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  • Hey bro...I lost my phone and can't recover my Protonmail password without losing my messages...sorry I've been MIA on the current order...can u shoot me ur proton address was bmwz3 something I think? Thanks man...Im ready to get back...
    Hey Man. Was wondering what your thoughts on Juvetrope were and if there was another source you would recommend more. Limited options in Canada so if you could give me best quality options would be much appreciated. Thanks.
    Hello Steve,
    I saw that you posted a recommendation for mohgh. Are they really good to go? If so and you used them do you feel 2iuX2Xd is good starter dose and get the reg.good sides such as sleep and energy?
    Thanks for your reply,it'll be much appreciated. Thanks again
    Hey Steve who would you recommend right now to order from that is good and fast?
    Thank you
    I would like to do the consult at the turn of the year
    Hey Steve it’s Jason
    I’m 48
    I want to start a cycle. Perhaps HGH

    What do you recommend?
    If I were to do a Skype session with you what would you help me with?
    Thank you
    Oh where do you recommend ordering from?
    We have messaged before
    Hey Steve been listening to your pod cast for awhile and love all the info I'm about to start my pct for my 2nd cycle I've got everything for the perfect pct. I just say your post and was wonder what you meant by following it with a bridge?
    Hey Steve, I am complete with to the forum chat world. I want to get started with some gear but don’t want to end up getting ripped off. Can you please help me? I would really appreciate it.
    I was thinking a private consult. Do you have an email I could send to? Paypal for fees work?
    Hey Steve, just got mid cycle bloods done and wondering if you could take a look. I tried to PM you but I don't have enough posts yet. Thanks in advance.
    Hey man I’m interested in a US domestic source list specially for peptide and insulin. Greatly appreciate your help!
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