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2014: Week 11 picks


Last week evo pickers went a modest 7-4 which brings our total on the year to 57-24-1 which is still a very high %. This week will be another tough weekend picking games because of all the injuries, unknowns, possible weather issues, and just because the NFL is so unpredictable!! But we will try our best.

Thursday Night Game


Buffalo has beaten Miami 3 straight times including a sweep last year and earlier this year. All 3 games had several things in common; the Bills Dline and special teams dominated and Spiller made some big plays. This time around Spiller will be out with an injury and Miami is missing all pro Albert at LT. Both teams are banged up and its a short week so the advantage goes to Miami being at home, I think Miami's D has a bigger game vs. Orton. MIA 24-17


This is one of the many great games on Sunday with two teams who might be better than their records show. The big matchup to watch here is the Chiefs defense vs. the SeaHawks potent running game. The Chiefs got away with one last week against the Bills as they did not deserve to win. Whoever wins that matchup wins this game and I will give a slight nod to the Seahawks on the road in a very close game. SEA 23-21


Another great game and another tricky game to pick. Detroit has a very strong defense especially at home and Arizona has been consistent all year at exposing weaknesses. I really think Arians will put together a great game plan and the home team is able to win a very close game. ARZ 24-20


The way Rodgers is playing right now its suicide to pick against them at home. Philly has been playing some solid football and Sanchez looked great last week but I see Rodgers continuing to roll along in a very high scoring and fast pace game. GB 40-34


The Bengals are playing bad football right now and the Saints are trying to figure out how they can string some wins together in a very weak division to pull away. I think the Saints at home will play just good enough to win here with Ingram starting to heat up. The Saints don't lose at home very often and I don't see them losing 2 straight at home. NO 30-23


The Giants defense is once again one of the worst in the NFL and their offense isn't that much better. I see SF running over them. 28-17


Someone has to win by default since they play each other. I will go with the home team with reservations. CAR 27-21


The Bucs are so awful but the Skins will find a way to lose this one.

Upset of the week TB 21-16


The Rams will need to pull a lot of trickery to win this one, can't pick against the Broncos. DEN 31-17

OAK vs. SD

Just what SD needed to get themselves back on track, a visit from maybe the worst team since the 0-16 Lions. SD 24-13 LOCK OF THE WEEK


We get to see Ryan Mallet for the first time this year start a game after being traded from the Pats. I have not been impressed with what I saw out of him in his limited play with the Pats in preseason and thus why they only got a 7th round pick for him. But now he has a chance to prove what he has got. I think the Browns are due for a fall back game especially at home against a AFC foe, Vegas agrees only making the Browns a 3 point fav at home. This is a tricky (and probably insane) gamble but I am going to go with Mallet to have a great debut vs. a stingy defense and I think the Texans defense with Watt and Clowney show what they are capable of. HOU 23-16


Can the Bears get back on track at home? My answer is no. They play worse at home and the Vikings are hungry. MIN 27-24

Sunday Night


This will be the most interesting game of the day and it will be on primetime. Both teams lead their divisions and both teams have been on both sides of routs this year. A lot of analysts feel like it will be a close back and forth game with the last team to get the ball winning. If there is one weakness the Pats have is playing on the road vs. AFC teams and that place will be rocking in Indy. That will be the difference in this game. IND 34-31



Pitt plays down to their competition but I honestly think the Titans are so bad it won't matter. Closer game than people think but Pitt wins. PIT 27-23

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