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Insulin is the single most important hormone in the body for gaining muscle mass and losing fat because it is responsible for shuttling nutrients into the cells.  N2Slin is an insulin modulator and nutrient partitioning agent that helps you get all of the great benefits out of the insulin your body makes, without any of the drawbacks.

Although it is possibly the most anabolic hormone in existence, injecting insulin without doctor’s care is quite dangerous and stupid.  A single shot of insulin at the wrong time could literally kill you, so use of this powerful anabolic hormone should be reserved for the most experienced users.  So, what are your alternatives?  The best alternative to insulin is N2Slin, which was designed to harness your body’s own insulin response.  Thus, you never run a chance of overdosing and killing yourself, rather you are maximizing the muscle building potential of what your body is already producing.

Using insulin’s muscle building potential and curbing its mechanism to pack on fat, is the type of science that creates the incredible physiques you see winning bodybuilding shows.  One could gain a rather impressive physique by manipulating insulin alone, never really using any other performance enhancing drugs.  This is where N2Slin shines.  The use of N2Slin at the right times of the day, along with your steroid cycle will yield much better results than steroids alone.  Just running a small TRT dose of 200mgs testosterone cypionate per week along with N2Slin could yield the same results as a 500mg cycle, without any additional side effects.  While steroids attach to your muscle cells and signal them to repair at a rapid rate, ultimately it is insulin that shuttles the nutrients into the muscle cells forcing them to grow.


Fig 1. Insulin Chemical Structure

Table of Contents

How to use N2Slin

This product comes in bottles of 120 tablets, and you should take two (2) to four (4) tabs before each meal depending on the carbohydrate content of the meal.

N2Slin Dosing Schedule

Carbohydrates N2Slin Dose
0-20grams 1 tablet
20-40grams 2 tablet
<40grams 3-4 tablets

Who uses N2Slin and why

  • Those looking to lose body fat while gaining muscle mass.
  • People who are sensitive to stimulants and want a non-stim fat burner that works.
  • For those on a strict diet to use during their “cheat meal”.
  • Women looking for the ultimate muscle gaining supplement, that will not make them grow a mustache or thicken their voice.
  • Weight class competitive athletes that want to maintain muscle mass and strength during weight cutting.
  • Steroid users that want to harness the power of insulin without the added risk.
  • For those who want to avoid gaining fat from carbohydrates.
  • Men and women looking for serious drug-like fat loss, without the side effects.

How N2Slin works

N2Slin works by enhancing all of insulin’s benefits, while simultaneously blocking its bad aspects.

Insulin is responsible for shuttling nutrients into the muscle cells, making them repair and grow after each workout.  N2slin contains ingredients specifically targeted towards enhancing this process by increasing insulin sensitivity at a cellular level.

Also, insulin is responsible for shuttling the carbohydrates you eat into the fat cells, increasing energy stores.  N2Slin contains active ingredients to block this fat storing process and make it less efficient, so carbohydrates will not make you fat.

When used 30 to 45 minutes before a meal, N2Slin will block insulin from packing on fat while, at the same time, enhancing its muscle building effects.

ripped 6pack

Fig 2. Ripped abs and N2Slin

What are the ingredients in N2Slin

Each bottle contains 120 tablets
Serving size is 2 tablets
Each serving of two (2) tablets contains
Bergenin 200mgs
Crape Myrtle Tannis 200mgs
Gymnema Sylvestre 150mgs
4-hydroxyisoleucine 100mgs
Green tea extract (EGCG) 100mgs
Coleus forskohlii 40mgs
Green Coffee Bean Extract 80mgs

Bergenin monohydrate

This ingredient has two key functions:

  1. This is one of the ingredients that helps reduce insulin’s ability to store carbohydrates in fat cells.   It stops insulin from putting energy into fat cells, which is the best way to ensure daily fat loss.
  2. Bergenin Monohydrate can inhibit an enzyme known to the medical field as protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B (PTP1B). Inhibition of this enzyme will ensure a more sustained release of insulin instead of the normal insulin spike you would have after a carb meal.  A more sustained release of insulin means there is more of a chance for the calories you eat to be burned as energy instead of being stored as fat.  In addition, it allows more time for the muscle cells to take in these calories as they repair from training.

Crape myrtle

The active ingredient in Crape Myrtle known as Corosolic Acid, which can stimulate glucose uptake in the muscle cells at a similar rate as insulin.  This ingredient works to mimic some of the best effects of insulin and not just enhance its effects.   When you take high potency crape myrtle like the one found in N2Slin, you are helping your muscle cells take in more nutrients with each meal.  This ingredient complements the desirable effects of insulin we actually want.

Gymnema Sylvestre

This ingredient helps your pancreatic system produce more insulin, which, when combined with the other ingredients in N2Slin, works to your advantage.  Since N2Slin keeps the insulin from spiking or packing on fat, the creation of more insulin, via gymnema sylvestre, means you will reap more anabolic benefits from your training and nutrition.


This ingredient helps maximize insulin release when you need it most.  Mainly, during meal time when you have consumed large amounts of protein and carbohydrates.  Also, it will keep blood sugar rather low during the rest of the day, so that your body can stay in a fat burning zone all day.

In addition, studies have shown 4-Hydroxyisoleucine helps lower cholesterol.

Green tea extract (EGCG)

This ingredient helps fat break down into energy, so you are facilitating the release of energy from fat stores when you take N2Slin.

Green Tea Extract also helps to inhibit cortisol, which is the stress hormone responsible for packing on fat in places like the chest area and obliques.  In addition, cortisol is responsible for the growth of visceral fat, which is the fat intertwined with your intestines.

Coleus Forskohlii

In order to help insulin work its magic of helping you pack on lean pounds of muscle, N2Slin contains Coleus Forskohlii.  This ingredient has been shown to make your muscle cells more sensitive to androgen hormones.  The more sensitive your muscle cells are to androgen stimuli, the more receptive they will become to insulin in your system.  Since it is the androgen pathways that signal the muscle cells to repair after each workout, insulin can just shuttle in the nutrients.

Green coffee bean extract

Green Coffee bean extract contains Cholinergic acid, this is the active ingredient that helps you make the most out of the protein in your meals.  This active ingredient helps to slow the process by which your body turns surplus protein intake into sugar.  Essentially, if you take too much protein at once your body will break this protein down into sugars and store it in the fat cells.  In fact, studies have shown, your body can convert whey protein to glucose at a 54% efficiency.  Slowing the breakdown of protein mean your muscle cells have more time to utilize the amino acids and grow.

Side Effects

N2Slin does not have any side effects at the proper dosage, but you should not abuse it.  Just like with any supplement, follow the dosing schedule.  Please note, N2Slin should be taken with 16oz of water.  In addition, it will not cause any stimulant-like feelings, so it can be taken at night time.

Women and N2Slin

N2Slin is safe for females that want to avoid masculinizing side-effects because the ingredients do not create any effect on sex-hormone pathways. The product works strictly via insulin manipulation and meal timing, so N2Slin is being used successfully by both genders without side-effects.

BUY N2Slin @ N2BM


BUY N2Slin @ N2BM


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