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Allicin is naturally found in garlic, and it is precisely this chemical that makes garlic work so well for our health. As a matter of fact, this chemical is also the reason why garlic has such a specific smell, which is actually a defense mechanism against attacks by predators and pests. Interestingly, allicin was first studied and isolated by Chester Cavallito and John Bailey at the height of WWII.

Allicin chemical structure

Allicin chemical structure

Getting the most allicin out of your garlic

In order to get the most allicin, you should always use fresh (not aged) garlic when cooking. What's more, since allicin is released when the garlic thinks it is being attacked, you should chop it very thin. If you choose to crush garlic instead, you should do so intensely. The bottom line is - the more damage you inflict on garlic, the stronger will be the smell, which is a sign that more allicin is being released.

garlic Allicin

You should also remember that the half-life of allicin is very short, so storing chopped or crushed garlic in the fridge will substantially decrease its potency. Finally, the more you cook garlic, the more it will degrade. Hence, microwaving garlic is not a good idea.

Research and medical uses

Research has shown that allicin is an excellent anti-fungal compound, and it works especially well to fight athlete's foot – a widespread fungal infection of the foot. Additionally, studies done during the past 2 decades have proven that allicin can slow artery clogging, decrease blood pressure, help lipid health, and reduce fat deposits.

Furthermore, allicin has antibiotic properties. For instance, when staph infections of 30 strains were tested, it was found that allicin reduced microbial activity even when other chemical agents were unable to stop them.

Regarding other health benefits that are to be expected with allicin, we can mention that it is being researched for fighting viruses like Herpes, influenza, and rhinovirus.

In folk medicine allicin is used at high dosages to fight off colds and other infections. Funnily, we have all heard the fantasy of garlic being used to keep vampires away.

Use for bodybuilders

Bodybuilders who use anabolic steroids can benefit greatly with the addition of allicin into their diet, since we know that anabolic steroids cause a rise in bad cholesterol and a drop in good cholesterol. Moreover, androgenic steroids like trenbolone, anadrol, testosterone, and others can cause a steep rise in blood pressure and massive lipid strain. Luckily, allicin will help balance all of this during a cycle, and keep the heart strong.

All in all, allicin has potent anti-bacterial and anti-virus properties, so it can help boost your immune system and help you avoid missing precious hours in the gym.

Side effects

Although allicin has a very wide range of benefits, it can also cause some undesired effects. For example, using too much allicin can lead to stomach problems. Besides, if applied on the skin, allicin can cause irritations. Finally, if you are due for surgery, you should stop taking allicin two weeks prior.


Allicin is extremely potent, and a high dosage is just not necessary. Adding garlic to your meals will boost your allicin intake, and adding a support supplement that contains this element will be enough. A dosage of 100 milligrams (mgs) per day is plenty, and if you stack it with other support supplements you can halve that dosage.

Where to find

N2Guard contains 50mgs of allicin per serving, plus dozens of additional ingredients, making it the most potent support supplement on the market.


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