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Dermacrine is a topical (transdermal) cream that is used to boost male hormone levels.  In fact, it is designed to optimize hormonal effects in the body, while combining anti-estrogen properties in order to prevent estrogen related side-effects.  Once applied, it absorbs into the blood stream for very fast physiological benefits, by supplying the body with hormone precursors (prohormones).  As a result, the user will notice benefits within a few days, taking their workouts and the feeling of well-being to the next level.  The overall idea is to get the benefits of additional lean muscle mass and less body fat with the convenience of avoiding injections and harsh oral steroids or prohormones.


Fig 1. Dermacrine

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How does dermacrine work?

The main ingredient to dermacrine is DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), which is the precursor to all anabolic and androgenic hormones in the male body.  Interestingly, DHEA is found in many different forms, but most are extremely ineffective because they are taken in oral form.  The stomach destroys much of the DHEA ingested orally, transdermal delivery avoids that problem completely.  The topical form of administration is the optimal one, since our skin has steroidogenic enzymes that increase the conversion of DHEA into the hormones androstenediol, androstenedione, and of course – testosterone.  Applying the gel directly on to areas of the skin that are abundant in these enzymes, ensures most of the DHEA in the topical gel is converted to anabolic and androgenic steroid hormones as it permeates the skin.

In terms of fat loss, the DHEA is also converted to fat burning hormones 7-oxo and 7-beta DHEA.  This will supercharge your fat loss, while gaining muscle at the same time.  Once again, due to poor absorption this is not possible when using oral DHEA supplements.

DHT concern with topical DHEA

Being able to add muscle mass and shed fat simultaneously is a wonderful thing, but many anabolic steroids used for this purpose (such as winstrol, masteron, and trenbolone) can do a number on the hair line in the process.  Nevertheless, dermacrine will not damage the hair line because another hormone included in the formula is pregnenolone, which is balanced to a T with the DHEA in order to balance its conversion to DHT.  Hence, if you are prone to hair loss, dermacrine will not impact your hairline.

DHEA Estrogen conversion

Many anabolic steroids (such as testosterone, dianabol, deca durabolin, and other prohormones) can convert to estrogen rapidly.  This can lead to bloating, water retention, heart problems, and even gynecomastia (bitch tits).  Nonetheless, as mentioned earlier in the article, dermacrine has you covered when it comes to estrogen problems because it contains chrysin, resveratrol, and 7,8 benzoflavone.  All of these elements work naturally to prevent estrogen issues and fat gain.  Additionally, they will also help increase libido and stamina.

User results

Since DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone)  in a topical cream is absorbed through the skin rapidly, the results can be experienced very fast.  As a matter of fact, users say that within the first week they have increased energy, focus, and libido each time the product is applied.

Further on, after 3 weeks users will notice improvements in their workouts - in-gym pumps, stamina increase, and recovery time decrease.  Outside the gym, their libido goes through the roof, and their sleep quality improves.

After 2 months users will notice an increase in lean body mass and a decrease in body fat.  Moreover, these results will be even better if a good diet and workout routine is implemented.

Side effects

If used properly, side effects will be very minimal.  For instance, due to the increase in hormones and androgens some users may become aggressive.  What's more, dermacrine is suppressive, so make sure you have a PCT (post cycle therapy) on hand and ready for when you cycle off.  Many users use HCGenerate with dermarine to avoid shut down and then use HCGenerate ES as Post-Cycle therapy with clomid.  HCGenerate is a favorite testosterone booster to stack with dermacrine.

How to Use

Dermacrine should be cycled, as it is very suppressive to the HPTA.  Thus, a schedule with 8-12 weeks on, and 8 weeks off, should be implemented.  During those 4 weeks, a post cycle therapy should be used in order to ensure proper recovery.  The most favored product for this purpose is HCGenerate.

Dosage should be between 3-10 pumps per day.  The cream must be applied on a clean and dry area of the body, such as the upper shoulders or back.

Buying legitimate Dermacrine

Dermacrine was introduced to the world by a company called Primordial Performance under the ownership and management of a very smart guy named Eric Potratz.  At some point in 2012, the FDA raided the facility where Primordial Performance operated and proceeded to shut down their operations by confiscating products.  Eric Potratz made very public statements about how the facility was raided and the FDA officers interrogated him before taking products away.  So, unfortunately none of the original dermacrine will ever be made again.

Some new version by a company called BPS has been marketed, but it is a common fact that Primordial Performance, original company that made dermacrine, is no longer operational.   There is new generation testosterone gel is called RS Transaderm by a company called RLS Supplements, and that is what many bodybuilders are using now.  RS Transaderm has become a better option to use since you just can’t find any of the original dermacrine left.


Fig 2. RS Transaderm by RLS

Although a very similar product, RS transaderm has what many feel is a more advanced transdermal delivery system that delivers the DHEA and Pregnenolone mix more effectively through the skin.  With very similar ingredient profile, RS Transaderm has become the new standard for testosterone gel now that original dermacrine is no longer available.


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