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Fasting – Day 1

.....last food was 9 pm last night.....

Day 1 of 5 of water fast

pre day fasting picture

Pre-fasting picture

  • At 8 am I had a bowel movement. I usually have 3 bowel movements per day. I kept my mind occupied as much as possible today, running lots of errands and working my usual full-time job. I did not start feeling hungry until about 2 pm, and I started feeling a little tired and less energetic. I drank about 12 ounces of water with a little salt and other minerals and the issue was quickly remedied and I felt better. I also started noticing my tongue was starting to have a white film on it. This is an indication of detox beginning. At 3 pm I had a small bowel movement.
  • At 4:30 pm I had a gym workout doing a pushing split. I did 4 sets on the bench press, 3 sets of machine presses and some pushups. I also worked triceps for 4 sets and did ab work doing half the number of usual reps and weight. I finished with some stretching. No problems at all at the gym at all with energy, in fact, I could have had a much harder and longer workout but decided not to push things too much.
  • At 6 pm I had a little diarrhea. Some may attribute this to detox, but I blame dehydration more for it. It was a very summer day and even though I have been drinking water nonstop today it probably was not enough.
  • At 6:30 pm I did a moderate paced walk around my neighborhood. No problems at all with energy.
  • At 7 pm my picture was taken and ketone test showed 5mg/dl meaning a trace of ketones in urine. This morning I had no ketones show up at all. My body is quickly reacting to the fast. Ketones in urine mean the body is starting to use an alternate source for energy, it is a sign the body is going into ketosis and now utilizing fat instead of glucose. Tomorrow when I test it again in the morning it would not surprise me to have a higher number. Although urine ketone strips aren't 100% accurate, they do give you an idea of what is going on.
  • At 8 pm I felt very hungry, but I am ignoring it. I simply drink a lot of fluids when I feel hungry and that gets me through it. I am in no way craving food or feeling like I must eat. Hopefully tonight I am able to sleep okay as sleeping on an empty stomach is difficult.
end of day 1 pic

End of Day 1 Picture

*Read on - PART 2 of my fast...

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