hence, if all you do is play video games and watch TV, then of course your body will have no reason to produce hormones.

5.  Have more sex.  This ties into #4 you body will simply adjust to what you are doing during the day.  Obviously if you never have sex, why would your body bother producing sex hormones hormones, such as DHT?

6.  Increase minerals and vitamins.  With the modern diet and products we fail to get enough of these in our diets, so eat more fruits and veggies.  For example, you probably have a friend who never has anything that grows in their fridge, which means their T levels are going to be lower than normal.  Specifically, vitamin D is a very important element to boost hormones, and if you don't spend enough time outside, you will be deficient.

7.  Stress.  This is a big one.  Your T levels will take a major drop if you are too stressed out from work, family, lack of sleep, and life in general.  Therefore, it might be time for a change in your life to correct this: at the very least start practicing some breathing and relaxation exercises.  Signing up for yoga is a great way to accomplish this.

8.  Natural test boosting supplements.  There are some excellent supplements on the market, which will help boost T levels without any sort of suppression.  For instance, you can buy HCGenerate, or HCGenerate ES from needtobuildmuscle.com, since each of them has many ingredients that will help in this department.

Final solution
Unfortunately, for many reasons certain individuals won't be able to boost their testosterone levels naturally with the above mentioned life-style changes, and in these situations they can either go through life miserable, or they can elect to go on TRT forever.  Obviously, I recommend trying everything as explained previously, and then running blood work to see if any progress has been made.  If your T levels are still too low, then it is time to either do self TRT, or find a doctor who can refer you to a specialist to get a script legally.

Yet again, remember - if you choose to go the TRT route and throw in the towel, you will be dependent on exogenous testosterone forever.  There is no turning back, because if you can't get your T levels up now, then you won't be able to in the future after shutting down your pituitaries for so long.

In the next article of our series I will get into the cost of getting a script vs. self TRT, difference between topical application and injections, and how to do it.

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