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    Nelson Montana and HIV -AIDS

    I was recently diagnosed with HIV after dealing with a lot of muscle loss, I have lived a life of drugs and sex being in the rock industry and never wore protection due to my Catholic faith. I estimate I have had sex with atleast 2000 men, women and trans The doctors amazingly figured out my...
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    geneza hgh in pct

    someone wrote an article over on another forum about how he always uses hgh in pct because it keeps fat loss going and also helps hold onto gains. I am coming off a cycle of EQ and testosterone and I gained 12 pounds, I don’t want to lose them. What is the scoop on geneza brand HGH? And how much...
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    cycle advice mk677/hgh

    hi guys i'm new here from Italy planning a cycle: 1gr test-e x10 weeks 200 tren-e x10 weeks 20mg dbol x4 weeks (as kick starter) 50mg proviron 4 weeks in 2 weeks out 4 weeks in i was planning to add HGH and my question is: have sense to add 25mg mk677 daily for the entire cycle (and pct) and...
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    Switching HGH mid cycle

    I haven't seen any threads on there so forgive me if it is a question that you guys already answered. but let's say I am doing 6 months HGH and then I decide to keep it going but my previous source is no longer around. would it be okay to switch HGH brands to someone else and go another 6...
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    HGH and testicular cancer

    I read an article about Lance Armstrong about his cancer issues and how they were blaming human growth hormone for it. it also said that he admitted to using and doping while he was competing but since then he says that he never touched it again after his cancer scare. Is that true that HGH...
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    GHRP better than actual HGH?

    I wanted To hear from the experts on here on if you think that using ghrp peptides are better than using actual human growth hormone. I can tell you that peptides are way cheaper and way easier to get. Human growth hormone that are pharmaceutical grade can cost you over a thousand a month. What...
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    Doctor prescribed HGH

    I went to my doctor to see if he would hook me up with a prescription for HGH to help me heal my back injuries and he said it was a bad idea. but said if I were to get an MRI he would perhaps be open to it if he thought it could help me repair the injury. the MRI will cost me $3,400 but I'm...
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    Interested in HGH

    I got some HGH in the mail I'm really excited to use it. They come in 10IU vials and I'm looking to take about 2IU’s per day. I'm looking to recomp, lose some fat while gaining some muscle at the same time. My question is can I store the stuff in my fridge for four or five weeks if necessary...
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    HGH source in aus

    Hey everyone, In search of some pharma grade HGH or a good quality generic. Don't mind importing if it means I get to avoid paying the ridiculous prices some guys are trying to sell it for. Have got 2 sources I currently have orders coming from Turkey but incase they get seized I'm open for any...
  10. L

    How to store HGH before/after

    Hey I had a question about storing HGH before and after I mix it. I have 4 kits I ordered and I have read mixed things about how to store them whether it is best to do at room temperature or do them in the fridge/freezer. And then after you mix how long do you have to use it before it goes bad?
  11. T

    Jeotropin hgh

    Has anyone tried jeotropin hgh? If so what did you think? Thanks guys
  12. P

    dosing GH newbie

    Hey this is my first time using and trying human growth hormone HGH. My main problem is this stuff is super expensive and I want to make sure the dosing is right. My goals are fat loss and health benefits anti aging. I am 56 years old. I am also on TRT at 150mg a week if that makes a difference.
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    are peptides better than straight HGH?

    So I just got down reading an article by Mike Arnold and he argues that using a peptides can be just as good or better than hgh. His reasoning is that growth peptides GHRP and GHRH’s cause our pituitary glands to release GH, while straight HGH is injected into the body. He then says they have...
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    How do I mix HGH and peptides?

    I have asked multiple times on forums if IGF1 should or should not be combined with HGH for maximum results and if it is okay to run it by itself instead. Isn’t IGF1 the mediator for HGH or is it that GH has direct metabolic effect alone releasing glucose and fatty acid and releasing energy...
  15. StanSmith Podcast #367-HGH Alone,Tbol Headache,Firsty cycle,Cruising with test Podcast #367-HGH Alone,Tbol Headache,Firsty cycle,Cruising with test
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    are peptides a waste these days?

    With the availability of affordable HGH and sarms, not to mention nutrobal MK677 widely sold for under $100 per month is it really necessary to mess with peptides anymore or are the pros still using it? I talked to a former IFBB pro and he said guys still use it, wondering why it would be a...
  17. StanSmith Podcast #363-Deca,Winstrol,HGH,how long can I run steroids?test@500m Podcast #363-Deca,Winstrol,HGH,how long can I run steroids?test@500mgs?
  18. StanSmith Podcast #362 – Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Show Podcast #362 – Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Show
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    post football confusion and HGH

    I am a football player in Ireland, you yanks call it soccer. anyway we had a pretty bad collision where i ran into one of my mates and 2 other guys trying to block a corner kick. I ended up blacking out and going to the hospital. they said i have a post concussion syndrome. would hgh help...
  20. T


    Im a 25 year bodybuilding vet,coach,almost pro status, experience in steroids,post and pre cycling,experience in steroids,insulin,peps,hgh,hcg,thyroid,nutrution, building mass and cutting down fat, some of my friends in the pro ranks are and were..jay cutler, (rip) paul deMayo 'QUADZILLA',mike...
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