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Alpha Lipoic Acid

alpha lipoic acid alaAlpha Lipoic Acid is a substance that works in the body in many ways, but as it pertains to Need2Slin, it is a natural part of the production of energy in humans and does so without the use of stimulants. It also helps protect cells in the body, particularly the brain, because it is viewed as an antioxidant when it is available in an abundance. To be clear on what an antioxidant is, it is a molecule that prevents oxidation of other cells. This is important because oxidation, or the addition of an oxygen molecule to a human cell is dangerous and harmful. In the skin it can result in an aged look with more wrinkles but it muscles it can result in degradation and decreased recovery potential for other parts of the body oxidation can be even more dangerous. Alpha Lipoic Acid is the only antioxidant known that can make people healthy by outright removal of harmful toxins because it is both fat and water soluble..

Alpha Lipoic Acid has been shown to manipulate blood sugar and insulin in several different ways. For one, it increases cell's ability to absorb glucose in the blood, which is not only positive for fat loss but muscle gain as well. Glucose, which is sugar, is converted into glycogen in muscle and liver cells. Glycogen, is the main fuel our muscles use for energy and thus to move weight in the gym or keep you going on the treadmill. If your muscles cells are more ready to take in the sugar from your blood, you are going to be able to do more work in the gym and reap those muscle building benefits. Now, onto how this process is more beneficial to fat loss. The less free blood sugar you have roaming around in your veins, the better. This is because if it is not being used in an anabolic process, it has a high potential of being stored as fat. Alpha Lipoic Acid's potential to push these sugars into your muscles, creating full,bigger muscles, is the perfect reason to take Need 2 Slin before your highest carbohydrate meals.

While this is certainly positive for people who suffer from imbalances in blood sugar and Insulin, it may in fact get better, as an overall health supplement, Alpha Lipoic Acid can reverse some of the damages that stress from high glucose can cause. In a study done by the School of Medicine at Fu-Jen Catholic University in Taiwan, Alpha Lipoic Acid was proved to actually begin to reverse the damage done in the kidneys that resulted from processing excess glucose. This is because not only is Alpha Lipoic Acid a form of non-stimulant fat loss and a potent, one of a kind antioxidant, it is also a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. It is recently being discovered that not only is Diabetes dangerous because of its own harmful effects but it is also dangerous because of the stress and inflammation is causes on all the organs and systems in the body. This makes Alpha Lipoic Acid the perfect supplement for anyone struggling with this type of disease. Avoiding inflammation is also important when it comes to muscle building since inflammation can contribute to catabolism, or a state in which the body is not prepared to grow.

In Need 2 Slin we use a very unique form of Alpha Lipoic Acid in order to make sure our customers are able to take full advantage of the previously mentioned positive effects of this substance. Normally, when someone is purchasing these supplements they will see a bottle that says Alpha Lipoic Acid and in the ingredients section they will see an R-Alpha Lipoic Acid. The R refers to the direction of the formation of the molecules in the compound. While this is absorbed in the body at some rate, it wasn't enough for Need 2 Build Muscle customers. We use a form of Alpha Lipoic Acid called NA-R-Alpha Lipoic Acid. So what is the difference. The normal form turns into a sticky, less absorbable substance at high temperatures. When we take supplements they go in through our mouth and into our stomach, which, should be a pretty high temperature. We can all see why this is pretty inconvenient. The form that we use NA-R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, is stabilized, and will not do that and will be mostly absorbed in the body. It is stabilized with the addition of sodium, or the NA in the supplement name. With this type assurance in absorbtion and the known studied of effects of Alpha Lipoic Acid, its inclusion in Need 2 Slin was a no-brainer.


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Rick Vallejo is an industry veteran. Over 25 years of experience in the bodybuilding industry. He's worked with 1000s of guys setting up their personal training routines, diets and regiments. He has prepped multiple bodybuilders for national and regional shows. In addition, he worked with multiple MMA stars to get them ready for fights. ....with all that, Rick is a supplement designer and holds amazing knowledge of herbal products. He is also advanced with testosterone replacement therapy TRT and HRT.

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