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    NEW MEMBER ALERT! Mini Bio Included!

    Hey guys, I'm excited to have newly joined the forum! I am an up and coming bodybuilder, 24 years old... I have done a few test cycles, have found some bunk gear and have had some very good gear. I have messed around with some other things such as prohormones, dbol, and some natural test...
  2. C

    Make my hands bigger by HGH

    Hey guys I am wondering I got small hands but pretty good average height 5”11 . So I am wondering if there’s a way to make my hands bigger . Like injecting hgh in it and maybe it helps getting it bigger ? What are your thoughts on it !! Thanks
  3. J

    Pharmaceutical HGH

    I'm looking for a reliable source of pharmaceutical HGH. What are your recommendations?
  4. B

    Test for beta cells?

    How can you tell if you have have damaged your beta cells? Is there a test for this? I’ve been pounding carbs and running growth hormone secretagogues on and off for the past couple years and have recently ran HGH for a year straight without insulin. I’ve been reading about beta cells I’m a...
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    Hi guys, would like to introduce myself. im an admin of online steroid shop. We have large choice of steroids. Injectables and oral products. fast growing community. No Bullshit at all. World wide shipping Good Prices. 100% legit. No Spam! -NO SPAM YOU SAY BUT YOU SPAMMED...
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    Psl hgh

    What do you guys think of the psl alpha tropix hgh. How does it compare to the EU psl source? Also does it come with bac water?
  7. M

    6'6" tall guy's first log: Test E, HGH, Eq,

    New to this forum and this is my first time logging my cycle, progress, and results. I will fill in information on myself and details of my cycle soon.
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    More information on HGH

    I’m planning to start a cycle of HGH. However my concern lies in choosing the right brand. I don’t want hardcore results that one obtains on putting anabolic steroids. I’m quite happy with my frame; where I would like to further chisel up along with a strict diet. I was using Lilly before; I...
  9. B

    Novaldex with HGH

    I've read novaldex lowers IGF levels. Should I be taking taking novaldex on HGH? From what I've read it's no I shouldn't. Does anyone have knowledge of this? -Will-
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    PCT, Peptides, and SARMS stack for postcycle

    I will be coming off Test-c 500mg, Eq 500mg, weekly and HGH 5IU 5 days per week for 12 weeks. I'd like to throw sarms in the mix. I already have novaldex but may take it durring the end of the cycle. I'm thinking about throwing IGF-lr3 and sermorelin in the mix. It looks like I won't have...
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    Hgh and blood sugar

    I recently bought a product called pump dirt by the company innovapharm which contains two different herbs (banaba leaf extract & Gymnema Sylvestre extract) which both lower blood sugar. I was wondering If I could still run hgh along with this if so what would be the best protocol since they...
  12. N

    HGH and labs

    Hello I have a couple of question the lab near me has IGF-1 test for $129 and a HGH test for $79. With a $50 difference will the HGH test be sufficient to test the effectiveness of my HGH or should I pay the extra? I plan on doing 2.5 ED, how long should I wait to get tested? In January or...
  13. S

    Auctus HGH real or fake

    So I order one 100iu kit of somatropin and was wondering if this stuff is bunk or not. It came in 10 vials. The white powder looks clumpy. Was wondering if anyone knows how to tell if this is real or not. I imagine it's not but we'll see. Thanks
  14. G

    Anyone ever ordered from Meditechigf?

    Has anyone had any recent experience of ordering from this site? I’ve recently taken the plunge and ordered some HGH but haven’t had am email receipt or response. I have emailed the website and heard nothing. Can anyone shed some light on this website? Thanks in advance
  15. D

    PSL or juvepharma HGH

    As everyone knows, hgh is incredibly hard to come by and evo sponsors and endorses two companies who supply HGH. Purity Source labs has a few HGH options and Juvepharma (formally known as mailorderhgh) has juvetrope. From everyones experience, who and which HGH is the best?
  16. S

    Test, Deca, Growth advice

    Looking for some dosing advice for my next stack. Have done 3 cycles in the past, have been on a cruise for the past 10 weeks and will continue for about another 4 until I blast. Looking to run deca with an anadrol kick start (have it left over from 2 cycles ago). Also going to run growth for...
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    HGH Measurements

    Hello everyone, When I talk to longtime friends on gear, or I read the articles on Evo's main page I always get confused on measurements of HGH and some other AAS. For example when someone is taking "2IU's of HGH" or 1 Vaio. I don't understand what that means in terms of measurements...
  18. N

    HGH height increase

    Good afternoon fellow posters, wondering what a proper dosage would be in an under 18 male for significant height gains.
  19. T

    Sarms kick in faster than hgh?

    Hi everybody. New as a member but old reader ;) I was wondering if sarms are kicking in faster than hgh/ghrp2/modgrf1-29? Well not just sarms, but mk667. Because when one uses hgh and want some results and fatloss, it says everywhere it will take between 3-6 months to give a visible result. But...
  20. R

    HGH Water retention

    Hello bros Looking forward to order few kits of GH from mailorderhgh. I always had a problem of gaining too much water and look bloated while on GH. Can any of the bros help me advising to combat with water retention while on GH. I won’t be running any oils for next 1 year, just on CJC NO...
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