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  • Hey, talked to you in past. Was looking for consultation if your still doing those. Need some gym advice
    Hey Steve. Long time reader no time messager lol.
    Quick one

    Currently on blast with dbol,tren,mast and test. Now every time i have used test cruisin dosages or when i first began years ago my armpits smell terrible even after a shower. Plus my scalp gets itchy whenever i do heavy exercise and get hot. Was thinking of dropping test and keep the other compounds going. I have read where u have said test is needed. Whats your thoughts? Tren,dbol,mast be ok without test.
    Im just sick of the stink side effects from test plus test never really hepled my libido. The tren and dbol do though.

    Thanks for your time mate
    Hi Steve! New to the forum and can't DM yet. Would love to setup a consult if you are available. Thanks for all you do to help! JR
    G'day Steve! I'm new to the community and am struggling with local sources within Australia. If you could point me in the right direction I'd be extremely grateful, cheers man!
    Steve quick question for you, I recently had to stop a sarm cycle I was on due to injury that will require surgery, I have about 3 bottles of rad , 3 bottles of MK and 3 bottles of s4 and 3 bottles of GW.. all from sarms for sale of course, all un opened.. is it possible to sell them to someone who maybe looking to run a similar cycle and give em to them. I don't want them going to waste! If not no big deal bro , figure i ask and don't wanna break the forum rules
    Hey steves. i had deca dick over the year. im on TRT and my test,free test,e2 prolactin in range. proviron is not avaiable in my country do u think Masteron will do job? And my curious is finasteride lowering DHN with DHT? Please help i beg
    Hey man might be interested in a 30 min video consultation. I’m looking to run a tren/mast/test cycle. I’m currently on trt and have played aroubd with a few cycles in the past. Will you discuss sources during or no?
    Yeah man that would be awesome ide love to check out the ebook, and im going to listen to your podcast now. Should I post my email here? I'm going to try and absorb all the information I can. If it's gets a little confusing ill definitely be reaching out for the 1v1 pal
    Hey Steve, I heard around the forum, your the guy to go to about intermediate fasting. Never done it before and wanna give it a go, but not sure where to start, I read something about a 16/8 schedule, is that something that is effective? I'm about to start my sarm cycle in a month or so, wanna have it down pat before I start the cycle. Any help would be awesome!
    Hey Steve, can you send me a source for modafinil please? I'd really appreciate it!

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