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Banaba Leaf

banaba leafLagerstroemia speciosa or Banaba Leaf has been a natural remedy for a laundry list of ailments from blood pressure and cholesterol control, to urinary dysfunction, all the way to the treatment of diabetes in its native southeast Asia. Our main concern here is obviously with why the people of southeast Asia would use this leaf as a treatment for diabetes. Science has discovered that the main ingredient in these leaves capable of manipulating and in turn lowering blood sugar is corosolic acid. Corsolic acid is similar to another acid you may have heard about, Ursolic Acid, although they differ in a few key parts of their molecular structure. This allows us to reap different benefits when we supplement the two. Corosolic Acid has been shown not oly to reduce glucose in the bloodstream but to be insulin mimetic as well. An insulin mimetic supplement is a supplement that is capable of mimicking insulin and absorbing glucose in the blood stream. With this in mind, Banaba Leaf is gaining momentum in becoming one of the most used over the counter plants to help patients with insuline resistance and obesity which commonly go hand and hand. A study done by Centre for Toxicology and Developmental Research at Sri Ramachandra University in Tamilnadu, India verifies this. They brought in rats and after they were brought to diabetic levels of insulin resistance they were treated with Lagerstroemia speciosa and without weight gain the rats blood glucose levels were brought back down to normal levels. Through the study it also showed great potential as an antioxidant

Banaba leaf extract has been shown to be so effective that excessive supplementation can actually lower blood sugar too much and cause hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. Two servings of N2 Slin which is what we recommend users take will put you at 36mg which is right within the safe and effective dose in order to get the most out of supplementing Banaba leaf. While some people take it on other forms like drying the leaves or making an herbal tea, we suggest if you are serious about fat loss to get Banaba Leaf extract out of N2 Slin at Need To Build Muscle.


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Rick Vallejo is an industry veteran. Over 25 years of experience in the bodybuilding industry. He's worked with 1000s of guys setting up their personal training routines, diets and regiments. He has prepped multiple bodybuilders for national and regional shows. In addition, he worked with multiple MMA stars to get them ready for fights. ....with all that, Rick is a supplement designer and holds amazing knowledge of herbal products. He is also advanced with testosterone replacement therapy TRT and HRT.

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