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body building

  1. SouthpawFit

    Approved Log My Primobolan+ Testosterone + TBol Cycle Log

    Hey Evolutionary Crew, I am kicking off this log as a way to get feedback, help keep myself accountable, and to track my progress/changes. To preface, I am a 36 year old male - I have been training in some form most of my life. For the past decade, I have been coached/competed in CrossFit and...
  2. tryingtogetbig

    New user, 23M, looking for some help! any advice thanks!

    Hope you are doing well. Recently, one of my friends began using Dbol and is trying to get me to start with him. I’ve never taken steroids (he has before) I have done some research and see that I need a test base or basically the dbol will be for nothing. I was just wondering If i could get some...
  3. gagarin11

    Approved Log My 250mg-week testosterone enanthate diet and training cycle Log

    Sorry i was a bit off, took some time to breath and not think so much about my body... So right now i actually updated to 500 mg a week split on 2 doses... i am actually adding masteron to see if it improves my libido and also have some proviron if needed... Ill leave here my training and diet...
  4. Losiol

    Approved Log Losiol Primobolan Testosterone Log

    Good evening Gentlemen, Been lurking in this forum for some time and have taken multitude of valuable information for which I thank you guys for. Stats: 25yo 6"0" 210lbs 12-15% BF I've been seriously training bodybuilding for the last 3 years with some background in boxing, gone through a...
  5. B

    How to start my nutrition while joining gym

    Hi, I have joined gym from last few days and I want to know how should I start my nutrition while joining the gym and what should be my diet plan? Kindly guide me any professional. Thanks
  6. J

    Anabolic steroids caution

    Take anabolic steroids to build your body muscle, to improve your skills as an athlete or you may want to get a quick recovery from an injury but don't abuse them unless you'll suffer in the long run. Wish you all the happy bodybuilding. PEACE. :rolleyes:
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