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Fenugreek (known as Trigonella foenum-graecum) is one of the most popular crops in the world. Currently, it is used in many supplements: for sexual enhancement, for use in bodybuilding, and as part of a PCT regiment. If you have used natural supplements and noticed a significant difference in your libido health then there is a good chance that you have taken Fenugreek.

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History and Facts

Fenugreek is an annual plant which consists of green leafs and seeds that resemble kernels of corn. It is a common ingredient in many Indian dishes and cultivated in mostly semi-arid regions of the world from Africa to Asia. It is believed that cultivation was begun in the Middle East and there is carbon dated evidence that the seed was domesticated as far back as 4000 BC in Iran/Iraq. King Tut's tomb also had desiccated seeds, so that shows how important this plant has been for thousands of years for humans. Since it is so popular in Indian food, it only makes sense that, India is the highest producer of this crop.

Fenugreek seeds

Fig 1. Fenugreek Seeds

Cultural Uses

Since Fenugreek has such a long history, cultures all around the world use it in both their cuisines, and for medical purposes. In parts of Africa, it is used as a herbal treatment for diabetes. In Turkey, the seeds are used to make a spicy paste; Jews use it to produce a sauce for the Jewish New Year; in Iran Persians use the leaves for many national cuisines. It is considered an extremely healthy crop, and as we explore its uses outside of cuisines, we will understand why its gotten so popular over the years.

Fenugreek leafs

Fig 2. Fenugreek Leafs

Medical uses

Fenugreek has many stomach uses from appetite issues, to anorexia, to weight loss. In Chinese/Eastern medicine, it is used for painful menstruation, kidney related issues, back pain, cholesterol, heart ailments, and more much. It has so many medical uses, its easy to believe why it's so popular around the world. It also has anti-viral properties which make it wonderful as an immune system herbal support supplement. Of course, the main use that we will get into in this article is its libido enhancing properties, and cure for premature ejaculation.

Bodybuilding uses

When an athlete uses anabolic steroids their HPTA becomes suppressed, their testicles will shrink, and once they come off a cycle their libido typically drops as the hormones clear their system. It is important during this time that we use natural, non suppressive, supplements; otherwise, an athlete may not be motivated to work out, or get depressed since their libido drops.

A study from Australia, done on adult men who were given Fenugreek twice a day for six weeks showed more than a 25% increase in their libido. A compound called saponins, which is in the fenugreek, is thought to help increase sex hormones, which is why those with premature ejaculation have positive results from taking it.

saponins chemical structure

Fig 3. Saponins Chemical Structure

Another amazing health benefit of taking Fenugreek is its effects at reducing inflammation and arthritis, which is a boon to those who are regular weightlifters. In essence, it helps your joints function better under heavy pressure, meaning longer workouts with heavier weights are possible.

When a person runs anabolic steroids, it is completely normal to see a rise in bad cholesterol, and a drop in good cholesterol, so it is important on cycle to have that covered as well. Fenugreek works well on cholesterol by helping balance cholesterol levels. Basically, it means fenugreek is a must on your cycles. It's like the perfect bodybuilding supplement invented by God.

Side Effects

Side effects with fenugreek are rare, the only issues arise with blood sugar levels. Since it lowers blood sugar levels, someone with diabetes must be careful when using it.


Many supplements contain Fenugreek, but it is crucial to choose one that is trustworthy where you are getting a solid dose. HCGenerate ES is the absolute best product out there for those looking for a big punch of fenugreek. The ES in the name stands for 'extra strength' and the Fenugreek was bumped up to 1200mg per dose, which is 5 tablets. On cycle, it will help your cholesterol levels, as mentioned above, and you can also run it during PCT to keep your libido up, so it is very versatile. I personally use HCGenerate during my cycle and HCGenerate ES during PCT with great results.


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