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Beginner Natural Cutting Cycle

A lot of guys on the forums have approached me lately asking for cycles without steroids. Steroid cycles without the steroids are somewhat ironic, but they are one of the most sought after cycles in bodybuilding. Why? Well, not all guys want to use steroids. The newer gym rats who just started lifting iron want to try a few somewhat “natural” products before they start with the hard stuff. It's logical and makes all the sense in the world. If anything, it's very responsible. Before you jump into a real steroid cycle, maybe you need to learn how to cycle in general.

testosterone levels by age

Fig 1. Testosterone Levels vs. Age -- Younger men don't need steroids.

What products are you going to recommend for the natural beginner cutting cycle?

The best is a mix of pro-hormones, SARMS and natural supplements. All 3 you can buy online without any problems. It's safe and easy to use, and no injections are required.

Let's start with a longer 8 week cycle followed by light PCT.

Week Oxandrovar Cardarine




HCGenerate N2Guard
1 2 caps/ED 20mgs/ED 25mgs/ED 7 caps/ED
2 2 caps/ED 20mgs/ED 35mgs/ED 7 caps/ED
3 3 caps/ED 20mgs/ED 50mgs/ED 2 caps/ED 7 caps/ED
4 4 caps/ED 20mgs/ED 50mgs/ED 3 caps/ED 7 caps/ED
5 2 caps/ED 20mgs/ED 50mgs/ED 4 caps/ED 7 caps/ED
6 2 caps/ED 20mgs/ED 50mgs/ED 5 caps/ED 7 caps/ED
7 20mgs/ED 50mgs/ED 5 caps/ED 7 caps/ED
8 20mgs/ED 50mgs/ED 5 caps/ED 7 caps/ED
*ED = every day

*mgs = milligrams

*caps = capsules

Why are we using these products on the cycle?

Oxandrovar – this is by far one of the best pro-hormones on the market, it's more of a pro-steoroid (it's that powerful). It's an oral, so it's a bit harsh on the liver, but the results are worth it. In my view, it's stronger than anavar. You can almost think of it as oral trenbolone with a dash of anavar.

Cardarine (GW-501516) – this is not really a SARM but it's classified as one. Cardarine is basically used to boost endurance, increase cardio drive, increase energy and help you lose bodyfat. It's one of the best aids during a cutting cycle.

S-4 (Andarine) – this SARM is somewhat magical when it comes to strength gains. Guys report anadrol-like strength gains when using andarine, without the nasty side effects. It's the perfect addition to cardarine when you're trying to get lean and shed bodyfat. Unfortunately, there is a side-effect to S-4; some users experience problems with vision when using it. Therefore, I suggest you start slow and add dosage weekly to see how your body responds. If you have serious vision problems, you can cut back on the dosage or try a 5/2 protocol. That means 5 days on, 2 days off – usually Mon-Fri on and Sat-Sun off.

HCGenerate – this is a natural testosterone booster that literally helps you make gains while you boost your libido and sex drive. It's one of the very few supplements to use fadogia agrestis. Fadogia is an African herb used for thousands of years to naturally cure men that have low testosterone levels.

N2Guard – this is a well known cycle-aid. It's basically used to reduce unwanted side-effects associated with all cycles, natural or not. It protects your liver, your organs, your kidneys and helps you keep making gains without side-effects.

How many bottles of each product do I need to start this cycle? I'm confused.

You will need to get the following products for your beginner cutting cycle:

  • 2 bottles of Oxandrovar
  • 2 bottles of Cardarine
  • 2 bottles of Andarine
  • 2 bottles of HCGenerate
  • 2 bottles of N2Guard

Do I need Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) for this natural cycle?

While it's not a serious requirement, you can do a modified mini-PCT. This will ensure your natural testosterone levels are restored. It will also allow you to make gains even when you're off your cycle.

Week Clomid Ostarine


HCGenerate N2Guard
1 25mgs/ED 12.5mgs/ED 5 caps/ED 7 caps/ED
2 25mgs/ED 7.5mgs/ED 5 caps/ED 7 caps/ED
3 25mgs/ED 5mgs/ED 4 caps/ED 7 caps/ED

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